Fetish Autonepiophilia (Infantalism) Becoming An Infant


I have talked to a number of people through the years that are into this fetish. I have talked with guys that were into “daddies” and only want to play with strong dominate men. I have talked with men that are into “mommies” and “daddies” and yes even a few women that like to play in this fetish. The degree that people are into this fetish is very individualized and few are completely submerged into it. Most of the guys that I talk to are into dressing up in baby girl clothes. Where do people get these types of dress there are web sites like http://www.birchplaceshop.com/?aff=tailstwichntoyswhere you can get a number of different outfits. I do talk to a man that likes “daddies” that lives the life he has adult baby furniture and even does the diaper thing. I do not mind talking about the whole diaper thing but I am not into it in the sense of one on one interaction that is just not my thing. I have another sissy that is a girly sissy that is only into “mommies” he is not into the baby stuff but more into pvc and vinyl clothing. That is the great thing about any fetish is that each person is an individual in how they react to the urges they feel. This fetish seems to get the most attention when it comes to fetishes on tv. I think the reason for that is because there is the shock factor which makes great for tv. To me it is more about role play and power play but that is just my personal take on the subject. I would greatly enjoy hearing your take on this fetish if it is something that you enjoy delving into. 

So My Doozie Of A Few Days

So yesterday about noon my internet modem gets hit by lightening and this is not the first time. In fact it is the fourth time that I have lost a modem and a dvd player so its getting a little expensive. It turns out that there was a problem with cable line coming into my place. So I got to spend all day yesterday talking to the cable company and all this morning dealing with the cable guy. Not to mention having to go out and get another dvd player. I get so frustrated over these types of things especially when it comes down to someone not doing their job. The amount of time wasted trying to fix an issue that should not and would not have happened if the original person would have grounded the system correctly has been immense.  Such excitement is something I can so do without.

Men In Cages

I talk to a lot of men that enjoy having their cocks caged or want to find a key holder to control their cocks. Some day I will write an article about what pushes a man to want this. In this article I wanted to highlight a forum/website that one of my caged men sent me. This is an awesome site from what I can see it is for men only which is great there is nothing wrong with that. The site gives a lot of resources for men that are caged by their significant others or mistresses. If this is something you are interested in take a look at the site, give me a call and lets talk or do both.