Cum Eating Instructions

Cum eating instructions is one of my more popular requests when it comes to calls. Men seem to enjoy the thought of having to clean up their own mess. For some men they have always wanted to try it but as soon as they get off they lose the desire. Therefore when they call me they want me to push them past that point and force them to finish the act. For other men it is pure humiliation they do not like the taste, feel, or smell of it but they want someone to make them do what they least desire to do. The humiliation for them is a complete and utter turn on.  I also talk to a lot of men that want to fantasize about forced bi they enjoy the thought of a woman making them suck cock. They do not want to go and do it on their own that is far too homosexual for them.  This is often a fun game of how far can I push you which progresses to the state of getting a man to actually go through with it. It rarely happens on the first call unless they have played before. This is usually about a powerful woman taking over and making them do things they least want to do.  Have you ever had a fantasy about being forced to eat your own cum? If so tell me about in the comments below or better yet give me a call.

Silicone Bit Gag

I actually own this toy and it is one of my favorite gags that I currently have.  It does smell like rubber when you first get it but after a while that smell goes away. I like it because it can be worn comfortably by a sub for an extended amount of time. I do not have much in pony play yet so I just use it as a general gag. If you are planning on keeping your sub in restraints this works great. The problem with the ball gags is they are generally very hard plastic which causes the jaw to ache in a very unattractive non fun way. They also can be dangerous with mouth jewelry it is not fun to make someone’s lip or tongue bleed from it getting caught. The straps on those tend to be layered hard material which cuts into the cheeks of female submissives. This particular bit gag does not do any of that. It does not keep a submissive from speaking but a well behaved slave does not need anything but self control. Check it out I think you will be just as happy with it as I am with mine. I have had mine for a few years and it is still brand new looking.


Aptomnophilia is a desire to have one’s own limb amputated. This is not exactly a fetish but more of mental disorder. I have never had someone with this desire.  This is a very deep desire to have a certain limb removed. It was not really studied until the 70’s and even then the cases of it are very rare. A person can desire to have a limb removed to such a degree that they will cause harm to limb in order to convince a doctor to remove a limb. When I started reading on this it does not seem to be a fun fetish. This is a serious condition where  person can feel that a limb is not physically attached to them even though it is. There does not necessarily seem to be a trigger it can just come on. While it is grouped in with sexual fetishes I am not convinced that is where it should be. It reminded me of the people that were convinced they were deceased when they were very much alive.  Though the cases of true aptomnophilia are very rare so there has not been a lot of study on it. It is not like a lot of fetishes that have been documented for hundreds of years.  Hopefully our next fetish will be something more on the fun side. This years journey through fetishes does not always bring us to things we necessarily want to dwell on. It does however bring us to things that are interesting and educational.

Make Your Fantasy Become Reality

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There are so many fantasies that we can talk about and talking dirty is one of my favorite things to do. I am a very intelligent lady who knows lots of big words but some of my favorites have only four letters in them. Are you into role play? Have you ever thought about that librarian with her hair all up wonder what she does after hours to punish her bad boys. What about a boss that takes advantage of all her employees. The office slut that just can not keep her hands or anything else off of you. The neighbor that teases you every day until that one where she invites you in to butter her muffin. Ever thought of being the stock boy that takes care of all the housewife’s needs. I have so many ideas for dirty, hot, and fun fantasies. I can be the older woman and you the younger stud man that gives me that hard shaft or can we reverse the roles. I can be dominate and demand you please me or maybe you want to take charge. How about a group of sorority girls that want to punish the perverted professor. Whatever it is lets have some fun and get dirty together. I have always enjoyed the thought of being a powerful amazon warrior princess controlling all the men in my life. Taking you with my band of amazon women and forcing you to be our own stud for as long as we desire you to be. I am often asked about closed female naked male and I have to say this just sounds like so much fun. A group of us girls all dressed up in our business attire capturing you and forcing you to undress in front of us. When we have you at our attention we tie you to a chair and torment you in the most delicious ways. Have you ever thought of being in a situation of complete desperation one that you can not escape form. Being under the complete control of a woman to what ever I desire of you far from the world of safe words. Okay I am a little bit bad when it comes to this but from frum fetish is just sinfully delightful to me. A good church girl being released to be her true bad girl self what a fun dirty thing to do. I actually talk to a lot of guys about wedding fantasies whether it is just straight vanilla or maybe a cuckolding scenario. I have done them all. I am not always nice actually I enjoy being a little edgy sometimes I do believe that teeth and biting can be highly erotic if you haven’t tried it maybe you should. One of my more favorite not so nice but utterly evilly delicious things is electro torture a little zap zap on the balls never hurt anyone for long.

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This is not a technical article about cuckolding I am sure we will go over lots of aspects of it in due time. This is about my personal experience with it. My husband and I have always had girls in our relationship pretty much from the very beginning. We started dating at the end of January and by June of that first year we had the first of a long list of girls.  When we got to our mid 20’s we started fantasizing about other men. We did that for awhile till we decided to give it a try. While there have been far more women in our lives than men it has been a ton of fun. Like most things sexually we progressed to at different levels over the course of time. Cuckolding for us is like the vast majority of things we do. It is a spice it is a thing to add to our fantasy time. If you watch our movies then you know that we really enjoy what we do. It is not just for entertainment. For us having the ability to enjoy other people openly without lies and deceit is important to our relationship. I think most people in cuckolding relationships feel that way. There are a lot of men out there that enjoy the thought of their significant other with someone else. They are often to scared to express that to their spouse for fear of rejection.  I believe that people should be able to talk about things with each other it doesn’t mean you have to go through with a fantasy and there are ways to make parts of a fantasy happen. People that are afraid of their life partner turning them away in my humble opinion have already been turned away. There is a thrill with being with a person for the first time we all feel that. Often that is all we want from them they are not partner material but the excitement is enjoyable. For couples that practice cuckolding one incident can bring a lot of future fantasy.

Dirty Mouths Make For Fun Times

Do you like it down and dirty? OH I am a very dirty girl and I like it when you take what you want. I have a very nasty mouth on me and enjoy filling your ear up with all those nasty words; talking dirty is such a huge turn on for me. We can lay here on the bed together and have some mutual masturbation fun. If you prefer you can have any hole you want I will happily give them all to you. I like to service your cock and make you feel good. I have no issues with being the bad girl that you come and see when your girl is not in the mood to give you all the pleasure that you want. I like to dress up in all kinds of kinky things but one of my favorite is leather the smell is euphoric and the feel is just sinful. I have a lot of toys that we can get out and have some fun with. Are you in the mood to try something kinky like tying me up? Well I have tons of fun things we can get out and turn me your own pretzel the feel of complete confinement is a naughty and nice. I have been exploring the world of bdsm for a number of years I know what I like and that is making my dominant happy. Have you ever wanted to try something you would never tell your girl about? You can tell me! I have a strap on and I know how to use it. I will send you out to suck cock or how about we share one together? It’s always fun to kiss over a big thick cock and feel it slide between both of our lips. I need to have sex in a way that is kinky and fun, I don’t want the normal and mundane. I like it when you just come in the door and rip my panties off to bend me over and take me hard. You know you think about being that aggressive man who gets what he wants when he wants it your girl just has you convinced it is wrong. Trust me for a girl like me it is oh so right.

Give me a call and let us talk about all those kinky thoughts you think about all day long.

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