The Story Of A Spanking Part Four Of Four


Here we are to the point where I lay my sissy down on the bed shove a rabbit in his hole and let its ears tickle his balls.  It is hard for a sissy to last very long when his sissy hole is getting tickled from the inside and his balls are being teased. He was a very good boy though and thanked his Goddess over and over.  Because he could not sit flat on his very sore bottom for a few days he always was far more sissy like just a little added bonus.


The Story Of A Spanking Part Two of Four


The first thing I do is bend my sissy over and pull down those jeans and panties. Forcing him to lay over the bed I take my wooden boar bristle hairbrush to that bottom. Now I am not the type of Goddess that spanks hard and fast. There is no fun in that instead I like to leave a few seconds between each swat. For being this bad a sissy it will go on for hours. This was over 400 swats by the time I was finished with my fun….