Long Time Virgins

I have spoken to a number of men through the years who are virgins and have never had a sexual encounter with anyone. I have also spoken to men that have never had sexual encounters that were  not paid for.  I have also dated women that were virgins into their 20’s and knew women in their 30’s that never had sexual relations.  For some people there is other pressing matters in their lives such has careers, family,  or personal lack of self confidence. There are men that need someone to talk to and they are lacking that in their lives.  That is one of the main reasons they enjoy talking to someone who does phone sex. It is not always about getting off but in a lot of ways they just want someone they can open up to. The big call centers offer a means of sexual gratification but one on one is not always possible because of how they are set up. With a person like myself that is self employed I may not be available 24/7 but I am someone that remembers past conversations.  We can build long lasting conversations and to some degree relationships.  This is not the same as a loving stable relationship with a person that is in one’s life because that is where they choose to be. However, the relationships built with someone like myself can be highly beneficial in their own right.  A lot of times people are celibate because of fetishes they do not feel comfortable showing their true sexual beings to potential mates due to the fear of rejection. A therapist can make someone feel like there is something wrong with them but talking to a “real” person that understands and does not judge can be a happy median.  It can a confidence builder for someone who has never had anyone to discuss these emotions with.

As discussed in “Confessions of an ‘Old’ Virgin” there are numerous feelings as to why someone would choose to remain celibate and most of them are misguided. Life tends to speed up on people and before they know it lots of time has passed and they have become complacent in where they are currently at.  Humans have this quirk about them  where when they get into a habit they tend to stay there even when that habit makes them miserable. Talking with a phone sex operator can help to break that cycle.

Steel Cock Ring With Leather Ball Strap

This is a great started cock ring I have been using the stainless steel cock rings for years. They come in all different kinds of configurations and in my collection I have a ton of them. Most of us start out with the stretchy cock rings that come free or we buy for a few dollars. The plastic ones are nothing like a wonderful stainless steel cock ring.  The stainless steel is sexy, functional, easy to clean and maintain.  Stainless steel is wonderful in that it can be heated or cooled with breath or hands. This can create a number of different and unique sensations for the partner wearing it. I really like this leather and steel combination leather will last a very long time if taken care of properly. A few pointers when it comes to leather cock straps first off you want to keep them clean so wash them every single time you use them. Take a towel and press out all the water you can. Make sure the snaps are good and dry. Then lay flat to let it dry. If the leather should start to curl at the seams you can place a heavy book on it to make it lay flat again.  A little bit of care with leather goes a long ways. I have had some leather toys for well over 20 years and they still look great.  This cock ring is an entry level one that functions wonderfully and has a fabulous price. If you are wanting something to enhance an evening without spending a lot of money check it out I think you will really enjoy the girth it creates.


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Smart Ass Masochist (SAM)

As a dominant woman I have encountered all kinds of different submissive people. I personally enjoy a sweet daunting submissive. I am not really into inflicting pain to people though I am capable of it with no remorse. As a more seductive and sensual Goddess I tend to get annoyed by SAM’s. A SAM is someone that enjoys causing problems to the point that they are punished. This is the male equivalent to a brat. They go out of their way to annoy their Mistress or Master. They intentionally do things that they know will enrage their dominant partner. This is not part of a play session. It is more of  drama look at me and then punish me thing. For dominant people that enjoy just being overly aggressive and punishing incessantly it might be enjoyable. For those of us that enjoy the more sensual side of things it quickly loses the appeal and boredom of the situation sets in. SAM’s are not about pleasing someone they are instead about making someone irritated to the point of angry then acting like they do not understand what the problem is. In a lot of ways they are extremely passive aggressive to the degree of blaming the dominant person. I have seen SAM’s do things like blaming the dominant person for everything and saying such statements as ‘I can never do anything right’  or ‘you always find fault in me’. A person on the outside of the situation can easily identify that the submissive person is breaking rules in order to illicit a response then becoming upset at the response.  This can be a very upsetting relationship for a dominant as they are trying to create stability and SAM’s are always trying to undo that stability. It tends to not be a loving relationship but more of pull of power back and forth with the use of guilt as the main determinating factor. For a dominant person that is just looking for a way to punish someone they might find some enjoyment out of this. For most dominant people it is a dangerous situation to be involved in. With a loving submissive/dominant relationship there is always that understanding of what the submissive is wanting. In a SAM relationship that level of security is missing.  Most dominant people including myself avoid these types of relationships because of the level of frustration and the degree of insecurity of the submissive’s actual position.

Hierophilia Fetish Towards Religious Objects

Hierophilia is the fetish of sexual arousal towards religious objects. I have actually had quite a few people that were into religious objects some were into cruifixes others into Bibles and more than a few who were into being seduced by religious people both nun and priests. While most that I have spoken to seemed to be more into using religious objects as a means of breaking away from religion. There have been a few through the years that were completely infatuated with certain objects. It is generally an early imprenting that creates the fetishes that I have been exposed to. Most people can tell you exactly what started their fetish it makes a dramatic impact that does not leave them. The vast majority of people I have spoken to over the years that had hierophilia came from a strict Catholic upbringing. Most of the people that I have spoken to were in their mid 50’s to 60’s and spoke greatly of having to go to Catholic school. The strictness of the Nuns and being completley surrounded by religious objects created the fetish. This is a fairly harmless fetish and rarely causes any issues unless it is found out by family members who do not understand the underlying causes of fetishes. Most people can find ways to indulge in their desires without impacting other parts of their lives. It can be treated if becomes to life impacting through the use of therapy, hypnosis, and other normal psychological treatments. Most people are not impacted to a degree that causes intervention. The interesting part of this is that most people’s dedication to their religion is not impacted by their fetish. They are still religious and continue to go to church as they normally would.

Do you know or are you  hierophiliac tell me all about it in the comments below.

Your Complete Obedience

bondage chest sitting domination face slapping foot domination vore

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I like my men underneath my powerful sensuality. I will command you to your knees and you willing drop to them. You will worship me for you belong to me in every way. I greatly enjoy playing with my men. I own a number of cock cages and cock rings all to lead around my pathetic men. There is just something about caging up a man’s cock and hanging that shiny key around my neck or even around my ankle. I will keep you in total confinement and you will only be able to look no touching of yourself is allowed. When you have been mine for a satisfactory time I might start to tease your balls with a vibrator to make you leak but no orgasm allowed. If you want to see my growing collection of submissive toys check them out HERE. Tying you up and controlling you with that wonderful pussy and nice round ass. I will immobilize you in every way then tease you with those wonderful double d breasts of mine. Letting those hard nipples trace all over your body, there is one than more form of nipple torture. You will learn your proper place, even if we have to do this over and over! I can stay here all night till you get it right.

I have a great desire to have my men completely in bondage unable to move more than your eyes, if you are good maybe fingers and toes. Taking a seat right on your chest sitting there as I put them under my complete domination. Slowly and methodically slapping your face pushing my toes and feet into your open mouths. Hard core foot domination is one of my many forms of self entertainment. The list of fun kinky play is over long give me a call. I have a very nice strap-on that I enjoy bending you over a pony and showing you exactly what I can do with that wonderful toy. If you have never played with one well there is a first time for everything my dear. Open up to me tell me about what you think about.

Tell me what you would never say to anyone.

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Anal And All Its Fun

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/217064770″ params=”auto_play=true&color=ff5500″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


A great podcast that talks about anal sex between men and women, women and men, and men and men.  Anal sex is something that I talk about a lot on the phone. There are a number of guys that want to try anal play with their female significant other but they are afraid to bring it up. Women tend to do a good job at making their significant other uncomfortable with bringing up new things. They make their men feel that all things are gross or nasty. Toys for the ass are a lot of fun.  They do not have to be large for most people the smaller toys are a lot more fun. There are a lot of women that do not understand how much their men want to please the women or how they desire to be submissive to the women in a lot of ways.  Pegging or strapon play is a popular subject it can be slow and seductive or hard and aggressive. As with all new things when starting out take it slow make sure that both people are comfortable with what is happening. Porn is fun to watch but it does not represent reality at all. Most porn is highly edited so what you see is in no way what was shot. For women there are a number of women that want to try anal but they are afraid of being called a plethra of names so they do not communicate these desires to the men in their lives. Sex should never be used as a way to judge a person’s social status. We see this so much that a person is gay if they enjoy anal or a woman is a slut if she does something. This is so far from the truth of what life is like. Anal can add a layer of play that if done right can be super enjoyable for both people involved.  Yes there can be mess but that is actually rare and if you take a little care and clean up before play. Lube can not be stressed enough for anal it makes it easier for both partners and increases the pleasure levels.  As long as you do not go crazy on the girth size you do not have to worry about things being stretched out then not returning to normal.  How about you are you into anal tell me all about it in the comments below?



Chilly Hicks So Much Naughtier Than Your Wife!

I like to play with married men. I find it fun that you are sneaking around to play with me. I will do all the things that wife of yours would never do. All that beautiful lingerie you have bought her that she never wears I will parade around in it just for you. I like to have it hard and rough so come over bend me over and give me some fun rough sex. I never complain about giving a blowjob I find it empowering to be down on my knees adoring that cock of yours. After I get your cock off I want some cunnilingus so make sure you tongue is ready to give me some hard orgasms. I will swallow every drop that comes out of that shaft and I know you will do the same. All my holes are open and it turns me on when you use me how you want to. Let’s have some fun with double penetration I have lots of big thick dildos and anal toys too. Just being there for you is a huge turn on for me. You can tell me your secret desires I probably have some similar ones. Have you ever thought about getting naughty in public places? I like having outdoor sex where we take a huge chance of getting caught that is such a thrill for me. We can have some role play fun are you into being the bad boss and forcing me to do naughty things just to keep my job. Or how about you are a professor and I am a student who has to work really hard to get that good grade. Maybe I take advantage of you when your wife is out of town it will be our dirty little secret as long as you keep taking care of my wants and desires. I am a home wrecker and I get great enjoyment out of you being torn between my sweet wet pussy that you crave and that home life. You can try and resist but I will use every asset I have to make you desire me. Wearing short little skirts and bending over with no panties to give you a flash of what you so desire. I enjoy making that cock of yours hard and then laughing at you as you try and hide it. Stop fighting it and come give me a hard pounding with that big thick cock of yours.

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Single Strap Leather Snap Cock Strap


This was the very first cock strap that my partner and I purchased and we still have it almost twenty years later. We have progressed from this to a lot of different play toys. We do get this out though from time to time. It works great and is a wonderful starter cock strap because it is adjustable instead of being stretchy like the rubber ones or hard like the stainless steel ones. It is simple to use and can be put on by either partner. The biggest thing with all leather play things is to keep them clean. I use an old toothbrush to scrub them down then dry them with a towel and lay it flat to dry. If you do not keep it clean it can accumulate icky stuff around the snaps or in the rows of stitching. Good cleaning habits will keep these toys like this working for a very long time.  The Strict Leather Speed Snap is great for adding some girth or helping to make a cock harder by temporarily restricting the blood flow back out of a penis. Great fun enhancement device with very few drawbacks.

Forced Orgasm Non Control Of Sexual Pleasure

Forced Orgasm or the non control of sexual pleasure is something both men and women enjoy. They want someone to take away all control of pleasure. This is very wide spread desire it can be a simple thing of teasing each other over and over again. It can be working someone up right to the edge but not letting them complete their orgasm in order to build up the pleasure. The other end of this spectrum is tying someone down and being very forceful into making them orgasm on your terms not theirs. For men having a vibrator being used on their testicals can bring on an intense orgasm that is closer to the threshold of pain then pleasure.  There are men that also enjoy prostate play which means stimulating the prostate until the man ejaculates. For the majority of men the prostate does not give the pleasurable orgasm that direct stimulation does. The feel of those ejaculations can leave a man feeling empty and craving that orgasm that he can not obtain through prostate stimulation. There are some men that say the orgasm they have through anal or prostate is far more intense and longer lasting then direct stimulation to the penis.

Women often enjoy having a vibrator applied to their clit or inserted. With the large selection of toys that are wireless these can worn out in public for some different types of stimulation at unusual settings.  For some women just teasing with fingers is enough to keep her right at the edge without allowing her to completely orgasm.  When she is worked up to the point that the person wants her to be at the orgasm can be very long lasting.

This is different then ruined orgasm in that at the end the person will be allowed to enjoy those sensations. These sessions can last a few minutes or it can go on for hours. You can bind someone down to where they can not move. A lot of women enjoy being held down and teased by a stronger person. It can also be a strong session of submission and control. A dominant person can just tell their submissive to lay still and the submissive must do as they are told. These sessions can be fun and sensual or strong and dominant. The variation is what makes it so much fun for so many people.

Oculolinctus Fetish Eye Ball Licking

Oculolinctus or eye ball licking which is also known as worming  made main stream news a few years ago because it had become popular in Japan. It was causing a number of health issues and some people even lost their sight. This is one of those fetishes that is not a good idea. The human mouth contains a lot of bacteria that does not need to be in the eye. The eye ball is very easy to scratch and even the bumps on a tongue can cause a scratch which can be easily infected. I am not sure where the sexual gratification of having one’s eye licked. This does not seem to be a fetish that is historical like many of the others we have looked at. It seems to almost be under what I would call fad for preteens and teenagers. Oculolinctus appears to have come out of a number of Japanese animated publications. Basically it came out of fiction and an impressionable group started to pick up on it. Like a number of fads people started talking about it and then started to try it. The age of those that seem to be practicing it the most are of ones that try a lot of different sexual experiments. It is not a good practice and the damage it can cause can be irreversible.  Eyes are very delicate and once damaged often can not be repaired.  While the eye is full of nerves and it may be super sensitive to the stroking of a tongue there are many other wonderful parts of the body that are also sensitive and less susceptible to irreversible damage.  Toes are a good choice for exploration they  have a lot of nerve endings respond to even the slightest touch and covered with skin. Skin is our barrier against infection and it works very well to protect the body from outside bacteria and infections.  The eyes should be left to looking into not invading with a tongue.   This is one that I would say to not try this at home or anywhere else.