How To Use Skype

Have you ever wanted to do a cam call but never knew exactly how it works or how to make it work? Well I have set up a step by step guide to help you through it. We prefer skype it is a little confusing when you first look at it but I will walk you through it all.  First log into your skype. Now go buy our id’s.  Take a look at the screen shot below.

skype how to


The red circle is where you paste someone’s id’s to add them to your contacts.  Hit “Enter” that will search skype for that person then click on their name to add them to their contacts.

The blue circle is where your id is located so if you are asked for your skype id this is what you give them.

The purple circle is where you start a video call.

Now lets talk a little proper protocol here. It is okay to ask a simple question via skype. DO NOT type out a whole fantasy that is not cool. However a lot of us girls work from home so we do not always sit right in front of our computers so please remember that. Also if we are on a call already we are paying attention to that person and it can take us a few minutes to get back to you.

It is okay to add us to skype first in fact we encourage it because it can take 30-45 seconds to add someone to there.

Call us on niteflirt FIRST! Do not call on skype first.

Please remember that things go wrong and us girls tend to know about as much about computers as you do. So be kind when something messes up whether on your side or ours often we have little to no control over it.


Blow Jobs

As a dominate woman I have been asked in the past how I could possibly give a guy a blow job because a number of people feel that is a submissive act. I have always thought that blowjobs were actually power play. That is a very sensitive thing to have sliding past very sharp powerful teeth. Having those very sensitive balls under my control while I tease a cock is a very controlling thing. For men blow jobs seem to be a utopia of sensation. It is a very intimate act for both people. Now for a submissive girl she may take the situation from a different aspect she may feel that she is being utterly submissive. That is the wonderful thing about power play is that it can be utilized either way. There are some things I have never really understood and that is gagging. Not sure why a guy would want to feel and hear a girl gag to me that is just a horrid sound. I have always been able to take a cock pretty deep down my throat so it was never a huge issue for me personally. I really enjoy watching a man while I am teasing his cock and balls working him up and then backing it back down over and over until he is just begging for me to let him come. When it comes to blow jobs most people think of a girl on her knees and a man standing over her. I have found that most men do not like this position if they are going to truly enjoy what is happening to them. Most the time laying down or sitting is far more enjoyable than having their knees locked and trying to maintain themselves vertically. Unfortunately a lot of American women are raised to think that cocks are dirty and should not be played with in this manner. It is pushed that only dirty girls suck cock which is really sad because it can cause a man to think that he is not that important to his girl when she refuses to do reasonable sexual things. Even if a girl is not into swallowing at least showing some attention to his cock in a very intimate way will help strengthen their relationship.

Really Good Article From Mysteria

Have you ever noticed how people perceive things so differently depending on their character and personality? How some people can weather the greatest storms and crisis only to be undone by a small inconvenience, while others break apart the moment that something is just slightly out of step and they act as if they couldn’t even do the basics to get back on track?

Some people see everything that happens around them or is being said as a personal attack on them, even so the speaker or doer probably didn’t even have them in mind at all. Some people make huge Matterhorn type of Mountains out of a little hiccup happening, instead of just going with the flow and finding a work around for it.

Some people are not happy unless they get to complain about something. Anything at all, doesn’t matter but unless they get to be “annoyed”, “stressed out” or “miserable” about something and make other people the same way their day is just not complete.

Then you have those who are pretty easy go lucky. Oh hell yeah we get out knocks, our share of problems, our stress moments, but in general we understand that all those things are just part of life and will pass again. We tackle bad situations with a smile as much as possible and laugh at the stupid things that are going wrong, knowing that we are probably not alone in experiencing them.

Some take the success of others as a personal insult, while others are genuinely pleased when someone else is successful as well. Some have to be the ONLY one that matters, and others enjoy being part of a team and working together. Some try to give good and solid advice, others love to put those good hearted souls who give from their pool of wisdom down. Wow we human beings are sure enough one strange brew of personalities.

Regardless if business, life in general or relationships, some of us (including me)  try to keep a largely positive outlook. Maybe because we did have enough in our life happening to us that we know this is really just a small issue, and that in the big picture there are a lot worse things happening to someone else or have happened to us in the past.

I know I have had those reminder kicks in my ass many times in the past. So aggravated about something that happened to me here on Niteflirt or somewhere else. Being angry, feeling indignation, how “dare they” do that to me. LOL… only they didn’t really do anything to me, I just happened to be caught in a developmental problem, etc. Just when I am working myself up in a nice little moment of righteousness (don’t you all love those?) I get an email from a friend telling me her husband just had to be taken to the Hospital with a heart problem. Boy did that put things in perspective for me. Oh yeah, my little self-important righteousness just flew with hyper speed right out of the window, and I actually felt ashamed of myself. Here I made such a big deal out of something that will be blown over in a few hours, while someone else out there is undergoing real issues.

Or like my silly ass laptop problems yesterday that literally caused me to stop having to work all day to fix it, but laughed about later on last night since I had just made the comment the day before that I really needed a day away from the phones and working on the laptop. Guess the universe gave me exactly what I thought I needed just not the way I expected it. Be careful what you ask for folks or ask for it in very specific terms. 😛 Either way I got what I wanted (no work or dealing with others for a day), but I sure had other stress moments (resetting all my computer stuff which took hours to get done), positive side so was that in between I got to sit back and read for a while which is something I love. I’d say the day wasn’t all lost was it? So thank you universe but can we please do it a different way next time maybe? Yes, I do look and always find the silver lining, because there always ends up being one if you look hard enough.

Now if you are the type of person that actually doesn’t enjoy being down all the time and you want to keep something in your arsenal that puts you back in a frame of mind that allows you to realize that most of the things we encounter here or in most areas of our life are really just tiny little things, buy yourself a copy of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and watch the show from time to time. Go ahead, watch it and stand in awe for a while of something truly magnificent and great. If you still feel like you are the most important thing in the universe and that everything revolves just around you after watching that, I can’t help you further. I know for me when I get my moments of grandeur this pulls me off my throne real fast and reminds me just how truly insignificant I am in the big picture of the things around me. Special, unique, amazing – yes all those things just like you, but utterly insignificant in the long run. What a great thought if you think about it. It means you don’t have to carry the burden of the world on your shoulders any longer, even you Mighty Mouse get to take a break from the stress once in a while.

Have a lovely day and remember to be grateful for the good things in life.




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Fetish Liquidophelia Submersion Of Genitals In Liquid

The fetish liquidophelia is a lot harder to write on than I would have initially thought. I have been researching it for a couple of days and there is very little about this fetish out there to be found. Most of what I have found is a one line definition which seems straight forward. It is the desire to have one genitals submersed into liquid of any kind for stimulation. As far as fetishes are concerned this one seems pretty harmless and maybe even a little fun. I can not find anything about how extreme this fetish is and I have not personally ran into someone that shared this was their fetish. I do know a number of guys that tend to masturbate in the bathtub which could be this fetish or it could be just a relaxing private area that they enjoy. I would be really interested in talking to someone that is really into this fetish to find out what is the draw to it. I wonder if there is a pull to like chocolate, oil, or other thick liquids or mainly water.

The Hokkaido House of Hidden Treasures

Sometimes I think other countries that are considered more conservative are actully more open when it comes to sexuality. This is an old museum in Japan that is really quite neat in a number of ways.  Here is an article that I am sharing about this really neat older facility :

Hokkaido House Of Hidden Treasures – Japan’s Second Abandoned Sex Museum

2012/11/27 by Florian / Abandoned Kansai

When I wrote about the *Abandoned Japanese Sex Museum* in spring a lot of people seemed to enjoy my article – on Sunday I had the chance to visit the Hokkaido House Of Hidden Treasures, Japan’s other abandoned sex museum. It wasn’t bigger, but it was less artsy and a lot more explicit! This haikyo gave the term “ruins porn” a way deeper meaning…

“House of hidden treasures” – a Japanese euphemism to describe sex museums. In the 1960s pretty much every of the 47 prefectures in Japan had a sex museum, usually located in a small spa town somewhere in the mountains. Video did not only kill the radio star, it also made pornography widely available and started the decline of many sex museums – the internet finished the job 20 years later. Nowadays there are only a handful of sex museums in Japan (although you can barely call them museums as most of them are bizarre collections of art and what some weird people think art is…) and they are fighting for survival. The Hokkaido House Of Hidden Treasures (HHOHT) was no exception in that regard. Opened at a time when other sex museums started to close (1980), the HHOHT was equipped with the latest technology of the time (including a huge 3D pussy, created by a plastic, a gigantic lens and a mirror), but ran into financial trouble in the new millennium – closing was considered in 2007 (after lowering the entrance fee by 1000 Yen to 1500 Yen), but it seems like it was kept open for business until March of 2010, when thieves stole a Marilyn Monroe wax figure, a female wax figure with a snake around her neck, a belly dance doll and two travelers’ guardian deities. While most other sex museums get rid of their exhibits (by throwing them away or selling them) and then become another parking lot, the Hokkaido House Of Hidden Treasures became the haikyo Hokkaido House of Hidden Treasures – one of two known abandoned sex museums in Japan.

Much to my surprise the HHOHD was quite different from the *Abandoned Japanese Sex Museum* in Japan’s south. Instead of featuring dozens of wooden and stone statues the Hokkaido House of Hidden Treasures was stuffed with taxidermy animals – most of them copulating: Horses, elks, zebras, boars, lions, monkeys, all kinds of birds… I’ve never seen that many stuffed animals anywhere. And while most of the sculptures at this museum didn’t even seem to be made from real stone, all the taxidermy animals were real and in pretty good condition – if not for the sex part the museum should have been famous for its stuffed animals. But of course there was so much more to see: paintings, drawings, animatronics, a shooting game called “French Ponpon” (5 shots with a gun: 100 Yen), a huge vibrating penis to sit on, sculptures, shrines (dedicated to birth or equipped with penis shaped statues), and wax figures in a bizarre forest scene – starring a big red demon (with a surprisingly small dick) and a naked woman, being watched by horny, peeping or even mating animals. The most strange thing though was found on the basement floor – it appeared to be another shooting game. This time participants had to shoot “water” from a huge golden penis at a naked female doll. I’m sure when the Hokkaido House of Hidden Treasures was still in business it was all fun and games, but this time there was a victim. My haikyo buddy *Michael Gakuran* wanted to have a closer look at the naked woman and stepped into what seemed to be a concrete pool – except that the surface wasn’t concrete, but gypsum floating on top of the still intact pool; resulting in a mild shock and lots of wet clothes. In hindsight the water in the shooting game must have been colored white for a more “realistic” approach; a closer look at the female doll confirmed that assumption. (Luckily Michael’s equipment wasn’t damaged thanks to a water-proof camera!) Instead of going back to the car and changing clothes Michael dried himself and his stuff up as good as possible and continued shooting for 45 minutes with one bare foot! What a trooper, especially since the place was literally freezing cold. Most of the rooms had dripping water, and on the lower floor the water froze to icicles or drops on the ground! It was so cold I could see my own breath and after a while my fingers started to hurt – I can only imagine how Michael must have felt; who even refused to leave right away when we both heard some noise from the upper floor, followed by footsteps – because he hadn’t shot a pitch black room in the back yet…

The Hokkaido House Of Hidden Treasure was a massive location and a real photography challenge thanks to lots of dark areas, massive amounts of glass and really weird setups; not challenging but weird BTW was the sukiyaki and ramen restaurant above the museum – I left that part out completely as it wasn’t nearly as interesting as the sex museum itself. All in all Michael and I spent almost 5 hours at the HHOHT – more time than at any other place before except for the *Nakagusuku Hotel* in *Okinawa*. And it was well worth it – I barely ever shot as many interesting and unique photos before. I also recommend watching the walking tour I shot as it shows the setup of the museum much better than I could describe it with words and photos. Speaking of which – here they are…

You can see the original article here:

This is a cool place check out the article and youtube video.