Fetish Dendrophilia Sexual Interest In Trees

I will admit that I am not directly familiar with this particular fetish. I have never spoken with someone that indicated they had this fetish. So everything I have to say about it is purely academic. I will be the first to point out that I truly doubt this is a primary fetish. When I read the stories of this it seems to me to either be a way of public display almost like streaking or a convenient place at a convenient time.  I understand the fertility portion of this fetish because throughout many cultures a tree is thought to be a symbol of fertility. However I am not sure if placing ones penis in the hole of a tree would actually be very comfortable or fulfilling. As for using leaves to encase a penis and stroke it one had better be able to identify the proper leaf or that could cause a very itchy situation later. If you have this fetish I would greatly enjoy hearing from you about what it means to you. How it actually affects your sex life and what kinds of things you find yourself doing. As with all fetishes I do find them fascinating and in all reality this one is pretty harmless. I have included a link to a blog I have referred to this gentleman before who explains this fetish is a lot more clinical terms.



Call Stories

Ha Ha here is where I get to reveal all your dirty little secrets dont worry I will change the names and dates to protect the guilty.

I am often asked if I make friends with my callers well of course I do. I have one gentleman who I have talked to since 2008. One of my favorite stories I have of him was in the first few years we were talking. It was early fall if I remember right and I had sent him out to spank his bottom outside. He is very good at doing this and always gets his bottom very red. On this particular day I was having him go somewhere to spank his bottom to make things a little different. He pulls over on the side of the road spanks his bottom and sends me a picture of him in front of a corn field. I used to have the picture for a long time as my desktop because it always made me laugh. I am not sure if I still have it because that was a couple of computers ago. I enjoy making guys that are into these types of things do something to pull them out of their comfort zone. I am not sure why it was just so funny but that really red bottom against the bright green and yellow of the corn was beyond hilarious. Had I thought about it I would have made him shove one of those corns up his bottom and take a picture of that too. I only thought of that later.

Ball Gag’s Toys

While the thought of taking off our panties and shoving them into a guys mouth is really appealing and for really short play time it can be fun. The problem with this is it can cause some real issues with long time play. It can be very unsafe for someone that is tied up and unable to move. There are some really great ball gags out there. I have owned my for a number of years. DSC09771

The great thing about them is they are full breathable and cleanable. One semi funny drawback is that the person wearing them drools ALOT! While I find this enjoyable during a session some people might not. Another drawback to the one that I own is it is hard plastic for my purpose it is great. However if you are shopping for something keep these things in mind and you might opt for one with a softer ball. There are a number of great ball gags available in my store.





This one has a rubber ball that might be a little more comfortable for extended play. If you are planning on someone being in the ball gag for longer than an hour.





I have never tried one like this but I have a feeling this would make a great gag for beginners because of the way it is made.



I will repeat this so many times but I want to make sure it is something you never forget do not leave someone alone that is bound and gagged. You can make them think you left them but do not ever do it.  I have never had anything go wrong during play time and never known anyone that has but there are some things we just do not take a chance with. I will be going over bit style gags later one there are a number of those available and I own one that I really enjoy playing with.

tailstwichn toys banner

Butt Lick

The movie of the week is butt lick which works out perfectly and I didn’t even plan it this way. I just started a new thing where I am breaking our movies down into categories and putting them all together. Guess what this weeks categories was????? It was ANAL! So take a peek at the free trailer go buy the movie then take a look at the other anal videos that I put up yesterday. I know you will like.


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Boot Domination

I will admit it I have a bit of a thing for boots I really like to wear them. If I can wear boots on a hardwood or marble floor that makes them even more fun. The sound of boots in a quiet room can be very stimulating for both a submissive and a dominate. I enjoy wearing my boots and really enjoy having them worshiped. I do have men that enjoy kissing my leather and even the soles of those boots. I have found through the years that most men that are into boots like the riding type or the thigh highs which are basically riding boots that just come up higher on the leg. Most men are not into cowboy boots or even into the go go boot style. While they may enjoy the look of these I have ran into very few men that are into the different styles. I think some of it is the type of leather that riding boots are made out of it. It is generally a smooth leather with a bit of shine to it but not so much as to look like a patent leather. There is something about a woman that can control a horse controlling a man. I also think that the leather of riding boots has more of a leather smell to it then lot of different kinds of boots. The feel of the leather is also very smooth almost like a womans skin soft and supple. There is the humiliation factor as well having to be forced down to touch something that is or could be dirty and made to show it special attention. That sense of losing control and being forced is a huge turn on for a number of men and even women. I have had women that were into boot worship it is a fetish that is very wide spread. To me it is one of the fun fetishes it can be made into something very intense but for most people it is pretty mild. It is and always has been one of my favorite things to play with.

Testicular Cancer

So this past week I put a picture up on twitter which you can see below. For anyone that has known me for awhile then it is well known that testicular cancer and prevention is something that I strongly believe in. There are a number of reasons why I feel that talking about testicular cancer is very important there is so much attention to breast cancer for women and very little attention to this very important cancer. Now I actually did pay attention in biology so I understand that cancer can not be completely prevented it can be controlled and put into remission if caught early. This is something that I will talk about a lot as I feel it is something that should be openly discussed. So take some time and make this a monthly ritual of getting to know your testicles how they feel so that if you do have an issue you will find it early on. 1911975_10152197794428703_1153847651_n

First Bottle of Nail Polish



Sent one of my sluts out to buy their very first bottle of nail polish. Granted it was not what I would have chosen for myself a little to neutral of a red for me. However, he was very proud he went to the drug store stood in aisle and chose it with all those other women standing there. Taking it up to the counter and knowing that the girl standing there knew he was buying it for him, left him feeling so girly and vulnerable. He then got to go come and paint his toe nails for the very first time. Such a great experience for all sissy boys.


Fetish Dacryphilia Aroused By Tears or Sobbing

The fetish of dacryphilia is one that can either be the desire to have it forced onto one or the need to make someone sob and cry. This is not a fetish of a few tears but a full break down in mentality. It is one that either sex can cause or need to undergo. This was one of the first fetishes I was exposed to when I started on the internet. I truly did not understand it or what was the driving force behind it until I started to research sadistic behavior. This is a fetish of forcing someone to tears either through humiliation or through physical discomfort. Like most fetishes involving power play this can go either with the top forcing the situation or the with the bottom eliciting the response. Do to the fact that I am dominate I tend to deal with this men that wish for a woman to force them to tears. Generally the means is through humiliation but there are some men that enjoy having their genitals manipulated until they are unable to withstand the pain of it except through tears. The most abundant situation I have ran into is the stripping away of manhood forcing a man to admit he is unworthy of women and admitting his penis size is of unsatisfactory nature.  Ultimately this is a power play situation and the full breakdown of power from the bottom. For one that is into fetish of dacryphilia there is a huge release of endorphins when they are forced to  a release of tears. It is considered a sadistic act by those pushing someone to this state because of the cruelty that is utilized to gain the response of the tears.