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Did you know that we have our own youtube channel? Well we do and while we are a little behind all the videos I had planned on it there are still quite a few up there with more coming. This is the very first video that I made for youtube and I was nervous. I know that sounds silly with all the movies I have made over the years but when I do something new I always get stage fright. I have a number of topics planned for different subjects. As you all know we are doing a whole bunch of things for fetishes. I have picked out some of the more interesting ones that I have read about and those will be the ones I am making youtube videos on. I could find them interesting for a number of reason and if you want to know why you will just have to subscribe to our youtube channel.

Importance of Flirting

In The Flirtatious Fifties it is talking about being an older adult and the joy of having a stranger give you a little attention for just a snippet of time. This is not about the dangerous kind of flirting that causes people to get hurt or relationships to end that kind is not healthy. Having a stranger show you a little extra attention can make you feel good and them too. Flirting is actually good for a person it makes you feel that you are still a sensual person to someone other than your significant other. It brings out the best in people and is emotionally uplifting for a longer time then just the encounter. We often try to deny our sexuality especially women. We are taught by society that we should only have a sexual desire for our significant other. This of course is completely untrue strangers and off chance situations can be very stimulating. It does not mean we have to act on those feelings or that cheating is in any way acceptable behavior. Cheating is at its core lying and that is never okay to do with someone that you have built trust with. To innocently flirt with someone is harmless and in a lot of ways healthy for a relationship. We often become complacent with the person we are with the same sexual routine every night; which is comforting like our favorite meals. The issue becomes when we no longer feel the stimulation from the desire to have sex that we used to feel. Flirting can help kick start that desire especially in women the thrill of thinking about someone who is not going to actually have an detrimental effect on our lives is in a lot of ways like living a small portion of a romance novel. That fantasy can be enough to make a woman think about sexy lingerie, toys, or different positions. Flirting with someone if kept in check can help people feel sexy and wanted which during long term relationships sometimes gets lost in the daily grind. We all need to feel the butterflies for couples that have been part of each others daily routines. The day to day life can often take huge toll on the feelings of being a sexual being. The important thing is having the personal restraint and the respect of ones self as well as their spouse to keep it at an innocent stage.

Safe, Sane, Consensual

One of the really great things about playing online or phone sex is that we can have the fantasy we desire. I can do really horrid awful things to your testicles as many times as I like. There is no real world consequences and we can replay that scene over and over. In the real world that is not the case. When you play with someone it should be something that grows in intensity over time. You need a high level of trust that the person who is in charge will always have your best interest at the fore thought of their mind. We have all known that one person who you never were quite sure what they were going to do from one moment to the next.  While this is great for fantasy having real life issues that never go away is not so great. You want the person you are playing with to be sane that is an important attribute for them to have. Safety is a huge thing when it comes power exchange there are some basic rules and common sense goes a huge ways in this. Being set up for whatever can happen. A way to untie or cut someone free is crucial for any form of bondage play especially when dealing with rope, pantyhose, tape or other form of slow release. Is the person you are with sober because having someone tied up and passing out is completely unacceptable as well as a scary way to spend a night. Recreational ingestion of substances should be left to nights where both parties have freedom of movement. Non consensual is a wonderful fantasy that a lot of people have being kidnapped by an evil mistress is something I hear a lot from guys. This is never okay in the real world though because going to jail after a night of play does not go as planned will ruin far more than one night. There are ways to add elements of crossing these lines after a very large amount of trust has been earned it is never okay to do with a new person no matter what the terms of the relationship are. A professional mistress should know better and a lifestyler should respect their partner enough to never want to endanger that relationship. It can be hard to find someone that plays in the same circles you play in so respecting their wants, safety, and their limits is always the most important element.

Have you ever had a play session go bad? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Chrome Triple Cock & Ball

I bought this for my personal collection about a year ago. I greatly enjoy using cock toys with my partners for a large variety of reasons. This one is a personal favorite of mine. For a more endowed gentleman it can be a little difficult to get into at first. We have found that putting it on while he is in the shower works very well.

toys number oneOnce it is on I am told it is very comfortable to wear. It makes the balls swell up nice and full. The cock generally gets about an inch thicker than without it. From a woman’s perspective girth is nice to have. Cock rings are wonderful especially for a man that is getting a little older and may not get to the hardness that he used to. They are a way to play that does not require a visit to the doctor. If a man gets stones a huge hard orgasm will sometimes clear those right out. So yes they could be considered a medical device. I really enjoy this one because it creates an angle with the shaft that hits all the perfect places that I desire to have a penis rub against me inside. It does help with endurance so that a man can stay harder a lot longer.

To put this on it look complicated when you take it out of the box and they generally do not come with instructions. The rings are different sizes the largest ring is the one that goes closest to your body. Your shaft and balls slide through that whole ring. Then you have to work your testicles through the lower ring one at a time. You can not put this on when you are engorged it will be a highly unpleasant experience if you try. After you have finished playing you need to let your penis go flaccid before you try to remove it. Again warm water and a little soap goes a long ways if it is being a wee bit stubborn. Most the times it comes off very easily after you are done because you have such a hard orgasm while wearing it. It does take a little pre thought and planning but the experience for both partners is well worth that effort. This is one of my personal picks that I highly recommend giving it a try and seeing what it does for you and your partner.


Agalmatophilia The Fetish of Mannequin Sexual Attraction

The fetish of Agalmatophilia is sexual attraction to mannequins or statues. This is a fetish that we see a lot of in popular culture it has been expanded into all sorts of inanimate objects but the baseline is the same. I can remember my first exposure to the fetish of agalmatophilia with the movie Mannequin where he falls in love with the mannequin and then she comes alive for them to live happily ever after.  In the movie he creates her and then she comes alive but only when she is with him everyone else sees her as an inanimate object. This movie depicts a number of the things that this fetish encompasses the act of having a desire to be with and feel those objects are capable of giving back some form of emotional feedback.

This is a fetish that is very old and well documented through the years. It can be a pure sexual thing where the person desires to have sexual contact and relations with some form of inanimate object from mannequins, dolls, statues, as well as other things. It can show itself as just interaction with an object to a level of obsessive compulsive actions. It can also be a desire to become the object themselves. It is believed by some that the fetish of  pygmalionism may also be part of this fetish or an extension of it. Pygmalionism is the love or desire of an object that one has created themselves. This could be a stuffed doll, a statue, or perhaps even a teddy bear.  While this fetish has been depicted in numerous ancient types of art and literature. It was not looked at by doctors or scientist until 1877. It is one of older fetishes to be looked into by the medical community.  It is now easier for those that have this fetish to have a sexual object for their desires. The newer sex dolls are extremely realistic compared to the old blow up dolls from years ago. They have realistic skin and soft touchable hair. They warm to the touch and are completely poseable. Those with this fetish can now have a number of different ways of expressing it. The new robots in Japan are extremely humanoid.

With the internet and the exposure to different fetishes is far more common to see people having open discussions about them in a way that is not making fun of.

Is this a fetish that interests you or have you known someone with the fetish of agalmatophilia? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Red Bottoms At Attention

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To me there is nothing more sexy than a bottom that I have spanked and made very red with pretty welts all over it. You are a bad boy who is long over due for that spanking. The only way you learn your lesson is through the use of pain it does the trick of changing that bad boy into a good boy. I do not believe in spanking over the underwear the only way for you to learn is if you have a bare bottom spanking that skin needs to feel the whips. If you are bad when we are out and about I have no problem with pulling down your pants and using my bare hand to put hand prints on that bottom. Bare handed spankings teach you that you can not manipulate me to get out of your justified punishment. Some days I am in the mood for an old fashion grab you up take you over my knee, pull your pants and underwear down while wearing out that behind with my hand. Other days I have my favorite wooden hairbrush that always makes you bounce around good. I have been known to grab up whatever is laying around and use that as my weapon of choice on your unsuspecting bottom. Then there are the days when you just refuse to learn the days when you can not stop running your mouth. On those obnoxious days, well those are are the days I force yo to gout out to my favorite bush. You will cut your own switch in front of all the neighbors and bring it back to me. Those are the days when you have nice long red welts running clear around both your cheeks.

There is just something about a nice flexible rod being utilized for some caning. I will take you out to the barn bend you over a bail of hay. Putting my riding boot in the middle of your back to hold you in place. I will take that cane and use it on your behind. The wonderful thing about a caning is a little goes a long ways, just a flick of my wrist is enough to make you beg me to stop. The way that cane wraps around the bottom and leaves a pretty little welt the whole way. Have you been a very bad boy and in need of some corporal punishment from a powerful woman.

I will happily take you over my knee and bust your behind good!

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Is A Dominant Always “Mistress”

Is a dominant woman always called a mistress is a topic of discussion that comes up a lot of time.  There are people in the BDSM lifestyle that will argue this point and are extremely passionate about it. For women like myself I prefer the Goddess mentality. This is my opinion on the subject but here is how I think about it. A Mistress is someone who is into forcing someone to do what she wants a person to do. For myself I enjoy a submissive that comes to me willing. I want the person in the mindset to please me in every way. Both woman that is a “mistress” and a myself “goddess” will push our slaves to expand their roles. We will probably both use a sprinkling of pain to make sure our slaves are paying attention. We may even ask they do the exact same options. The difference is how we view ourselves and that can be huge. I desire to have someone that is already completely into me.  A mistress on the other hand wants the challenge of creating a submissive. I enjoy the fantasy that women are superior to men and that the man is underneath the sensual control of a woman. The seduction side of submissive and dominant interaction is where my enjoyment comes from. There is no right or wrong answer to this question though some people would absolutely argue this point till they can not argue it anymore. The wonderful thing about BDSM is that we can make it completely ours.  Do not worry about being right or wrong just be who you feel you are inside.

Real Lifestyle Submissive Girl That Likes To Play Your Domination Fantasy

I am not the girl you take home and introduce to the family everything I do makes me a bad girl. I like being the secret that you meet on your lunch break or steal away to. We can meet at all those secret places and I will be in heels, hose, as well as, sexy lingerie. We can be that naughty couple at a bar where you pick me up and I make you work for it. I am kinky and like sex. Most the time I like it when you take control but I can have the reins and make you my good boy. I have a collection of blindfolds that I really enjoy you using me on me I like the sense of sensory deprivation or if you like I can put them on you while I tease you over and over. Not being able to see but being able to feel what you do to me turns me so much. My tiny hands on your big balls and cock will make them swell up till they are huge just for me. You can take control and I want you to the power exchange between us is euphoric. Let’s explore each others boundaries till we find a some new higher kinky ones. When you take control and tease me it turns me on so much. Tying me up, spank my vagina, and use my super powerful vibrator on that pussy of mine. If it hot and sweaty then it is for me. I like to be tied up and made to please you. Grab me when I am being a mouthy girl, bend me over your knee and make that bare bottom good and red with a hard spanking. I will be the girl that will give you a blow job in a movie theater or any other place and you can be the guy that bends me over in a dirty nasty alley. We can use all the toys in my toy box there are tons of vibrators, eggs, dildos, and yes I have a strap on and we can play in ways you will never talk about. Getting nasty is the only way to have fun for me. I like getting dressed up and playing in roles so if you have something fun hit me up. I am open to all kinds of kinky fun and have tried most of them.

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Encasement is part of the pantyhose fetish. People that are into encasement enjoy the feeling of being completed covered by the nylon of pantyhose.  There is just something about the feel of the silky tight pantyhose all over that a lot of people greatly enjoy. This is not a gender specific fetish. There are is a large number of females that enjoy the feel of pantyhose. There are some people that are very specific on the type of fabric used in pantyhose. Silk is probably the most expensive and the most luxurious of all the material used. The Lycra ones are very slick feeling. The spandex ones are tighter on the skin and stretch a great ways.  The plain nylons ones are smooth to the touch in one direction and rough if touched the other way.  There are a lot of people out there that 100% nylon is the only thing that works for them. This is generally connected to events in their lives that created the fetish to begin with. While not everyone is completely into total encasement there are a number of men that enjoy the feel of nylons wrapped around their penis and given a hand job till they explode inside the hosiery.  Are you into encasement? When was the first time you wore pantyhose all over your body? Tell me all about your version of this fetish in the comments below.

Total Power Exchange By Goddess Natasha

Total power exchange refers to the D/s relationship dynamic where the Dominant is now responsible for all decisions. In My case, I am referring to someone who is serving Me and in the course of Our time together agrees to abide by My rules and commands. This is a bit different from an Absolute Power Exchange that I have with personal slaves. Personal slaves submit and serve on a much deeper level and I require much more authority on many aspects of their life. Some of these aspects include chastity, sexual activities and how they spend their time.

Total Power Exchange

Also referred to as TPE this exchange of power where I now have control and authority is paramount for My excitement and enjoyment.

First and foremost, it is all about the level of control which should be no surprise to anyone! The more control I have, the more exciting it is for Me. I am not talking just about physical control but the controlling of a submissives thoughts, desires and actions! It is all about the reprogramming and manipulating and seducing someone into doing what I want them to! After all, the secret to domination is making you want what I want!

I am not referring to beating someone into submission. In reality, almost anyone can do that. I am referring to the mental and intellectual effort that it takes to get inside someone’s head! When that happens, well, that is where the true power and control is!

There are a variety of ways that I can accomplish this level of control. One is by erotic hypnosis and mind control which can be a very powerful tool. Two is by seduction. Women have been seducing men since the dawn of time. By listening as well as reading a submissives body language I can learn just what excites him and arouses him to the point that he will do anything that I command. Learning his fetishes such as leather, high heels, stockings, I can use this knowledge to dominate, seduce and manipulate.

As I tell My submissives, total power exchange is about complete surrender. Surrendering yourself and giving up your personal power. Letting go and submitting to My wants, needs and desires. There is truly a freedom in this surrender.

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