When I started researching this for some reason the first couple of articles I looked at I went what do they mean by that. Then about the third article I figuried it out. They were just wording it weird to make it sound more important. When a person is turned on by peodeiktophilia they are the Hollywood classic flasher. They like to show off their sexual organs or breasts in a manner that casuses someone to be shocked or uncomfortable. That degree of shock is a turn on to mainly men but women do this as well.

When it comes to me I can understand why they would be drawn to it.  I am sure the size of their penis has little to do with this fetish. I have certainly been introduce into a number of men that enjoy having their penis size used to humiliate them. I think that all people enjoy shocking others to some degree. There is just a jolt of adrenaline from making someone gasp in surprise. While in our modern society that is generally frowned upon and can cause some massive issues for the person that is doing the shocking. There are still a lot of men that want that rush.

I do not think this is as common in women as it is in men. However I still think women do it just in more creative ways such as tiny clothing or showing off breasts. A lot of the thrill this is obtainable is directly proportional to how society reacts to these acts. If society is oh yeah you have a penis, vagina, or breasts there for little to no shock. The peodeiktophilia does not get the rush they are looking for and the behavior will probably reduce itself. If however the internet explodes because some celebrity had a slip then that shows the person they too can get their rush and they will try even harder.

Through the years I have spoken with a few men that were into this and some have had massive legal issues directly related to this fetish. While in most cases it is fairly harmless in nature the fall out can cause a tremendous amount of issues on the other side. To the point that some men have been labeled sex offenders and forced to do things to reduce their sexual desires.  The days of the amusing flasher are no longer here society has changed to much for that.