Trampling is the act of man laying down while a woman walks all over him. This can be a full body contact with him being basically used as a doormat or it can be focused on a certain part of man’s body. Generally this part of the body is the penis and or testicles. For a lot of men this is a very sexually encounter. They desire to be forced down and then used as a source of entertainment for a woman or even a group of women. They enjoy being no longer treated like a human being but as an object.  This is another fetish of power exchange. It can involve pain but for most men that are into trampling it is about the mental exchange more than the physical one.

While many Mistresses are forceful in how they deal with a trampling scenario for some it is more about the sensual taking over of a man’s mind and body. They use their feet as a way of blocking out the rest of the world and focusing a man’s full attention on them. Power exchanges are often about blocking out all the stress of the rest of the world. The men are craving a break from the high demands of their life and the women are there to give that to them.  People often wonder why men or women of power crave sexual situations that are more intense. These people are of strong minds they desire something that will break through their normal. Strong sexual situations take them to a new sense of release. The vanilla sex is comforting like a warm fuzzy blanket but it is not enough to pull them to a different level of who they desire to be.

Trampling is not something a large portion of the population would be drawn to. It is for a small group that is craving different, unique and intense.

Extreme Fantasy

One of the wonderful things about phone sex is the full spectrum of imagination that a person can have. We are able to step into worlds that are not achievable through real life scenarios. A lot of the fantasies that I discuss are not physically attainable.  That is part of the whole fun of the phone sex world.  People who have never played in  the phone sex world have issues with relating to the span of things that two people can achieve through telling each other a story or role playing. A person’s mind is very powerful it can achieve things that seem impossible at the beginning. It has been said that seventy five percent of sexuality is in the mind. For a lot of people they only rely on their physical response that would mean they are missing out on over half of the stimulation they can achieve. This is easy to understand if we step back into the first sexual encounters we had. The butterflies and the speciality of the first time of doing things from kissing to touching came from our mind being put into a state it had not been put in. If a person can step out of the mundane and into the unknown even if that is “just” in the mind it can be a charged sexual experience for all parties. I have been asked numerous times if I get turned on when I talk on the phone. Of course I do, however those times always happen when the person on the other side of the conversation is into the moment. I rarely get turned on when I tell a story though there have been a few times when I was able to tell a story that even I could not resist.

The role are as endless as the imagination and never ending with two people that are into. From vore which is a person being swallowed alive by a giant and then knowing everything that is happening to them.  Perhaps some  alien abduction and being used by a female or group of female aliens.  Maybe you are just a cuckold boy looking for the perfect cuckolding home? Have you thought of being put into a situation of forced bi sexuality we can do that in the safety of our role play. We can take it as extreme as you desire as long as it is something that turns us both on.

I am asked what is the biggest hinderance to a good phone sex relationship and the answer is the same as any other relationship communication.  Knowing what each person will make or break a session quicker than anything.  Be prepared to spend a few minutes explaining what you are into or maybe more important what you are not into. Tell the person you are talking to where you envision the role play going. I have had people who are great communicators be able to tell me a world of information in less than two  minutes so this is not something that will take a long amount of time.

….And The Panties Drop

download34When a panty sluts is being a bad boy he just has to get that bottom spanked. I really enjoy making that skin super red. Those pretty pink panties look so lovely underneath those very well worked cheeks. Of course taking him over my lap and spanking his bottom was the best part of the whole evening. Hooking my fingers on that tiny lace at the top of those panties pulling down till that bottom was exposed. After I got him where I wanted him his penis between my pantyhose covered thighs then I hooked my leg around his calves. He was not going anywhere as I worked his bottom over good. Of course he tried to squirm his way out of it what bad boy would not do so. I am strong enough to pin him down good though and keep him over my lap. Starting out with my bare hand till I get a nice pretty pink overlaying of welts. After starting with my hand getting out my wooden hair brush with the boar hair to turn it that beautiful shade of red.  After that I get out my leather brown belt that I wear with my jeans and finish off that bottom.

Forced Bi

Forced bi is a fetish that is seems to be becoming more popular. It is generally connected to a cuckolding situation where a man has a strong wife that makes him do things because it amuses her. This fantasy has little to do with man on man. The vast majority of these men would never go out and suck cock on their own. These men crave being under the control of a woman. They crave the want to do things that take them beyond their own mental discomfort but to that for someone. It is all about being submissive in situations that they do not want to be submissive in. Most of the things that turn us on sexually are created in our own minds. The act of a sexual action is very much secondary to the the mental turmoil that gets one there. Men that are into forced bi are not into men they are into the rush of the turmoil in their own minds. They want to be pushed to the point of true tears not the false bravado of an act but the true breakdown and giving up of themselves.

A lot of women have a hard time understanding what would make a man want to be this type of person. They think that men should be stronger than women. However, throughout history strong men have often been controlled by the women in their lives. There is something about having a woman that is demure in the streets but controls everything in the home. Women seem to think that sexually they do not have to be aggressive that being pursued is how things should be. For a lot of men though that is where they start out in a relationship but not where they end up. They want a woman that steadily finds herself and her own sense of control the closer that a man becomes with her. This is one of the main reasons why men become bored with a woman. When a woman fails to find her own sense of sexuality she burns out of the mundane and her partner burns out on her.

Forced bi is like a lot of the fringe acts they add a spark to a relationship to create that sense of butterflies again that people feel when a relationship is new. Not all elements of forced bi is the same from person to person our whole lives creates the things that we crave. However, one thing that does hold steady is the want for a woman to find herself sexually and exploit that. Men want to serve their women they may not want the whole world to know about though. Women often forget how a man becomes a “puppy dog” when a woman controls him sexually they become lazy in how they deal with their partner and no longer give them the tease or the chase. It is okay to say no as long as it builds up to something else. There is for a lot of people the thrill of a little humiliation which can often mimic the butterflies of something new. Like all drugs the rush must be obtained by raising the bar to a higher degree. This holds true when the chemicals are those produced by the body as well. Forced bi for many men is just a way of raising the bar and getting that dump of chemicals. If controlled in an honest, loving relationship there is nothing wrong with this. Being mean for the sake of destruction of another human being is never okay.

Have you ever thought about forced bi with a partner? Is this something you want to try or have tried? Tell me about it in the comments below then give me a call and lets discuss it further.

Financial Domination

Financial Domination is often misunderstood by men when they start to play in it. First off this is all about the money. If you do not have the money to play then you will cause the mistress to become frustrated. Remember you called her for a specific thing she has spent years working on how to make that fantasy the most fulfilling. If you call her and you can not indulge in the fantasy the way it is was meant to be then you are just being rude. There are plenty of other things you can do instead and they will be just as fun for you and her. However, if you call for financial domination then she is expecting you to get a rush or thrill from being put into unpleasant and increasing tightening of monies. It is not that she is a “gold digger” you called her for something that takes time and energy to learn so getting upset at her when you try to flip one thing into another is simply not okay. With all that said lets talk about what financial domination is and who is attracted to this type of play.

Financial Domination is generally a game that is played with someone who makes a lot of money. That income is part of their sense of power. When they have someone start to take that money away and as that game increases in amounts they start to feel more and more submissive. This game can start at any dollar amount but most the time it starts under $100 but can increase in amounts up thousands. There is a tease with the seduction coming from the pull of watching their wallet be drained. This game has been played for a long time in different ways. From the flirty woman who gets the man to spend money on her while she is being spoiled he is going without things that he wants or needs. At times it can be a woman taking money directly out of his wallet so the more the gives the thinner it becomes. With the modern world it is more about watching that bank account dwindle as he spoils that woman online.

The aspects of this game can be gifts of all kinds and different amounts starting out with little gifts with time becoming larger and more grand. Sometime it is just about money maybe paying her bills or giving her cash to spend on herself or others. She showcases that her life is becoming better while he works hard to give that to her. He of course only gets the enjoyment of losing those things that he once enjoyed or desired.

Bad Boy Spanking Domestic Discipline

Bad boy spanking is not the spanking of a sexual fun filled night. There a lot of men out there that grew up being spanked when they were younger because they broke rules. They knew the rules and had a basic understanding of what would happen if they broke those rules but for some reason felt they could get away with something. When they were caught then they were spanked as a punishment. For a lot of men this is something they now crave. They want a strong woman that will tell them what she wants to be clear in her desires. Desires here does not mean a sexual thing but more of an every day thing. These men want to have a known consequence for their actions. They want to know if they break the rules they will be help consistently accountable for their actions. This is not for most men about having a woman be his mother he wants a wife or partner he just wants her to be clear about what she wants and clear with what happens when she doesn’t get it. There is a rush for a lot of men when someone makes them drop their pants and underwear to take that beating that they know is coming. The humiliation of being spanked is a rush not necessarily a sexual one though in the end that is how they progress it is a mental rush. The more vulnerable a man feels often the more close he feels to that woman. He does not want someone that is cruel to him he wants to feel wanted, needed and cared for. For a lot of women that are intense BDSM ladies it can be hard to wrap her mind around what a man like this wants. She is used to a man that craves pain. These men do not crave pain they crave the emotional side of the end of spanking. They want to feel that they are cared for but have forced a woman to punish him for his actions. He craves a real connection with someone where they are angry, there is a punishment and then life goes back to being good. For a lot of men that is not how their life works they live with someone who holds a grudge for a long time to the point he has forgot what he did to get himself where he is at. A simpler world where he knows the consequences seems far more appealing. Bad boy spanking is complex in that each man craves it for his own different reasons. The over all connecting event is the basic three step cycle.

Green Ruffles Tiny Loser Dick

Making a slut go get some new fun things to play with is always a way to make my days go better. In this case I sent him out with a list of items that I demanded he bring back to me. The first was a pair of panties with lace on the back of them. I knew these would be hard to find that is why I was so specific in what I wanted. I guess the sales lady had a bunch of fun laughing at my sissy boy while he tried to make her think the panties were a “gift” for me. Of course I already knew which store had them before I ever sent him out the door. Of course I had already tipped the sales lady well and showed her his picture. She let him go on for a bit before busting his bubble. Then she proceeded to embarrasses him with all the other sales ladies. It does a sissy good to feel the complete humiliation of knowing he is flat out busted.


Next on my list was a cock cage so that he would not be tempted to play with himself for the rest of the day. Of course I told him that he had to have it put on by the sales lady. He fussed about this but in the end I won I always win. download16

The last thing on my list was a brand new rabbit toy. He could not just run in and buy it then run out of the store. I told him I wanted it gift wrapped in a fancy box by one of my friends who is a professional gift wrapper. I sent him to her place so that she could make a big fuss over it while all the other ladies just had a huge laugh at my sissies expense.


In the end though he had a wonderful time being under my complete control and doing all the humiliating errands I sent him on. Every sissy needs to have at least one day where he is completely embarrassed from the time he gets up in the morning to when he is finally allowed to go to sleep at night. The greatest part of this whole day was listening to my little slut beg for me to not make him do the task that was required of him. He knew better than to fail me!

Christmas Shotgun

Few things get me up early in morning. Today I got a call from my gun dealer. My new Weatherby shotgun was here! I got it for Christmas and it is the first shotgun that is actually mine. I am sharing it with Chilly Hicks so we can both get a lot better with a shotgun. I am looking at going bird and rabbit hunting next week so it will be a whole lot more fun with my new shotgun. I have never been very good with a shotgun mainly because I have always been using someone elses and use it for one day which is no where near enough time to get proficient with anything. I have always wanted to shoot skeet hopefully I will get comfortable enough to have some fun with that.

Slut Sucking Cock

He wants to be watched while he takes that cock down his slut throat.

Real Girls Doing Really Dirty Things