The Degrees of BDSM

This is something I have personally dealt with in my life. It is important to understand that who we are submissively and who we are dominantly are personal choices. Lots of things go into the make up of our final outcome. I am dominant but I also enjoy pleasing others I want the people around me to be happy. I want my submissives to come to me willing. I do not have the patience to “break” someone. I personally think that BDSM is all about the submissives pleasure. For me teasing someone to the breaking point and then giving them the ultimate orgasm of their life is always my end goal. I might get there over hours, days or sometimes even months. I enjoy sex greatly and I enjoy having sex with SOME of my submissive men. I have been told that a mistress never has sex with her partners. I have actually been thrown off of bondage sites because I talk about it. This is just wrong to me. Our lives and our identities should be our own to live as we see fit. Our play partners are the only people that truly matter.  Some Mistress are completely hard core and I personally have no issues with that. I know there are submissives who enjoy being broken. I know there are submissives who crave a woman that does not think of them at all. There is nothing wrong with who you are. You just need to communicate this to those around. Being clear with what we expect and what we demand is what builds strong relationships. In all relationships expecting someone to “get” your needs is always going to end badly. People do not do well with reading clues it is not something we are taught to do as children and it gets more complicated when we become adults. The degrees of bdsm in my opinion are self set and the only way to find someone who is at the same level is to tell them of your level. I talk to so many people that want things done most the time these are very easy to accommodate but they are so afraid of rejection they will not communicate these desires with those close to them. Instead they reach out to a stranger because a stranger rejects are less hurtful then those they are emotionally indebted to.

Chilly Hicks 1966 Mustang

Chilly has wanted one of these her whole life and we were finally able to find her one. This is a true one owner car that has set in a field for almost as long as Chilly has been alive. It will need a complete redo which is what is being started this week. It was originally a Silver Frost color in this year that was a rare color. It has all its original badges including the ponies.  All the glass is still there and the windows even roll up and down. It does not have a lot of cancer most of what is seen here is surface rust. The tires even still hold air even though they were flat when we picked it up. Picking up this car was miserable it was 104 degrees that day with 55% humidity so the heat index was awful. 1506675_1698210913652623_7561558299387185152_n (1)








The car had an original black vinyl top which is why the roof is so rusted. It does not appear to have penetrated the metal so it should be fine. The body is good and straight.
















The rear has all the original glass and the back up lights.  The trunk lock was found in car it will just need to be re keyed and reinstalled.  The interior will have to be completely redone due to vermin living in the car for so many years.

















49 Year Old Interior

This is the old carpet after the seat came out. I think the rats had generations of babies in here. There was probably legends told about the families first residency.





These seats are in need of more than a little bit of cleaning. Some day she will be beautiful though.














The car is almost completely disassembled now and here is what we know so far.

New Engine $3500

Braking system $1000

New Transmission and ect. $2000

Floor pan $400

You guys were so awesome and bought her the new floor pans for her they are in and looking awesome.  I can’t wait to get more parts and watch her come back to life. 










Lower Quarter panels $80

Front Fenders $600

Back piece between trunk and windshield $80

Hood $500

There will be more at as the process continues. Chilly is paying for all the parts on this vehicle but the labor is being done for free. She would greatly appreciate any help you would want to give.

Electric Play

I was first introduced into electric play years ago with a guy who had a great dungeon in his office. He was an engineer so he could change everything out very quickly.  The unit he had was very old school and he had owned it for a number of years.  For most people electric play is not about pain but about sensation. The vast majority of people use a unit like this one.

These run a little over $100 and are fairly easy to use.

I know a lot of couples that prefer the handheld units

These are about half the price and have tons of  attachments you can add to them for both female and male anatomy.

The important thing to remember is keep it below the heart I know there are people that play above the heart or at the nipples. For someone starting out the best play is the safest play. You also want to make sure that you start out slow and increase at intervals. Push the limit till you find your partners threshold and then back it back down. Only use that upper limit for VERY short amounts of time. If they are into pain then that is different but the majority of people are not. With anything new you want to set aside an evening of exploration. If your partner is bound then you need to use it on your self first.

One of my favorite electric toys is

These are beautiful works of art but they are delicate as all the conductor components are made of glass.

You can use these toys in a lot of ways. You do not have to actually touch someone with a lot of the ends. You can have it arc to their skin much like a Tesla Coil. This makes for a stunning display with the lights out. In a lot of cases you can run the electricity through someone else and have it end at your partner. Similar to the old children’s game a lot of us played when we were younger. For a woman playing with a man the teasing takes on a whole new level. Even if she keeps it low but varies it within those boundaries the anticipation is a lot of fun. This is not a play session for everyone but if the simple rules are followed and everyone is healthy it can add a spectacular level of suspense to an evening.


Looking For A Sissy To Play With

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I need a sissy to play with someone that is into pretty panties, girly bras, silky hose, sexy shoes and all the other girly things that go with it. Maybe you just like to dress up and feel the fabric against your skin. I have a pretty pink and silver collar to accessories you with when we go out for some exercise. That silver lead fits wonderfully around my wrist and humiliation is the name of the game here. I will always when that game. Maybe you always dreamed of someone making you go out and get a mani and a pedi. Are you the type of girly boy that thinks of sucking cock but would never do it on your own? What ever your sissy fantasy is let’s explore it together. I have played hear and in the ‘real’ world. I know what makes a sissy like you click and I will push you in all the ways you just dream about.

Have you ever thought of forced feminization being made to throw away all your boy things? Having me take you out shopping telling the sales lady that everything we buy is for you? Let’s talk about all those things I will make you buy and wear in your new girlishness.

A good cock sucker knows his place and realizes that for his Goddess he will do anything. If I so chose you will be gay for pay and use that pretty face of your’s for some face fucking . Every penny my gay boy makes is to better my world. My sissy will be the best one giving blow jobs at any party we attend because you always want to make and keep me happy. Be ready to have all your holes wore out. A good slut knows that he is required to be a male cum swallower. When it comes to my toys I have one toy that I enjoy more than any of the others. That toy is my purple 8 inch strap-on while dildos, and anal plugs are nice nothing is better than booty buster. Yes, sometimes I do use it on the girls but male strap-on play is always a fun thing to do. I will get my toy out and just have some fun with your hinny.

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When I first came across formicophilia I immediately thought to myself was that I know of a lot of people who might have this fetish. This fetish is when someone enjoys having insects or even animals crawl over their body. This can be anything and it can be anywhere. Think of all those people that enjoy having an ant crawl across their skin. Or those people that really like the feel of a spiders legs. How about all those people we know that own snakes and seem to over enjoy the feel of the snakes skin on their own. This can be in the genitalia area but it can be on any open area of skin. This can be that the person enjoys the sensation themselves. It can also be that a person wants to make someone else uncomfortable through the use of the sensations created by an insect or an animal. This is not about having direct sexual contact with that animal. It is all about how the skin and nerves react to the the contact with the creature. A famous one I remember being told about was a man that enjoyed the sensation of fire ants on his testicles. For those of you who are not familiar with fire ants they have a venom and sting. They can be all over you before you even feel them and when they sting you it creates pus filled lesions on your skin. After a few days these either burst through scratching or sometimes on their own. The wounds then become sore or even really infected. This particular man enjoyed the whole process of them on his skin how they would sting him and even the wounds that came from the process.  If you think about that one guy who enjoys tormenting girls with a spider the one who seems to enjoy a girls screams just a bit too much. While this could be he just enjoys tormenting for the process of it or it could be that he has a fetish for the insect/animal doing it for him. How emotional the girl gets in the process of being chased by something she is afraid of. This is not a fetish that sex specific. There are lots of women that enjoy these sensations on their own. Formicophilia does not mean the person masturbates with the animal nor does it mean they masturbate while the animal is one them. This fetish encompasses the whole process of interacting.

Chilly Hicks Needs A Master

I am very submissive but a little bit of a wild child and I need a strong sensitive master to take control. If you treat me with a good firm hand I will become a proper slave for you. Like all submissive women I crave attention and I need a Master that understands me. I like to be made to please you! I am a discipline girl which means I want you to be firm with me not mean make me see how much you care but just with a firm hand. I like it when you bend me over whip my bottom and give me some firm nips with your teeth there is something erotic about biting. When you walk into the house and force me down to my knees to suck that cock of yours my pussy gets wet. I get super turned on when you bend me over and rip my panties to the side and give it to from behind. The feel of you all turned on for me is a wonderful situation. I am not into being hurt I really do not like pain but I greatly enjoy serving you. I have lots of things to tie me up with rope, handcuffs, and other fun stuff. You can take that rope of mine and tie up those breasts make them swell up even more for you. If you would like my nipples are here to serve you squeeze on them pull on them let those nipples feel that luscious rush of tender torture. They will happily stand at attention and beg you for even more. I have a wand and greatly enjoy being tied to a chair and being made to either orgasm for you over and over. Perhaps Master is more in the mood for some orgasm control taking me right to the edge but not letting me fall over in that abyss. I will happily serve a strong sensitive master that wants to take care of me while I serve him in ways that he desires. Cuddling up at your feet while you stroke my head then just giving me your cock to suck while you read is a wonderful fantasy. Keeping me naked with my collar on while I take care of all those household chores. I am driven to be your very good girl are you driven to be my perfect Master.

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Is Porn Addictive

I thought we would hit a hard subject with shared articles. I know usually I do funny light articles but I think this is important. I have long stated that people are not addicted to porn. They may become addicted to the hormonal drop that comes from an intense orgasm. They may only be able to have that orgasm through the use of pornography. This can happen for a lot of reason. They may have no current partner and porn is absolutely safer then a paid sexual partner and a one night stand. They have a partner that is not available physically and or emotionally. I have spoken to men who have a spouse that is ill and just can not have sexual relations with them. I have also spoken to a large number of men who have a spouse that refuse to have sexual relations very often or at all. Just because one spouse no longer has a desire for that type of physical contact it does not mean the other spouse loses that drive. A large number of men also have fetishes they are not comfortable with sharing with their significant other.  It does not matter the reason why men and sometimes women use pornography each one is personal and different from the other.  Science has finally came out and stated that I am correct in what I suspected all along. There is no physiological addiction to pornography. In this case it is all in your head or maybe in your hand. Take a look at the full article here is a quote from it and get a little brainy.

” In research invited for submission to the journal Socioaffective Neuroscience of Psychology, authors Steele, Staley, Fong and Prause(link is external) used EEG testing to examine the effects of visual erotica, on the brains of people who felt they had problems controlling their porn use. 52 sex addicts, including men and women, had their brain’s electrical activity examined while they looked at erotic imagery. Sex addiction theory predicts that these individuals would show brain patterns consistent with that of cocaine addicts, who demonstrate specific electrical changes in the brain’s activity, in response to drug-related cues. Sex addiction proponents, from Rob Weiss(link is external) to Carnes (link is external)have long argued that sex and porn are “like cocaine” in the brain.”