Big Cocks Little Cocks! Does Size Matter

I am often asked by guys if the size of their penis matters and the answer can be easy in some cases and complicated in others. I think there is a certain length and definitely girth that women are looking for. So if your penis is 2″ long on a raging day you are probably not going to get that much attention. If however your cock is above six inches then you are closer to that we girls can live with size. Yes, there is too much of a good thing even in cocks and from most girls and guys that I have talked to I would say anything over eleven inches is pushing that good thing. For most girls including myself it is not so much the length of penis that gives us pleasure but how thick it is. A girls vagina is very sensitive all the way up the sides and having that space filled up with some silky and smooth sliding up and down it does feel very good. It is not just about intercourse though there is something visually appealing at least to me with a nice hard thick and in my case straight cock. I enjoy watching a guy stroke his cock for me, however I do not enjoy a stubby cock because there is just nothing appealing with a guy two finger stroking. It takes a little bit of length to make it sexy. If a guys hands are way bigger than his penis that is just a huge turn off and not something I even want to see. A man’s testicles also come into play here if they are super tiny then that is again a turn off. If a man’s fully erect penis sits on his balls like a little Vienna sausage I know I will never allow it near my vagina. There has to be a balance of play in the size of his sexual organs to make them appealing. Most guys really want to have someone preform oral sex on them. A girl has no interest in taking a mini cock in her mouth she wants to feel a man’s sexual power she wants to be able to think of his penis sliding in and out of her while she is sucking on him. Oral sex is generally the prelude to a good hard pounding and that only comes with a man of decent length and girth. Now plenty of girls will lie and try to be nice about the whole thing I do not feel the need to do that. If we are honest with each other then we can work around issues granted you might not get everything you want in life but we rarely get what we want. So the answer to the age old question is yes size does matter.

Soft And Sheer


I sent one of my sissies out to buy something slutty and this is what he came back with. If I remember right it was from a local adult store that was fully staffed by young ladies. They had a great time laughing at him after they figured out he was not buying this for a girlfriend that was “exactly” his size.  I really do think he was a shade of red for hours after leaving. Humiliation is good for a sissy.


Panties Worn And Washed Waiting For Wear


How many of you guys go out and buy a pair of panties then throw them away. I know it embarrass you the thought of those panties being there. However, the whole point of being a sissy is to become part of the lifestyle. There fore it is important to learn to wash and wear. Panties should and deserve to be worn until they are worn out not used like a paper towel.