Nice Wicked Mistress vs. Mean Wicked Mistress

Having worked in the BDSM side of adult entertainment for a long time I have seen a large differentiation between two types of Mistress. These are hardcore distinctions which go clear to the core of who a woman is. The first is nice wicked mistress she is the type of woman who is more sensual she will make you cry if it pleases her but you will crave to do anything she requests. She is the woman that a man falls in love with every cell of his body will want to serve her. The second kind is mean wicked mistress she enjoys the infliction of pain and that is her turn on. She does not care whether you enjoy anything she does to you because you are unimportant to her end game. Your body is there for her to use as a tool and you can easily be replaced with anyone. There is a large group that enjoys both types of mistresses and there is no right or wrong when it comes to bdsm play.

The nice wicked mistress wants you to come to her of your own accord she wants you to desire nothing more than making her happy. She does not enjoy breaking you to get you to submit. Most of these types of mistress will quickly become bored with someone who is resisting submission. This is not about causing or not causing pain this is about that feeling of being adored. She enjoys a soft touch to bring you in then increasing the intensity till you break down for her. Once she has you to that point she will build you back up and mold you into the person she desires you to be. She uses her body and mind to put you where she wants you to be. There is generally a sexual energy to this woman in a lot of cases men and women find themselves drawn to her in ways they do not understand.

The mean wicked mistress is all about the process of breaking someone she enjoys the challenge of forcing someone into submission. For a lot of women once they reach that point they become bored with that person and move to someone else. I often talk to men that become involved with these women and about the time the man was falling for her she was moving to her next conquest. The process of submission is what she craves after she has created her perfect submissive she wants a new toy. She often does not see the submissive as a person but more of something equivalent to clay to be molded, painted and hardened with fire. She rarely falls in love with submissive a lot of these women never fall in love at all and a large number of them do not care to. They enjoy the fear they can install into someone it is almost an addiction to them.

Communication is key to having a good relationship with a mistress and understanding there is no right or wrong kind only the correct one for you.

Silky Smooth

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I am often asked if I actually wear pantyhose and the answer is yes absolutely. I am a bit old fashion when it comes to that. I think girls legs always look better in pantyhose. There is nothing more powerful for a woman than dressing up for a sexy night on the town. Women in pantyhose rule the office by their sensuality and their powerful control of the office. Men fall under the spell of a that silky nylon to be dominated from the boardroom to the bedroom. A man just has to give a woman in pantyhose everything she wants the harder he fights it the more powerful that draw becomes. A pair of heels sets the stage in every way for the relationship between a man and a dominate woman. My favorite pair of heels are strappy with five inch stiletto. I know that the sound of those heels clicking across the hardwood floor knowing that I am anxious for you to take those toes in your mouth. Sitting on my desk and letting my feet dangle right where you need them. I enjoy the way a man always wants to touch and stroke them. My favorite color is suntan with black being a second favorite. I like fishnets for the bedroom, but not really into wearing them out and about for me they just do not have the classy look of a full pantyhose or beautiful line running up the back of leg. I really like the look for old fashion garter belts and thigh high stockings. I could put on a nurse costume with the white thigh highs to take care of my bad patient. To take those stockings rolling them slowly down my leg and off my foot as I throw them at you. Having my pretty little toe nails painted and showing through some sheer stockings is always nice. Or maybe I have worn my flats all day long, come home to make you suck those toes of mine through those musky smelly hose. Using you mouth to clean those stinky hose and feeling them rub all over your face.

If you are a good boy I might give you a slow sensual pantyhose foot job and allow you to come all over my feet.

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Chilly Hicks Foot Worship

I have always had tiny little feet. They are just size 5 1/2. My whole foot will fit into most men’s mouths. I really like to have my toes sucked on and teased. The feel of your tongue sliding between my toes feels so good. Take those tiny feet into your big strong manly hands. Let me feel you caressing them all over rubbing my wrinkly soles and stroking those toes one by one. I know you like to lay down and just cuddle up to those feet of mine taking deep breaths so you smell every bit of them. You have such a big cock and my feet fit around them while I stroke that cock of yours. I really enjoy wearing pantyhose after I have had them on all day long I am going to make you sniff those stinky, sweat feet of mine. Teasing you with those toes all over your balls that are filling up with all that come. I like to make you beg for me to stroke it more or even better when you take control and tell me how to please you. The harder you get the more often I am going to put those toes up to your mouth for some kissing. I even like it when you pin me down and tickle my feet all over they are super ticklish. You will have to make sure you pin me down good though because I will try to get away. Bucking up and down while your manly weight pushes me hard. I am so ticklish that I will be begging, pleading, and trying to demand that you stop. I am under your control though and no matter what I say you continue to tickle all over my feet. I know you are a guy that can not get enough of a girls feet whether it is those pretty painted toenails, those tiny toes waiting to be sucked, or those wrinkly cute soles you just have to play with them. I like to dress up and wear those wonderful heels, but I will admit that sometimes I am a bad girl. Some day I will wear my stinky nasty tennis shoes and no socks when I do my feet smell awful. On those days I like to stick those feet in your face. However you want to play we can have lots of fun.

Call me and worship those toes.

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Licking That Hard Shaft

Oh I see that cock and I want it so bad. I need to feel your big thick throbbing cock in my mouth. There is just something intimate about giving a long slow blow job. Getting down on my knees and unzipping those pants with my teeth. I pull out your flaccid cock and tease it until you are super hard. I want to taste your pre cum on my lips. The feel of your strong manly hand on the back of my head makes me so wet. I am here for you when ever you want me the thought of exhibitionism is a wonderful wicked thought to me. I will be one of those girls that gives you a blowjob in the back of your truck on the beach. You can put me under the table at the bar and give me a nice round of face fucking while you drink your beer. Take me outside in the alley and make me deep throat your throbbing cock. The taste of your hot sweaty musky balls after you have working out makes me just want to continue to lick them all over. I will worship that cock of your kissing all over it, slowly licking up the shaft, teasing the underside of the head and then giving you a thorough cock sucking. I want you to take me hard.

If you are in the mood for a little more kink then we can do that. I have a number of toys to give your manliness a fun intense night of cock and ball torture. I enjoy when I slap those balls around to make you beg for my mouth. Spanking your shaft while you push towards me using your body to ask for more. We can always get out the clothes pins and make your balls all kinds of pretty colors. When you are lathered in sweat from all the things I have done to you then I will stroke you off and tease you till you drain those balls of every last drop of come. I want to know that you want me more than anything else. We can play in all kinds of fun ways but right now it is all about that phallus of yours.

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