Fetish Furries (Furry Fandom) Dress Up In Animal Costumes

I was first introduced into this fetish from a CSI episode ‘Fur and Loathing’ I have included a clip off of youtube. I don’t think at that time I realized how huge this fetish actually is. Most the fetishes I try to research have just a few articles on them if I am lucky, not this one. WOW! There are a lot of people who enjoy this.  As for the definition of what this fetish is even those who enjoy it can not completely agree on it. I have noticed with fetishes the more general the explanation the more accurate it is. The reason for this is because people will always but their own spin onto ever fetish out there.

Some people enjoy pretending they are an animal for awhile  others it is pure sensation of the fur on their skin. Some people it is a complete sexual thing meaning they desire to have sex while dressed up as an animal for others is more of a mental transformation into a different mind set. One of the articles I read describes conventions in such cities as Memphis, Tn, Kansas City,  and Chicago. This is very mainstream compared to a lot of other fetishes. This fetish should not be confused with plushies who are into stuffed animals. The people that play in furry fandom actually become the animal they are representing for play time. They enjoy having others touch them like an animal would be touched such as scratching their backs or behind their ears.  For someone being introduced to this for the first time I am sure it comes off as odd. However as far as fetishes goes this one gets put under fun and harmless.  The people that play in this are not in real animals all their relations are with people just like themselves. They are not into hurting anyone or themselves. Textile fantasy are very common and to some degree I think all people have a little bit of textile in them that is why satin and silk are so popular with lingerie. To some degree I think all people enjoy stepping out of reality and into a safe fantasy world for awhile. There is no harm and lots of fun in this one. What surprises me in regards to this fetish is unlike most it is fairly new though most can not agree on exactly when it started some say the 1960’s while others claim the 1980’s. The majority of fetishes have been documented for much longer periods of time. It almost seems to coincide with the popularity of cartoons.

If this is something you enjoy let me hear what you like about and what turns you on about being dressed up as your favorite creation.

Had A Great Birthday

Took off the early part of the day and went to lunch had a great time out.  I had already got my gifts from Chilly she got me some movies I had been wanting to see and Hubby got me a new really nice pull over. I got an awesome gift from my online friend Sammy who sent me a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Thank everyone who took the time to email me and twitter me wishing me a happy birthday.

Guess What Today Is?

Yep it is my birthday and I need to be spoiled. How about some trivia on me!

1. I adore coffee

2 I really like green tea

3 I have always had a thing for boots and leather

4. I listen to all different kinds of music with blues being my favorite

5. gardening is a hobby though I suck at it

6.  I read all the time all kinds of different books.

7. I hate city life will always be a country girl.

8. I am a complete home body and enjoy a selected group of people though I can talk to anyone.

9. I have a pet peeve for rudeness being polite makes everything so much easier.

10.  I think everyone has something to offer whether they are 1 or 100.


Now hit my wish list and get me something nice.


Some of our most popular movies involve facials. There is just something about guys that makes them really like blowing a big thick load all over a girls face. Now I do not have anything against facials, as long as it does not go up my nose that is my huge no no followed by actually getting it into my eye.  I do not quite understand what a guy sees in this that is such a huge turn on though.  Part of me thinks it goes back to a domination thing however I know a lot of submissive men that are into this too. So that does not quite explain it.  Something you have to realize is that during sex I laugh a lot not in a mean way but just because I think it is fun. Facials fall into the fun dirty naughty thing that make me laugh.  I don’t know why but I always laugh about it. Yes it does take a strong confident man to have sex with me. Either that or a guy that really doesn’t mind a woman laughing while he is blowing his load.

If facials are your thing I would really enjoy hearing what it is about them that turns you on so much. Whether is the girl down on her knees looking up at you. All that creamy mess spraying all over her face. The feel of dominance you get while you stand over her or something completely different that I have not thought of.  Comment below and lets have some fun with this.

Pretty Zebra G-String



So G-strings are harder to find these days they have went out of style in a lot of ways. Not sure where my friend found these, but they do look adorable. We had not gotten to the lesson on proper shaving techniques yet as you can see. Everything is a lesson and a journey and this was one of the first steps for my sissy.

Video call snapshot 5

Fetish Ederacinism Tearing Out Sexual Organs By The Roots

Some of the fetishes I am looking at and talking about this year are fun, sexy, and not so out there. There will be some like Ederacinism which are of a darker nature. I want to be fair in what we are discussing so not all of these fetishes will be easy or comfortable to talk about and deal with to me that is okay. Part of exploring ones sexuality is to stretch out into areas that are not comfortable to find one’s limitations. I would not suggest trying each and every one of these but talking about it and some of the reasons behind it are important.  When I first started researching this I thought it was along the lines of something that I often do with submissives we will discuss that later.

Starting out with what Ederacinism is the thought of ripping ones sexual organs out by the roots in order to punish one’s self in order to punish one’s self for too many sexual wants and desires. The fetish itself is very brutal in nature.

Now  when I thought of this what came to me was where I tie a guy up nice and tight and tease his balls. Leaning over and telling him how if he is not a good boy I will just rip it off. Then watching and feeling his body respond to the adrenalin dump that courses through him.  Sexy and fun. That does not seem to apply to this fetish. Neither does it seem to be where a man would become a eunuch for his mistress.

The fetish itself is a punishing one of a very brutal nature. Now I am sure if we searched a lot we would find someone that had committed these acts to themselves. However I strongly think that most people just think of the act and that is what turns them on even more.  To me this would seem to be a fetish of sexual disfunction as it is of something that is meant to punish for thinking of sexual wants and in the end the person become more turned on at the thought of being punished.

Personally I think I will stick to my sexier and more fun version of this. I have always enjoyed playing with a mans balls and a little bit of fear implemented at the right moment can make a play session even more fun.


If you are interested in even more fetishes take a look at this blog that I ran across while doing some research.