Fucking Machines

There is something about the mechanics of a fucking machine or a sex machine.  It is kinky but also kind of playful. Most people will probably never actually own their own but the thought of them is super exciting. I can remember watching a George Clooney movie where he created his own because his character was fascinated by the whole concept. To buy one is super expensive which seems to be part of the draw of wanting one. I do have a few guys that own one and have enjoyed watching them use it on themselves while we were camming.

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The concept of a fucking machine is fairly simple whether they are a plug in design or completely mechanical. Basically something makes an arm go up and down either vertically or horizontally. They can be created off of sawzalls either still looking like the machine you would use to construct something. Sometimes they will pull off the case and mount it in something that resembles a saddle. On that arm they then attach some type of dildo. On the average they are set up to be easy to change to different types of sexual devices.  I have seen some that were home made and very usable. I have also known people who have attempted to create them without understanding the basic concept and it ended badly. One girl that I knew thought she could put a dildo on a drill and use that as a fucking machine. This did not end well and she had to have 87 stitches inside of a place where you really do not want to have 87 stitches.

fucking machine, dildo, anal, vaginal,

Fucking machines for men are generally focused on anal play. With women they are generally focused on vaginal play. There are some women that truly do enjoy anal which can be a lot of fun with a fucking machine. The floor models that sit solid on the floor and you sit on seem to be the easiest models to use.

fucking machine, dildo, anal, vaginal,

Would really enjoy hearing your own fucking machine stories.

Bad Boy Gets A Lock

Anyone who knows me knows that I really enjoy cock cages and own a number of them that I use on a regular basis. A man that is caged up seems to become a much better submissive when the ablity to play with his penis is taken out of the equation. I have enjoyed wearing a key around my neck when out to dinner or spending time with friends. For men it is a huge turn on when I play with that key from across the table or room from him. I do not have to say anything my actions and that shiny key says everything for me. In this case this was one of my online friends who bought a cock cage so that we could play from a distance.  We started out with the brass lock and key. He would freeze the key until I would allow him to unlock himself.




After awhile we went to the numbered plastic keys which work so wonderfully when I can not be with my playmate. He would take pictures of his penis every day with the number key showing. It kept him honest but also was a huge turn on for him.  Some days we would talk but lots of time he couldn’t call me. Having to take time out of his day would be an edger for him. The thought of me having control of his cock when he was unable to actually play added to the fun.

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For a Mistress the play is far more important the final time of a man being allowed to orgasm.  We like to make a man feel that he is giving himself over to us and we can make him uncomfortable.  The man has to be into it. He has to enjoy the thought of being put on an edge and kept there. When it comes to cock cages the pushing of limits is the appeal of them.



Have you ever thought of letting a woman lock up your member till she decides to allow you to stroke or orgasm in some way?


Cougar Looking For Her Catch

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There is always something nice about a young stud cock that can keep going and going. That rock hard needs to be fucked dick is what I want. I will seduce you and use you. That cock of yours will stay hard for me all night milking those balls all night long will bring me such pleasure. I like all different kinds of positions whether that is me on top riding you hard or you behind me pounding me good. I don’t want a timid guy that doesn’t know how to use those tools show me what you have and that you know exactly how to drive that hard thing of yours deep inside me. Those wimpy girls you play with in the back seat may not know how to use that throbbing thing between your legs. I am a real woman and I can take it all and I want it good.

There is something about oral sex that just makes me super wet. Yes, there are women out there who are capable of female ejaculation super soaking that tongue. Climbing up on your face, grinding that pussy all over while I suck that chiseled cock of yours is something I greatly enjoy. I know how to tease and torment that cock and those balls of yours. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of cock and ball torture/taunting to make a night even better. Walking around in my satin bra with those DD cougar titties just waiting to be touched and sucked on. I know you enjoy all the cuddles with those huge tits of mine. I am looking for a young cock with some brains geeks always know how to pay attention. I am not like those young things you chase around the mall. Dressing up is something I do every day maybe giving you an upskirt shot feel those silky pantyhose against your skin. I might even be extra naughty and wear my favorite fur my rich old husband bought me while we have sex in my bed. If you are a bad boy I might just have to get that leather out and give you an ole fashion belt spanking. In the mood for a little role play how about I get out my nurse outfit and you be my patient needing some instruction on how to be good. However I decide to use you believe me I will do it well.

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Social Marketing Ghost Writing

I am offering ghost writing for listings and profiles. If you are needing help with key words, expanding your writing, writing to a certain niche, or making things more interesting please email me.

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The Joys Of Anal

A lot of times in our sexual life we run into things that initially seem like they would be awful. After a little bit of education and proper introduction it starts to be more appealing. When it comes to anal this is one of those things that fall into that category. If a person tries to introduce themselves into anal through pornography that can be a frightening experience. For most people that utilize anal in their personal sexual adventure it is a lot milder than the over the top things that are done in mass production porn.

Starting out should be just teasing a finger gently rubbing against the ass hole or even lightly being pushed inside. There is no reason to start out with full blown anal. Let a person get used to the new sensation and more importantly let them enjoy all the new sensations that come from an area that has not had any attention. After that becomes very relaxing and all the jitters are gone move up to something a little more. This can be analingus which means using ones tongue on the bottom in a way similar to the way it would be used on a woman’s vagina. This if done properly can be a fabulous sensation.

From the sensation of the tongue a finger inserted to the anus with some gentle stretching can easily send a person over the edge. There are a number of toys that can be utilized at this step. Start small and slowly working up from there.  Toys can go from very thin about the width of a finger to things that are almost grotesque in size. Only a few people will actually go beyond an 8 inch toy. There is nothing wrong with that. As with all things sexual it should be an individual process that brings satisfaction.

Strapon play is often discussed when it comes to women on men play. Strapon do not have to be huge to be enjoyable. There is a learning curve on both sides. Women have to learn to use their hips in ways that might not be used to doing. For men they have to learn how to arch their backs and open themselves up mentally as well as physically to the play spectrum.

Men often are conditioned to think that anal is a homosexual thing and it is far from that. There is no reason why a man should be made to feel this way. Sexuality is an individual process and things that feel good that do not cause harm to others should be explored.

Wherever a person is they should be made to feel that exploration is okay with their partner. If a persona is completely turned off by something then of course that should not be forced onto them. However what I see is a lot of especially when it comes to women they let others peoples opinion that are not involved influence their sexuality.

Ball Busting

One of the most common pain fantasies I get a request for is ball busting. It seems to be the most common scenario that men have happen to them in real life. A woman gets angry at a man for some reason and knees or hits him in the testicles. This causes a great deal of pain for a young man and leaves a lasting impression.  Men start to think about a woman being in complete control of them and causing them discomfort they often think back to these very incidents. Guy did not necessarily enjoy these situations in most cases they did not. It is easy for them to fantasize about because the fantasy is based on real life experience.

For most men it is less about the reality of the pain but more about the build up and anticipation of what will happen. They want a woman to control their whole world including their sexuality. Ball busting of course leaves a man feeling completely immobilized and unable to function as a man. Often the men enjoy the sensation of laying at a woman’s feet while she laughs at them. The more mean a woman sounds the more of turn on it is for men that enjoy this type of role play. Being heckled by a woman or group of women is a sense of humiliation that leaves them in a state of helplessness.

ball busting, cock and ball torture, humiliation, women dominance

Their testicles being hit in a direct hard manner leaves a man breathless and often unable to move. For most men it crumbles them into a fetal position. This too works in conjunction with their want to feel underneath a woman’s total power. If they are unable to defend themselves then she can do with them as she wishes. Rarely are these men truly into pain. It is not about the sensation of pain they are seeking. What they are generally wanting is the freefall emotional sensation of someone taking everything from them. They want to know there is nothing they can do physically to stop a woman from doing what she desires. They want to know that emotionally once she takes away their perception of manhood they are in a state of complete humiliation.

While some men enjoy the loss of breath. The burst of pain throughout their groin radiating out to their full body. The man seeking the release of responsibility.  Both in his thoughts and body is far more common.


In The Mood For Hot Sex

I am so horny and need a good hard cock. I want to take care of you and feel your cock. I will worship that penis using my whole body to get it hard as I kiss it, tease it, suck it and feel it deep inside me. I want to sit on your face while you lick me good. Then flipping around to lower myself down on that cock. The more excited you get the better it feels. When you grab me reach under my skirt to rip my panties off and then shove that cock deep inside I get super wet. Sometimes when we are out and about it is fun when you just reach out and pinch my nipple hard. That little jolt always makes me so very wet. It is fun when I can not do anything but stand there so turned on I know you enjoy making me feel uncomfortable as you tease me. We can have all kinds of kinky fun I am a huge fan of candle wax the warmth when it first hits my skin then cools to be pulled off slowly is a unique sensation. I have enjoyed playing with some kinds of breath play I like the super sexual high it gives me when I get teased up. If you look in my closet you will see a number of fun latex outfits that are tight, slick and very form fitting. I have a great collection of ball gags that put you in complete control from the hard ball, bit, and the fluted ones. If you want to have some with an open mouth gag that lets you stroke your cock off into my open mouth I have those too. With all the the sexual devices and naughty things in my closet I know we can find a number of ways to keep ourselves lathered up in hot sweaty fun. Something I can’t help it I get more excited by turning you on than when you do things to me. I want to feel you in all my holes and will happily give you all of them as much as you desire.

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