10526083_650256521756889_8000069241969184264_nMost people are familiar with the term masochist because of the acronym of S&M. While most people understand that a masochist is someone that enjoys pain. Of coarse the levels of pain can vary from person to person. It seems that most people that play in S&M or Bondage play fall on the mild spectrum of this. Most people enjoy a mild spanking, a little bit of nipple pinching, or some minor cock and ball play. There are a few people out there that enjoy something a little more intense play such as a canning, electric play, or more stretching of body parts. I have not met anyone that I have personally known that went beyond this level. While I have heard of a group that truly enjoys life changing pain those are just stories and here say so I do not have experience of this myself. I am not someone that enjoy hurting someone I do not mind sending a little bit of intense sensation for someone I am playing with. I do not want to hurt someone that I know. There are fantasies that I play in such as castration but these are only fantasies for me. I do not desire to hurt someone in real time that would cause them pain that would last them for a long time. It is fun to play on the milder side of this spectrum and for a number of people it is a very good way to relieve a large amount of stress. In some ways it primal in nature and we as humans rarely get to explore that sensation.

This is one fantasy that is felt and enjoyed by both sexes and I have not experienced a difference between the sexes in how they enjoy having it expressed upon them. Both men and women enjoy nipple play and having their nipples teased and tormented to some degree. Both sexes enjoy spanking with a number of different implements. Surprisingly enough men and women also enjoy having their sexual centers tormented as well.  It seems to be one of the easiest forms of power play that both sexes can fall into because the choice is taken away from them so quickly and so easily. A number of people feel a great deal of shame from their sexual desires and having someone take control and take away their choice allows a great number of people to side step those emotional walls.

Have you ever played in masochist? How far do you enjoy being pushed and to what degree do you like to have those implemented on you? Tell me in the comments.

Forced Ejaculation

There is something fun about tying a man up and teasing his cock over and over for an extended amount of time.  One of my favorite things to do is take a man out while I am wearing my thigh highs, high heels and a very short tight dress. That way I can tease him with my soft silky thigh highs on my feet all night long. The entire time telling him how much I enjoy the thought of taking him home and tying him up for my pleasure with those thigh highs that he is touching just now.

I have spoken to a number of men through the years that the thought of being my complete servant in this manner turns them on in great ways. The thought of a woman taking what she wants in the way she wants it is something that a number of men do not get very often. Women often do not use the power that they have and do not understand how they can control a man in ways that want him to be controlled. A man that is forced to come on a woman’s time in either a fast or even a very extended matter.

Men have told me through the years that having the power of their own orgasm taken from them is a very powerful power exchange.  Most men that I have spoken to enjoy being tied up so they are only allowed to look down and see their penis rock hard and standing at attention. They are not allowed to touch themselves in any way instead they are can just watch their penis twitch and the balls swelling.  A woman can then do with both as she wishes for some this means using a bit of pain as a persuasion to her wants and desires. For others like myself I enjoy more sensual play a tease and denial of orgasm until I feel that he is going to explode to completely.

Many a man tends to think of the longer versions of play as being more controlling but a quick forced ejaculation when a man wishes to play longer can be just as controlling. The feel of orgasm makes a man want more and a woman enjoys the feel of her complete control over a man.

Have you ever thought about having someone tie you down and force you to ejaculate for them? Have you ever thought about a little phone play of a woman telling you how to play? Tell us all about your thoughts on this in the comments below.


Mucophilia is the “sneezing” fetish.  It is actually a lot more common than most people think. It was one of the first fetishes I was asked about when I started doing camming. It is one of the fetishes that people often ask for especially when flu season or Spring allergies start around the country.  There are even whole forums related to sneezing and people that are attracted to the fetish. As with any fetish it is hard for a lot of people to admit it. They do not want to be considered outside of societies norms. This is a very harmless fetish (well except for the whole germ thing). The action and the fighting of sneezing is one of the really attractive things for most of the guys that I have talked to. Watching a woman fight the urge to sneeze and then finally having to just let it out. Multiple sneezes are also a very big turn on for a lot of men. I have not spoken to a woman with this fetish but I would imagine there are women out there that have the same attraction. The men that I have spoken to throughout the years have not really been attracted to the “mucus” but more just the action of the sneeze the sound of the sneeze and watching someone try to restrain a sneeze from occurring. One of the major reasons for calling or camming with someone like myself or Chilly Hicks is because we are more open to the not as common fetishes. There is also something about having a fetish that is not generally seen as a sexual gratification that makes a man think it will be considered more weird than say breasts. While some women will be less than understanding I do think a lot of women would find this kind of sweet. It is very easy to full fill and doesn’t really cause a woman to see herself as an object. I think a lot of women resist a number of fetishes because they see themselves as being compartmentalized and objectified  which makes them very uncomfortable.  If this is something you are into please comment about what specifically turns you on in the comments below. I am also including a link to a forum that is well established for those that might want to explore this fetish just a little bit more.  I would really like to know when you first discovered you had this fetish.


Gender Transformation

Let me start off saying I am not discussing true gender transformation I have personal friends that I know have gone through this and that is a whole different type of discussion. What I am going to talk about is the fantasy gender transformation. I know that a lot of men out there have these fantasies and want to be able to express themselves. These are men that think about women slipping hormones into their coffee every morning and before they know it thier breasts are starting to grow and their penis is starting to shrink.  At first they do not realize the changes taking place. Their voices start to change and they are admiring women not for their bodies but for their clothes and shoes.  The longer they are being given this special concoction the more and more feminine they become. Until one day they wake up and all their male inclinations are gone. They are now a fully feminized man. Their women of course then take all those males clothes away and take them on their very first shopping trip.  They have to start wearing girly clothes all day every day. They learn to put on makeup and well those manly parts are just no longer manly. This evil wonderful woman has stepped into their lives and taken over all aspects. They now know they can only be a girl and they were always a girl in an ugly man’s body.  I have spoken to a number of men over the years that all have this very same basic fantasy.  Of course the minute details change from person to person and sometimes he has no clue he is being changed. While there are some men that enjoy the thought of being blackmailed or forced to take hormones. So they will know everything that is happening to them over the course of it occurring.  A lot of men want to have their man hood completely stripped from them in their fantasy they do not want anything left to remind them of the man they once were. There are a number of men who are attracted to women’s clothing the feel of the fabric the broad spectrum of different things women have to wear.  Of course there is always an attraction to shoes but let us be honest men do not have many types of shoes to choose from.

If you have a fantasy of this nature share what drives you to think about it and where you thoughts go in the comment!


This is just such a fun bondage fetish for those those not familiar with it this is where a Goddess makes someone a piece of furniture. You are no longer human your whole purpose in life is to be an inanimate object. While I have yet to get to play with this in real play none of my submissives have been into this. That is okay though I have some awesome real life submissives. I hope to some day have someone be my foot rest for my stinky sweaty feet. I think it would be so much fun to make someone a table for my glass of wine in that tall stemmed glass that they have to work very hard to keep upright. Oh the joys of punishment that could go with someone making it topple and shatter on the floor from lack of attention.  I would enjoy tying someone up into a stool that I can sit on and do my makeup on. Or even have another submissive blow dry my hair out while I sit on my own human chair. The joy of teaching a submissive to sit perfectly still as to not let on that they are actually human. In fact I would want them to learn to control their breathing even so that I would not feel the rise and fall of their chest while I sit there at my leisure. Then to have my human table follow me around the house with my books and wine moving every so careful and delicate as to not disturb any of their precious cargo. It would be completely disappointing to have it fall to the floor and make a horrendous noise.  I would expect more from my submissives they had better never disappoint me in such a way. I would have to punish harshly in fact there would be marks left on their bottom and back of their thighs that would last for a week at least. It would be a lot of fun to make a cock stand at attention and have it hold my purse when I was through the door after a long day. Oh to have a row of hard cocks properly trained to stand at attention for my coat, purse, and those of my guests as well. To be surrounded by a house full of my human inanimate objects doing all my bidding would bring me great joy.


book shelves

Call Stories

I am often asked if I send people to a “real” mistress and yes I have done that one occassion. It is not something that I do a lot of or even often. However sometimes I get to know someone over a course of numerous calls and we work together to get them with a real live Mistress in their area. I have had some really great experiences with this and some that are not so great so it can go either way.  There are a lot of Mistresses out there who like the idea of me pre screening someone and then having them book an appointment. I tend to know these guys fairly well and I will be completely honest with them. I have had a few guys try and milk us both but honestly that is rare and it is something I shut down very quickly.

I had a gentleman that I talked to for a number of years that I set up with a Mistress for some discipline spanking. I actually sent him to her a few times. It was a lot of fun. I would send her an email and then make him set the appointment. On the day he was to get spanked she would make him call me on niteflirt and we would have a great time while she spanked his bottom. I really enjoyed hearing her lay into him and the pictures that I got after she was finished with him. These real time play sessions would lead into a lot of fantasy play afterwards.  That is one of the things that I truly enjoyed. Most men can not afford to pay $250 an hour on a regular basis so real life sessions are special events that happen ever so often. I know me and a real life Mistress are not in competition with each other I can not give them what she can which is a very intense one on one time. I can give them a more fantasy time of deep intensity that takes place in their mind. If played right though a phone sex operator and a Mistress can come together to give a man the whole experience that is on going and long lasting.

The time me and the Mistress have to talk are generally only a few emails we are both in this lifestyle so we generally only need a minimal of conversation to convey what a man is looking for. I will not find a Mistress for a man that is something he has to do on his own.


For those of you who do not know bukkake is where several men stroke their cocks off onto someone’s face.  I get a lot of men that like to fantasize about this happening to them and woman being in control of the whole thing. For a lot of men it seems the ultimate in submission is a woman making him things he would never do on his own and has no desire to do. I do not think these men are bi sexual and the certainly are not gay they are generally the opposite. To them it is all about having the most humiliating thing they can possibly think of and doing this for a woman that means everything to them.

Bukkake is by design humiliating it was actually used in its original form as a punishment for Japense women between the 12th and the 15th century. It was used to punish a woman that was accused of adultery it was never part of the court system of Japan more just a way of showing the ultimate in humiliation. It was sometime done in private but more than likely it was done in public areas with the woman completely stripped of her clothing and where every man of her village would then ejaculate on her face. It has been documented that this was sometimes done to the point that a woman would drown from all the semen she was forced to take. A number of women would later commit suicide from the degree of humiliation they were forced to endure.

Obviously in today’s world we do not takes things to this degree.  Though in our minds we are free to take things as far as we wish to take them. I think for the majority of men the fantasy of this far out weighs the reality of what the situation would be like. I have no issues with doing bukkake fantasies. They can actually be really fun for both people involved. I have a fascination with forced bi play in a lot of ways. I also enjoy the thought of a man doing something that he truly does not want to do because I want him to do it.

Have you ever thought about bukkake? Ever told someone about having a fantasy about a bunch of men giving you a facial of semen all over your face.  Tell me all about it in the comments!


Our fetish today is sacofriccosis which means cutting a hole in one’s pocket so that they are able to masturbate in public in a way that is less likely for them to to be caught.  Now from my research it is seems that men and women both do this. I would have thought it would be far more male oriented, but it might just be something that women never talk about. I do know that a lot of women enjoy the insert able eggs that vibrate so this would not be a far stretch from that.  After reading about this I will say I am far more observant to who has their hands in their pockets and wonder if they are actually trying to find their keys or looking having a more intimate moment with themselves. I would imagine like most fetishes done in public this one is also about the thrill of doing something naughty where one might get caught. I could not really find anything stating if the person was doing this was trying to reach orgasm or if it was something that is all about the thrill and stretching out the experience. If the person does not want to actually want to orgasm in public but just work themselves up to a frenzy with the orgasm coming at a much later time.  As this is one of the few fetishes I had heard of for a very long time I happen to think that this might be very prevalent  in society. Granted most of us know this from the the slang term “pocket pool” it is still well known. I did find it quite interesting that that was ended with a “cosis” this would indicate that at some point it was scene as some type of psychosis.  Makes me wonder if at some time in our history if we were treating this with electricity. If so where would the electricity have been administered too? In all serious though is there anyone out there that has done this and is willing to admit to it? Did you think about it beforehand or just happen to find a little hole in a pocket that you ripped out further? What type of settings would you find yourself more turned on in? The million dollar question did you tease yourself to orgasm or was that a later goal for you? Put your answers in the comment section below.


Do High Heels Appear More Attractive To Men?

The question of  what men find more attractive was answered in a way we all expected with a recent study. They chose a number of men randomly and dressed women in a number of ways to test different reactions. It was not suprising to me to learn that the higher a woman’s heel the more attention she received from men. A sensible shoe got little to no attention. A mid range heel around 2″ caused men to give a little attention. However, when a woman put on a pair of heels with a 3.5″ heel or higher men where far more recepttive to help her in a number of ways.

The men when asked sited such things as it seemed she was more attractive, more into dating, and more approachable. This is all very interesteting because femine movements often publish articles informing women to not wear medieval torchure devices. Yet all the women I know including myself have a strong pull towards high heels.

As a woman that really likes shoes I can attest to the fact that I do feel more powerful, sexy, and feminanine when I am in a pair of high heels whehter that heel is one a pair of stilletos or on a pair of leather boots. There is a lot of truth to a number of things stated in the article but in some ways I wonder if it is just becuase at least in the Midwest and South where I frequent women rarely wear high heels so it just different. There is also a feminine side to this that men really enjoy being part of as they rarely are in todays yoga and blue jeans fashion.

It was interesting the height they considered high heels in the article which was just 3.5 inches.  There are a number of women out there that would consider that a mid range heel and would be more abt to where that on a daily basis instead of perhaps a 5 inch heel.

If high heels are your thing tell us about it in the comments. Do you agree with the article are men more attracted to a woman in heels? If you think they are then what is your input into why that is the case.  Is it just because when a woman is wearing heels she tends to be wearing other things like dresses, makeup, hair done up and hose? Is it a case of the full package or is it heels specifically?

Gang Bangs

I do a number of calls with guys that are into the thought of forced bi. We talk a lot about having a woman make them do things to other men and having a woman let men do things to them. One of the discussions that come up often is gang bangs. There are men and yes women too that enjoy the thought of being surrounded by strong dominate men taking control. Of course it doesn’t always have to be a man sometimes it is a group of women with strapons taking full control over the whole situation.

There is just something about having no control over what happens that is an extreme turn on for a lot of people. Now I am not saying they would actually go through with these scenarios. However, that is what is so great about phone sex is we can explore ares of fantasy that might in reality be a very scary if not life changing event.

For a lot of people that complete loss of control and only being able to react how they are told or expected to is a liberating thought. They dont have to worry whether if what they are doing is what they should be doing. They do not have to worry if they are taking things too far or even perhaps not far enough. This big group of men will tell them or better yet shove a cock into what ever hole they are wishing to have. The person that is underneath is there to just enjoy or endure depending on the fantasy.  Men especially want a forced bi fantasy so they can say in their own mind it was not their idea they had no choice in the matter and there fore they are excused of guilt from the pleasure they felt as they were being used.

Women when it comes to gang bangs are a way to feel completely over whelmed by men. To allow her to be a pure sexual being without the guilt that a lot of women generally associate with sex. Again, I am not saying a woman will necessarily go through with a gang bang but many women do fantasize about them.

I would really enjoy hearing if you have ever had a fantasy about gang bang. If so what was your motivating thoughts? How did you want it to end and was it with women or with men?