Fetish Claustrophilia Tight Places But Not Bound

If someone came up to you and said they were into Claustrophilia you would probably have no idea what they were talking about. However all of us have experienced the sensations these people crave as a sexual release though we may not all remember those sensations. Think of how we swaddle babies to calm them these tight sensations are pleasurable to a number of people.

Claustrophilia is a sexual desire to be in an enclosed tight space. These can be a box, coffin, vinyl sheeting, even rope if done right. This is a fetish and those that have this fetish should be able to explore it in a very safe very controlled enviroment. If it is not handled correctly then it can become dangerous to the point of being deadly.  These tight restrictions can cause some issues such as breathing issues and circulation problems. Such things need to be considered before and during play time.

From what I have discovered through my reading most people enjoy the slowing down of time while being confined. The way they are forced to focus on each breath. The way that they feel as all outside sensations leave their skin and they become completely aware of just their own bodies.  The tighter and more restrictive it becomes the more of a “high” their brain gives them and the harder their sexual release is. Like a number of fetishes this is mental release not a so much a physical one. Most of sexual satisfaction is mental from past readings it is something of the nature of 75% mental 30% physical.

There are a number of companies that make things such as sleep sacks and vinyl sheets that enclose a person to the point of very little to no movement. With this restriction in movement also comes a natural restriction in breathing.  One of these companies is Winter Fetish they have a number of really nice bondage pieces and lots of vinyl and rubber wear.

One of the things I did find interesting is that because of the study of this fetish there has been some medical advances made for other mental problems such as Autism. The close and calming effect of restrictions brings some people a sense of well being if only for a little while.  Another interesting thing I found out while doing research was that a very famous British Spy Gareth Williams was thought to have died from a play session that did not end well.

If you are a person that enjoys or has dabbled in this fantasy I would greatly enjoy hearing about your stories.

Inquest into death of MI6 spy

Ice Adventures

The last few days I have been out of town and I got home late last night. The day didn’t start out that way I left plenty early and should have been home around 9pm or so I thought. I guess I chose the highway that decided to have a ‘perfect storm’ of wrecks yep over four of them that left me sitting in traffic from 4pm to 10pm when I say sitting in traffic I mean I was sitting there moving up maybe a few feet at a time. The only reason I got out of it was because we started looking for alternate routes and finally moved up enough to take an exit. Now this was no fun and not a one of us was happy to be there but guess who I get behind me. YEP! the trucker from HELL! This guy was in a full truck with a tractor and trailer cutting people off flashing his lights and honking. No one was going anywhere we had a steep hill to one side on a split high way with no cut between and no exits. We were all going to be elbow to ass hole for awhile. After we had been there for awhile and he was just getting worse and worse Hubby and I finally have had enough. The car in front of us moves up and we move up now the car in front of us could have moved up 3-4 more feet but it wouldn’t have made any difference and it had been icing for around 3 hours by that point. The roads were getting super slick because no cinder trucks and no one was moving to heat the roads up. This guy starts being a complete ass honking flashing trying to cut over in front of the other lane (who could go NOWHERE), threatening people well you get the picture. Me I have had enough because with that much delay and that many wreckers cops etc you can bet that someone has probably died. I lay into him, hubby lays into him and all he can do is run his mouth. By this time I have to pee and I have no patience for dumb ass. I did something I have never done before I call his trucking company and let them know then I call the highway patrol and let them know.  He finally shuts up and moves enough in front of us that we no longer have to deal with him. Had that been the end of my night no biggie, but nope it just keeps getting better. We finally get to the highway we need to be at and it is a solid sheet of ice it was so bad that I seriously thought we were going to fall into a deep ravine. The only reason we didn’t is because we drove in the grass and not on the road. We get off that highway take another one and I am thinking okay we are doing good an hour from home guess what another high way shut down and an overturned semi. We have to back track 35 miles the way we just came to make our way back to the interstate. So what should have taken 6 hours took well over 12. I so hate ice!

Oh I contacted trucker from hell’s safety manager today (I had talked to dispatch last night) and turns out I was only one of many that they heard from yes he was that bad.

Pinup Art Great Site

I really enjoy pinup art always have so this year I am going to showcase some that I have found that I truly enjoy. These are in no way mine I do not have enough talent to produce something of this nature. I really do think you will enjoy some of my more liked pieces. As always support the artists. This is a great website to do a little casual shopping from.


Scrub It Clean


Come watch as Chilly  does a job  that she really hates to do.  Clean the bathroom by scrubbing the tub with her bright yellow rubber gloves.  Lets just say, after a minute  she  was playing in the bubbles instead.  Want to play in the bubbles with Chilly while she cleans and makes a mess at the same time?

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Milf Phone Sex

I always find it interesting how in main stream society things are acceptable but once they are put into a “porn” aspect they become completely wrong. For example milf’s or for all of you that are completely out of the loop ‘Moms I’d Like to Fuck’. We see this in movies all the time from Mrs. Robinson to Apple Pie.  In the movies it is hot sexy and completely okay. However, when it get thrown into a porn setting all the sudden it becomes something “wrong”. I have yet to figure out why that happens but it does.

I understand the appeal of an older woman that is in control and in a lot of ways untouchable. An older woman is always more confident and comfortable with her sexuality. She has experienced pretty much everything knows how to control situations and knows what she wants. She is not afraid to tell someone what she wants and exactly how to make her happy. Young women are just beginning to experience themselves and  alot of the time have no clue what they are looking for when it comes to sexual relations. To a younger man an older woman is a conquest she is something that he is suppose to respect but not to touch. The appeal of this fantasy can go in two basic directions. One is a stronger, older, dominate woman taking full control over a man. Two is a younger man that out smarts and out maneuvers an older woman.

I do find it amusing how close women and men’s fantasies are especially when it comes to being a young innocent person being taught how to enjoy each other sexually. In both ways it is stronger person that just takes control and forces (though they are willing most the time) another to do sexual things to them. In the end both parties are very satisfied and the innocent one comes away completely infatuated with the older one. We see this in old fashion romance novels and pretty much every story of dominate older women over men.

In the other scenario most of the time it is a young strong dominate man that is extremely confident and knows what he wants. He never backs down and always gets his prize what ever that prize may be. The older woman may be coerced or manipulated or she may just be so over whelmed with his strong masculinity that she just can not refuse. This is kind of the ‘jock’ scenario that we see in most modern day older woman younger man stories.

The one that I tend to play out most the time is the dominate woman feminine in nature and attitude that takes over and forces a younger man to do what I want. Generally after my older husband who no longer performs to my satisfaction in bed leaves I invite the young man over and take advantage of him. Whether it is a pool boy, friend of son, mom’s best friend, or just the lady down the street.

Thong Da Dong Dong Dong



Sissies always seem to start out thinking that thongs are the most girly thing out there.  I have noticed that most sissies move out of this state after they start dressing into other girly things. This was one of my sissys in their very first experience buying panties what did they come home with. YEP!!! A pair of thongs! Don’t worry they have been educated in the whole array of panties that are out there.



For all of you that live in the northern regions and even some of us that live in the south we are in for a very cold  couple of days. Time to stock up a little on food and fuel and nice fuzzy blankets. Make sure you are checking on all those outdoor animals because it is going to be a big drop for a lot of them and not everyone can handle the huge change. I am stocked up on wood and have a freezer full of food so we will not have to get out if we do not want to.  Chilly and I will be home all week so if you get a little lonely give us a call. We can have some fun and get your blood flowing a bit.