Venus Slave Trap Short Story

I really enjoy when someone opens up to me about their fantasy and shares things with me. One of my regulars and I have been exploring hypnosis and female domination. He was on a road trip and found this while staying up late in his hotel room. This is a great fantasy and such fun that I thought I would share it. I really do think you will enjoy the read.

Ursusagalmatophilia and Plushophilia

Is your favorite movie of all time Ted? Do you feel a strong sexual pull to be united with a teddy bear? If so you may have a fetish called ursusagalmatophilia this is a specific fetish of having a sexual desire to be with or to be sexually satisfied by teddy bears. I have never spoken to or known anyone with this fetish. I have spoken to numerous people with Plushophilia but that is an all encompassing fetish for stuffed animals. The first time I was introduced into the plushophilia fetish was on a mainstream tv series some of you may have seen it CSI Fur and loathing. It really did catch my interest and I just had to investigate further. I have never tried this fetish myself not really something that would spark my desire but as a textile person I do get the appeal. Over the years I have spoken with people though none that have a specific draw to teddy bears and as far as fetishes go these are very harmless in nature. For most people that I have spoken to it is a fetish of touch the softness of the fur and completely stepping out of ones common self and into a whole new world. The thrill of the role play is a very contributing factor for many. Like most fetishes those that make the laws and rules do not even try to understand them. I have yet to meet someone that was into these types of fetishes that even thought of someone underage this is not tied to toys in the sense of underage. It is tied to role playing and I feel it is close to cos play in a lot of the underlying appeal. If you are into plushophilia please comment and let me know some of your experience and appeal. If you are into ursusagalmatophilia I would really enjoy hearing from you. I am always curious about someone’s sexual fetishes and what drives and maintains those desires.