This is one of my favorite fetishes this could or could not have something to do with the fact I am only 5’1″ tall. For those that are not aware of what this word means macrophilia is the fetish of giant women or giantess as they are sometimes known. Generally in the fetishes world that I have been exposed to something happens to make the women grow tall and powerful. While the men are kept small and defenseless. One of the largest fantasies that I hear from men is a woman that takes a pill and grows so many feet tall. When she wants to get bigger she takes another pill. With each steps she grows more and more powerful. Most men think about a woman that is destructive and cruel in  a sexy way. There is a large number of men that think about being consumed by women. Of course this is all fantasy so the man would remain completely conscious while he is traveling down a woman’s throat into her stomach and yes sometimes even further. I do enjoy the whole fantasy and we talk about a lot of fun things.

One of the best times I have had so far is me becoming 18 foot tall and destroying a whole neighborhood.  I am all dressed up in a tight tiny little skirt, a tied shirt, and Roman Sandals the kind that lace up the leg. I am huge and powerful there is nothing bigger or more powerful than me. I will control everything and everyone around me in giantess state.  A tiny man cowering underneath  me while I slam my foot into this house. His horrid little wife jumps into the car and I play with her car until I finally just smash it into oblivion. He then becomes my little play thing to do whatever I want with him. My tiny man then becomes my main course of dinner. Of course I have to grow him a little with my magic pill so that he will become a proper meal. When I cook him he knows and feels everything I do to him.

Are you into this fetish? Have you ever thought about being under the control of a hugely, powerful, and dominant woman? How does your fantasy go? Tell me all about it what day dream of in the comments below. I want to hear all the dirty little things that run through your deviant mind.


I got introduced to these through a sissy that I know that was wearing them. At first I thought this was a very small amount of people who were into wearing mantyhose. He sent me to the mantyhose site if you are curious about it. After visiting that site I started to loo around the internet and guess what there are lot of men wearing pantyhose. When I was young I can remember men wearing pantyhose when they would go deer hunting to keep their legs warm. Or at least that is what they told everyone. This seems to be a growing fashion statement with men. They have an amazing area of different designs that men have to choose from. When I first started looking at this I really thought this was a sissy thing that men who enjoyed dressing up  were into wearing mantyhose. That was very much not the case I was so wrong about that.  There are a lot of men around the world that are wearing these.  While I don’t see them catching in the redneck areas of the south they are very popular in a lot of other places.

This is not just about having hose with different patterns on them. This site also offers such things as hose with extra support.  Some of the comments on the site indicate that these hose do offer comfort for men that are on their feet all day.  I do find it amusing that all the men on the site are very masculine looking and most the pictures look like they should be on the front of a romance novel. I am all for people wearing what they want and have no issues with cross dressers, sissies, trans sexual, etc. I just find their method of advertising humorous.

Let’s talk about this have you ever wore mantyhose? Have you ever heard of mantyhose? Would you wear them if you had the opportunity? They have been around too long to call them a fashion trend but do you just think they are a marketing scheme? What about support if you have issues with your legs or perhaps very large ball sacks do you think the support they offer would be helpful in a health way? Are you one of those secret men that buy women’s pantyhose just to feel the fabric against your skin? Whatever your feelings let me hear about it in the comments below.

Girlfriend Experience

There are a lot of guys out there that enjoy what has been commonly called the girlfriend experience. For those that are not familiar with this may be very confused on what exactly this is. To be honest it can take a number of forms. The most common I am familiar with is an ongoing relationship where a man calls me to talk about things going on in his life. These conversations can be every day things such as when he has something bad or good happen. I have been told I am a very good listener and men really enjoy that I can talk about pretty much any subject. I have men that enjoy an intelligent woman that keeps up with what is going on in the world. Most of the conversations are just normal every day discussions. A large number of men just want someone to talk to. They may travel for work and are out of town a large amount of the time. There is also the sad reality that a lot of women do not talk to their men. I see this in everyday world where women cut the men out of their lives. They may talk over them a lot or fuss at them whenever they do something different from what a woman would do it.

This is not to say we don’t have some phone sex because we generally do play sometimes and talk other times. These type of relationships do grow with time. Of course we are a lot more casual that what most men will deal with. I don’t get upset if we do not talk for awhile. I understand that the nature of our relationship is one that has to be fluid. I will admit I do grow to care for a lot of these men as people. Some of them I have regarded as friends in a casual but in depth way. The interesting part to me is how much I tend to learn about these men over the course of time. How in depth our talks can become. I learn about their jobs, their dreams, their wants, and even their fears. The girlfriend experience is probably one of the most fulfilling parts of what I do. I find people fascinating and the insight these men let me have about who they are and what drives them keeps me going. It is almost like I am given permission to have an in depth look without all the other relationship responsibilities.


I have to say I really like the name of this fetish there is just something about the word sthenolagnia. For those of you that are not familiar with it (don’t feel bad I didn’t either) it is the worship of muscles. I have actually known people with this fetish. They were men and they were into calf muscles as well as biceps. There seems to be a larger number of men that are into women’s biceps than into other muscles. I never had a man tell me exactly what was a trigger for them. Though a few have talked about watching women body builders when they were going through puberty.  While I am sure there a number of men into a strong women with muscles most that I have had interaction with are just into looking at the muscle. They want to see how it is  when it is flexed. The harder and bigger the muscle is the more they are turned on by the muscle. Though most people are not familiar with this fetish by it’s name it really is a more prevalent fetish. It is more prevalent in men but we all know that woman that talks about the muscles on a man. I know many a woman that talks about how much a man’s chest or big arms turned her on. Women are less likely to admit that something is a fetish.   Those that are into this fetish tend to be smaller and no where near the muscle mass of the one they are worshiping. This does not seem to necessarily follow the lines of sexual orientation. A straight man may feel the want and desire to worship another man’s muscles but not have a sexual desire for that man. For women there does seem to be a sexual aspect to it. A woman wants to be able to touch more than just the muscle of that man. This is very much a form of body worship with the sexual pull and desire coming directly from the worship of the muscle. This is a pull to just the particular body part more than from the whole package of the person. I am very curious to hear from those of you that are into this fetish male or female. Tell me about your personal experience in the comments below. When you first noticed your self being pulled to a strong hard muscle.

Ten Most Brutal Female Rulers

I have a number of men that are into women with power. I came across this article and thought about all those guys that want to be completely controlled.  Out of the ten rulers (they call them Queens but they were not all Queens) I chose some of my favorite ones to write about. So follow the link below and check out their list of really horrible women. There were a number of them I do not remember from history class but that is not surprising to me. Some of these ladies were extremely brutal on a one to one basis. To me sending out troops to kill massive amounts of people does not count as brutal.

Starting out with Queen Elizabeth Aka the Virgin Queen though most historians do not believe she was a virgin. Case in point she was known for having a number of lovers throughout her life. She was  the daughter of Henry VIII so she came from a legacy of ruthless behavior. For those that are not familiar her father had her mother decapitated when she was around two years old and then declared Elizabeth illegitimate. Her rise to power was an ongoing family feud that ended with a number of family members dead or locked away for years of imprisonment. While Queen Elizabeth could be brutal to those in her inner circle her people under her rule prospered in numerous ways. While she is not my favorite brutal female ruler she does get honorable mention.

We now move to Queen Mary 1 Aka Bloody Mary she is another daughter of Henry VIII who’s mother though different from Queen Elizabeth was beheaded.  Queen Mary was known for her murdering of close to 300 protestants due to religious  upheaval in her country.  This family obviously had some internal issues. Again while she was brutal in some ways she is not the winner in my opinion.

The winner for me is Countess Elizabeth Bathory de Escsed  she is believed to be the most prolific serial killer of all time. Her victims are believed to be over 600. She enjoyed killing mainly young girls. She enjoyed dismembering people and bathing in their blood. While the thought of having a controlling woman I would think that someone of her nature is way over what men day dream about. Reading about her brutality makes a lot of men seem very weak in comparison. She was finally put on trial and placed in a tower for four years until she died in her sleep.

Foot Jobs

There are a lot of people out there that are into foot jobs. Notice how I do not say there are a lot of men, that is because women have this fetish too. I have personally known a number of women that were into either having their pussies played with or even having big toes inserted inside them. They like the feel the big toe as a it slides in an out. Women in a lot more numbers than most people realize enjoy sucking on toes or having their feet played with. This is a big sexual action that is pretty well even on both sides of the sexes from my personal experience. Men enjoy all kinds of wonderful things with feet from sucking on the feet, feeling feet wrapped around their cocks,  and even anal with a big toe. There are women and men that are into men feet. There are a lot of fetishes out there that seem to be male or female specific with men seeming to have more fetishes variety then women do. That is what makes foot jobs and feet so unique it is spread out between the sexes.

I am a little into feet it is not a fetish for me but I like to do different things  on occassion. For me there is something sexy and controlling about wrapping my toes around a man’s cock. The soft skin on that cock is just a turn on for me. Slowly stroking a man’s cock with my wrinkly soles is such a power trip to me. I like to feel a man explode all over my toes. If he is into it pushing my toes into his mouth and making him suck all those come juices off my toes is highly enjoyable for me. When it comes to women I enjoy sucking and licking on a woman’s toes and feet. A woman’s feet if they are taken care of are super sensual. It is such an intimate moment to pull a woman’s feet into my hands and rub them. Even if all we are doing is watching a movie. It seems that a lot of women get turned on by nothing more than having their feet stroked and rubbed.

One of the great things about warm seasons is all the pretty toes and feet that run around. I have had numerous men admit to me that they walk around stores during the warm months just to look at pretty feet. What about you are you into feet? Do you enjoy being touched or touching feet? How about a footjob is that your thing?


I have not had a lot of experience with this fetish in a one on one setting. Aptemnophilia is the fetish of having a limb amputated. It can be the sexual partner is missing a limb or that the person with the fetish has lost a limb.  I have talked to a few people that are into the other person missing a limb while it is hard for them to explaining why they are attracted to someone like that. It is just something that developed and for the most part they are not sure what created this attraction in them. Most people generally know what triggered a fetish. A lot of people have not known an amputee but yet find themselves attracted to someone missing a limb. It can be specific limb that has to be missing to create the attraction such as a leg or an portion of an arm.

I do know a few people that are amputee’s one of which is an online model. These people all speak of being pursued by an aptemnophiliac. There seems to be a number of people that are part of this fetish even if it is not one that is seen as often as a number of other fetishes.  For some amputee’s they understand the attraction and either do not feel threatened by it or find it a turn on. However, a number of them feel they are being targeted sexually because of their physical limitations. As, with any other situation in life people all react differently depending on an accumulation of events in their life.

The flip side of this is the group of people who are amputees that are turned on by the sexual side of their loss of limb. There is also a group of people who wish to become amputee’s so that they are able to explore their fetish. In the last couple of years I have seen a number of different news articles about people seeking out physicians in order to have a limb removed. For those of us without the fetish may have difficulty with being able to understand why someone would be drawn to this. If there is one thing I have learned through all this is a fetish is a fetish sometimes the best thing to is just to accept the difference in us all. I do not have any issues with fetishes including this one as long as it is not hurting other people without their permission.  Are you into this? Do you know what your driving force is? Tell me about it all in the comments below.

Charity Daniels

Charity is a good friend of us Tailstwichn Girls so I asked her to do a short little intro so you could get to know her too. Make sure you follow her blog and don’t forget to follow ours as well.



My name is Charity Daniels and I do phone sex on Niteflirt. I don’t do just any type of phone sex though. Mine is a bit more…specialized. I cater to a certain type of gentleman. Not your average, everyday man, but someone with a taste for the exotic. I specialize in financial domination.
Just those two words themselves are enough to incite certain men to anger “You have no right to demand money from those poor guys” and to excite other men in ways that can be difficult to describe. Men are funny and contrary creatures anyway. Given the nicest toys, they tend to ignore or abuse them. But keep something just out of reach, (like a baby trying to get an ice cream cone) and they obsess over it constantly.

I just happen to be that “thing” they obsess over. They want to spoil me, indulge me, and treat me as the Goddess that I am. The fact that I totally deserve it, and that they get a high like no other when doing so, is just the icing on the delectable cake that is me! My financial domination slaves know the euphoric feeling that they get whenever I command them to click my buttons and to pay tribute to their princess. It is a drug like no other, and they can’t get enough!
Sadly, not every man is into financial domination, (the world would be a better place if they were, though!) And for those gentlemen, I have a special “confession” line. This is a place where you can cum, *giggle* and tell me all your secrets and desires. You won’t shock me, and I don’t judge. (although I often laugh, especially at the small penis guys!)

I especially enjoy sissy sluts, sph, joi, cei, and forced bi-sexuality. I guess there is kind of a pattern here, isn’t there? I like to be in charge, and I like to be on top. Of course I prefer to have control of your wallet, (*natch*) but it’s not a deal breaker. I’ll have almost as much fun controlling your orgasms (or lack thereof!) and your social life. Wanna ask a cute girl out? I’ll give you advice (good or bad, depending on my mood that day) and sit back to watch the fun.
Call me, and find out what all the fuss is about!

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Morti Safe

I have a caller that really enjoys playing with a morti safe which is how I got introduced to it.  This product really is a lot of fun for both the Mistress and for the Submissive. It is great for long distance play.  How this product works is the submissive has a safe that the key to their chastity device goes into. The Mistress then goes to a web site and sets the timer on the device. This can be hours, days or however she desires. When she does that she gets a very long code that will unlock the device when she desires. The key holder has to have the code if it gets lost well it sucks to be the person in the chastity device. I had a great time playing with this device when I had the opportunity to use it. It was fun having my caller email and beg to get out . The biggest issue with key holders seperated by long distances is how to make sure the key is maintained properly while still having it available for emergency.  While I have used numerous ways of maintaining control of chastity device the Morti Safe was the easiest by far.

Now, here is the bad part according to the morti safe site it appears that they are no longer producing this device. I still want to recommend looking at their website and seeing some of the recommendations they offer. This was not a fancy looking website and was set up very simply. I personally like things that are simple in layout and function. Any more most websites have so many things going on on the page makes them difficult to use.

While I will be continuing to look for creative and fun ways to be a key holder for my chastity guys. For now I will have to go back to numbered keys, freezing the key, putting the key in safety box,  as well as, some of the other ways that my deviant mind things up on the fly. I strongly recommend playing in chastity for extended times if someone is into tease and denial. The fun  part of extended play is how much it starts to consume a man’s day. Chastity also helps a man overcome his desire to sneak around tease his cock without thinking he will get caught. Men we always catch you that is what our job as Mistress is.

If you have creative ideas for key holding from a distance I would greatly enjoy hearing about them. Tell me in comments below! 


Let me start off by stating my philosophy of cheating: cheating is lying and lying will always destroy every relationship.

Those of you that know me a little know that I am married and have been for over twenty years. My husband and I have always had some type of poly relationship or cuckolding play time. So yes we do have sexual relationships outside of our marriage. This does not cause issues in our core relationship. So yes it is possible to have multiple relationships and keep those relationships healthy. The issue with cheating is stepping outside of the agreed upon boundaries.  A lot of people cheat because they feel their relationship is boring or their significant person is not responding to their needs. This is not a thing of men cheat more than women. That is not true. I have researched it and just from personal experience women cheat as much if not more then men.

The issue I have with people that cheat is they are lying to everyone around them. Once they start down the lying road it gets really bad really fast. Once everything comes out it is almost impossible to get trust back after a person is justified with not trusting someone. This is not an issue of having another sexual partner. The sex is not the problem it is the lying and all the conniving that must take place for someone to cheat. I really believe that people may not know what they are being deceived about but they do know they are in the middle of a deception.

The flip side of this is the huge rush that people get from “getting away” with something. For habitual cheaters I personally believe that the rush becomes almost a fetish. They are not intentionally trying to harm someone they are just want the rush that comes with it. Like any other situation that causes a rush for people that are susceptible to addictions this can become an addition.

There of course are issues of health I don’t know if cheaters really think about this or even think about the other person they are involved with at all. With my poly lifestyle I take risks being fully aware of those risks and I have a say in what I am willing to do. When it comes a cheating situation the other person does not even know what is going on. So they can get an std without ever knowing they should have been careful. Pregnancy is another real problem with cheating between the sexes.

So, for people that would like the rush of cheating without all the down falls that can come with it. There are games you can play with your significant other to liven things up and stay within the confines of your particular boundaries.  Or give me or Chilly Hicks a call and we can have some fun that stays completely in your own mind.