Careful With That Zipper


So  here is the deal my sissy thought these looked like manly underwear. Umm yeah not quite sure how that works out. First they are a “g” string. Nothing screams manly like a piece of elastic going up your butt. Second they have a zipper in front which to me just screams ‘I have a tiny dick’. No man with anything substantial would ever endanger it with a zipper.  Think sissy better stick to sissy cuz he fails miserably at manly.




My sissy in this picture works what is considered a “manly” job. I had him take a break from his job and go snap me this quick photo.  It is hard to see the background because of the angle but yes he was on the jobsite working hard.  Never know what a “real” man is wearing boxers, briefs, or shiny satin full bottoms.