Every Day Panties Going to work


When most sissies start out the most humiliting thing for them is the thought of someone catching them in panties. So being the Goddess that I am one of the first things I do is put my sissies into panties.  I greatly enjoy the day where I throw away all those boy underwear leaving nothing in that drawer but pretty girly things. From that day forward this is what happens every day is a panty day.


Naked And Waiting


I was having a great time making my slut wait for his spanking. The anticipation of what was coming was really starting to affect him. He wanted that spanking so bad but was afraid as well. I really enjoy making him beg for each and every swat. I am not the type of Goddess that spanks hard and fast. There is no fun in that at all. Instead of barging right into it I like to slow it all down, letting those cheeks calm down before giving a nice hard smack on top. To me the most important thing a bottom can be is a uniform red.