Call Story “spanking”

So I really do not plan these out they just kind of come to me right before my fingers touch the keys.  Today I had a call come in on a spanking line with a gentleman I had done a call with a long while back. I will be honest if you call me regularly I will remember your voice and the basics of what we talked about. This was a very short call like one minute but the length of the call is not what I want to talk about. This gentleman asks me my name hmm you are calling a listing that is Diane Callaway and my name is Diane go figure. He then proceeds to ask me am I dominate or submissive. I tell him that I am very dominant this question does not upset me in any way there are a lot of people out there that are switches and besides I like it when guys ask me questions it gives me insight into them. He then proceeds to tell me that he remembers talking to me (which at this point in the call I do not remember him). He goes on to tell me that I balled him out because I told him that I did not believe in a “warm up” spanking. OHHH yes know I remember you I think to myself as the light bulb goes off in my head. It had probably been at least a month since I spoke this guy and it too was a short conversation though it was a wee bit longer that this call.

We get to the point of what I wish to talk about and that is warm up spanking. I do not believe in them at least not in the way that he wanted it. He wanted to be able to tell me how to give him a spanking how many swats he should get and how hard. The whole point of a spanking is to punish in a submissive dominate setting. Now I do understand that sometimes we spank to tease or to entice a sexual experience, but that is not we were discussing here. He was wanting a punishment spanking where he got to dictate the punishment and it does not work that way with me. If my submissive has done something that I feel warrants a spanking then I decide the details of that punishment. I am not going to beat someone until they are bleeding I am not that kind of person. I will however paddle a bottom until it is good and red. I will spank at my speed giving the skin time to recover so that the next swat is felt as much as the first swat.

I guess this particular gentleman was still upset over not being allowed to top from the bottom and he hung up before I could ask him more questions.

Extreme Closeup

One of our more popular themes of movies is extreme closeup. Those movies that are shot from a point of view right between our legs. Where it looks like you laying right there and being treated to our beautiful pink pussy. I have asked about this before and the answer I get is always a variation of the same.  When a movie is shot with extreme close up there is nothing to distract from the pussy. Also, most men feel that a woman’s vagina is very beautiful. They are pulled in and enticed by it. I do not think that many women know the power they have over men when it comes to their breasts, their bottoms, and their vagina. While for men most the time from what I have been told and from my personal experience as a bi woman the smell is just intoxicating. Granted we can not capture the smell of a woman through video.  We can shoot movies that bring you in and capture you with our pussies. These movies let you see how wet we get while we tease ourselves. They also let you know see each fold of skin that makes up our pussy. You can lay there and watch our holes get tighter and tighter the more excited we become. For some men that is a huge turn on.  If you are into this type of stimulation I would really like to hear what it is that turns you on personally. Is this something that you only feel the draw to when you are watching a movies or is it something that you crave in a real life one on one scenario? If you are not into this and want to chime in and say what about it turns you off then please do that as well.