Fuck You Pay Me

I decided this week to talk about something that is a little strange to some people and that is financial domination. This is not the same thing as blackmail they are completely different things. Financial domination is when a man enjoys having his money taken from him. A number of my online friends like it when I taunt them and force them to push a button to make them send me money. It is a huge thrill to watch that money being ripped from them and put into my hands. I have a number of men that are into being “piggy boys” or having their wallets raped. I know for a lot of people they have a hard time understanding why someone would want this but for me it is really simple. Most of the men that are into being human atm’s work really hard and long hours. They are not slackers in any way and feel like their money is theirs.  Like most fetishes the thrill comes from either taking or losing control of something that has impacted us greatly. For bank whores this is having the very thing they worked the hardest to get taken from them. It gives them an adrenalin rush and the more they lose the more it turns them on. Over the years I have had a few men that could not afford to play try this and it always ends up really badly.  If a man is barely making it from paycheck to paycheck he will not feel a rush he will feel a panic which is a complete turn off. The men that can and do greatly enjoy this have the expendable funds it is all about the thrill to them. I will admit I like this too come on I get to buy me something special and nice and they get a huge sexual release.  What more could a girl want! I will admit I do not get into blackmail I am not a vicious person in any way so gathering intel and threatening someone just does not go with my normal personality. I am not saying I can not be intentionally cruel I have been known to enjoy teasing, taunting and forcing a guy to comply….but that is a whole different story.

Electric Play



This was one of my first guys that liked to play with electricity. I had never even heard of a tens machine until we started playing.  I quickly learned all the fun things that electricity has to offer though and really enjoyed hearing him beg for mercy.  I spent many an hour lightening up his cock and balls. I even got to play with a butt plug insert so that he really started to plead good. I would laugh so hard my cheeks would hurt. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately his life changed and he got remarried so we no get to play like we used to.

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Fetish Eproctophilia (Farting)

I will be honest I had no clue what eproctophilia meant or had even heard the word until  I started working on the internet. Then I started to get guys that were asking about this I thought I was knew a decent amount about sexuality but this was a lesson.  While I am sure if a person looked hard enough they could find a woman that had this fetish. The type of person that develops this fetish is generally a heterosexual man that is into the sound and smell of a woman’s farts. I have to think that in some ways it can be attributed to the games that men play when they are young.  I do not personally know anyone that has this fetish . I do know a lot of men that find farting very funny and make jokes of it which may show an underlying part of eproctophilia. While most people would think this is a very small populous of people that are into this fetish. There seems to a growing populous of men that feel safe in admitting to having an attraction to women’s farts.

They have even done medical studies in regards to what this particular group of men are attracted to. Most enjoy the sound and the smell of the fart.This is a sexual attraction and many men become extremely turned on by the thought of a woman farting on them or near them. It seems to be something that starts when a man is young and grows with time and does not seem to be triggered by one life event more a series of events. Face sitting is something that seems to naturally occur with this fetish though some men enjoy the thought of a stranger someone they have never met and probably never will meet. Some seem to think that this is a milder form of coprophilia however from the reading and discussions I have had with men through the years I really do not feel this is the case or at least not with a wide majority of men.

If this is a fetish that a man is into there is not a lot of really good substance out there.   While very few if any professional porn stars do eproctophilia movies there are a number of amateur girls that do specialize in this fetish. A really good friend of mine Miss Sexy Lizz does a number of specialty videos for those interested. She has a great selection of fun movies and a gorgeous woman as well. You can find access to her web site here :  http://www.sexymisslizz.com/

Chilly and I have not done any movies involving this fetish because we have a very small group of men that discuss this with us.


Nipple Clamps Toys

I have decided to show case toys that I actually own and have in my personal collection. Starting out we will look at nipple clamps. I do not have a large collection of nipple clamps because I really do not use them a lot. I use plain old wooden clothes pins when I want play to be mild and then a pair of nipple clamps when I want to spice it up a little I also have an open mouth gag with nipple clamps attached to them. I tend to use these more on women than on men mainly because women tend to have bigger nipples and they stay on better. I have discovered that women and men both enjoy the sensation. This is something that the person either enjoys or they do not there really is not an inbetween in my personal exerience.  I would recommend starting out with plain wooden clothes pins while there are several disadvantages to these there are some advantages as well. The advantages are they are cheap and most people have a few of these in a drawer some where so go raid the chip bag and have some fun for the night. The problems with these are you can not control the tension they are what they are. Also, the quality of the wood varies a lot they can be very rough therefore I would not recomend pulling them off you can leave some nasty scratches which can get infected.


This is the pair I have had for a number of years. They are adjustable and have a rubber tip on them for safety. They are just a standard pair of clamps that are not super expensive actually cheap when it comes to bed room toys and will last you a long time if you take care of them.



Here is a close up of the clamp easy to use and easy to tighten or loosen even while on the nipple. It is a little tricky to do while in use so play with it and get used to it.



Safety wise the biggest thing is to make sure the rubber is on the ends it can fall off on occassion and also look at it to make sure you have not worn a hole in the rubber so the metal is sticking through. As you can see what is underneath is a little scary looking. I am sure that some people are into this but most of people are not into that level of intense.



If you wear out the rubber you can go to any automotive store or even department store and buy a can of liquid rubber like they use on tools and wiring dip the ends back into it and you are good to go for awhile. I have had my pair for almost twenty years and as you can see they are still in good shape. I doubt you will have any issues with yours at all.

You can buy these through my store



The latest one I added to my collection was this open mouth gag that is attached to nipple clamps I have played with it a few times and had a lot of fun with one of my submissive girl friends. This is a little more advanced but if you really want to spice it up is a lot of fun. Again as far as safety make sure you check the clamps every single time you use them.

DSC09760You can get this off my site as well



There is one final style I do want to mention even though I do not currently own a pair and that is the clover style. I have played with these and they are intense they seem to be more popular with men that are submissive. Worth taking a look at and maybe adding to your collection.





None of these are expensive some where between $10 and $20 so it is great way to start exploring some new fun things to try. All of my toys are used as I play with them so they will have a little wear I think that is what makes this so fun though. I will be adding some videos a little later on make sure to check back for those.



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Ass Smothering

Ass smothering is something I get asked about often. The reason for this is I have a nice round ass that a lot of men would really like to have hovering over their face. For a lot of men a bottom is a wonderful thing to have. What I find funny is that a lot of normal people that I meet talk about how much they would enjoy smothering their significant other or having their partner sit on their face. I have been told by a number of men that the smell of a woman’s ass is intoxicating. What they mean by that is the normal everyday smell of a woman after she has worked all day the hot sweaty musky smell. I think women have forgotten the power of smell and how much men need that as well as crave it. When a woman relearns this she can control a man in a number of sexy seductive ways. For me sitting on a guys face with my ass cheeks spread across and his nose trapped is a huge sense of power. Telling him to sniff a lick and lick my ass and being able to look down and see his cock twitch and grow harder is such a turn on. Sitting down while I tell him to lick it good or I will smother him with those cheeks knowing he can not get enough of me. Like all fetishes this is not something everyone is into that is part of what makes it so much fun.

One of My Favorite Sissies



It is hard to tell from this picture but this whole room is done up in girl fashion. From a pretty white and pink sex swing to gorgeous pink everything else.  She is always done up in a whig and makeup and just flat out fun. Nothing makes a session better than someone with a great sense of humor that really enjoys what is going on.

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