10 Most Dangerous Sexual Fetishes Ever


10. Choking we all see have seen the meme’s and after the Grey series, I personally know of lots of women that are into being choked. This is the really tame one of this list though so hold on tight. Oh and about 1,000 people a year die from this so if you are into choking do so with caution.

9. Public Sex I understand the appeal of this one it is about the rush of doing something where you should not be doing it. I might be guilty of this one a wee bit. The major issue here is being arrested which would ruin the mood.

8.  Cannibalism wow just wow. Us humans are a very strange lot I know this seems like it should be number one but it way down the list of top ten. That should be scary in itself.  Just in case you were wondering the largest act of cannibalism each year is eating someone’s feet.

7.  Train attraction to train this is not about having sex on a train I can get that. This is about wanting to have sex with a train or a part of a train. Yes, people do die from attempting to have sexual relations with a train. Crazy right!

6. Pyrophiliacs this is all about the fire, not the emotional kind either. Some people enjoy playing with fire but others want to be ON fire while having an orgasm.

5. Sex with/in Cars I have written about this one before and it is about having sex with a car. Now we all or at least the good majority of us have had sex in a car. Not generally because of fetish more of being in the moment or lack of privacy.

4. Vampirism I have known a lot of people who were into vampirism in a number of different forms. Some like the smell others the feel and yes some people do enjoy the taste.  Right now it seems to be a “fad” but under that, this one will always be around.

3. Symphorphilia This is another one I have written about a few times. This is about people who get off on accidents or tragedy. Pain and pleasure are always close together. The issue comes when people demand their fix so much they set up something to get it.

2.  Roller Coasters again this is not about having sex on a roller coaster something that actually might be fun. This is about having sex with a roller coaster. Not sure I will ever get having a feeling for inanimate objects.

  1. Zoophilia yes this is number one and that is just sad to me. I can never wrap my mind around the whole animal and human sexual contact thing.


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