Vorarephilic is the fetish of wanting to be devoured by someone.  This tends to fall in with gigantic fantasy.  In my experience this is not a cannibalistic fantasy. It is not about the being eaten but more the full fantasy of giving oneself completely to someone else. These are fantasies of the mind because they could never be produced in reality. In the fantasy the vast majority of times the person is swallowed whole and is aware of the whole process of being swallowed. These fantasies are fun, lighthearted and generally full of vivid imagination. I actually really enjoy these types of fetish calls because it allows me to use scenarios I would not be allowed to use in any type of other fetish calls. There are a number of people who enjoy vorarephilic. In the last few years there were a number of Giant movies that came out. After each one of them I had a number of new people wanting to explore these types of fetishes. There are some people who have always had the vorarephilic fantasy they are not driven by popular culture. It is healthy to explore areas that you have never thought about before. The wonderful thing about internal fetishes is you are free to do whatever you want in your own mind. This is one of the fun fetishes as I call them. They hurt no one and can be extremely hot when both parties are into the moment. It is a power fetish like so many others with the power being on the female side.  They say that seventy five percent of what turns us on is mental so even the physical fetishes are mainly taking place in the workings of our own mind. Have you ever thought about vorarephilia? If so tell us where your fantasy goes in the comments.