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I am offering ghost writing for listings and profiles. If you are needing help with key words, expanding your writing, writing to a certain niche, or making things more interesting please email me.

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Loser Monday Girls Sleep Wear


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Every sissy slut has that first night of wearing those girly things that their mistress picked out just for them. All of my sluts must get used to wearing girly things to bed each night.  One the first things I do is through out all those ugly boxer shorts and sweat pants.  Then we must go out shopping for something wonderful. This slut and I went to a department store. A really nice elderly lady at first thought we were there for me. Of course that would not do instead my made my slut stand up tall and tell her all the silky things we were purchasing were going in that special chest of drawers. While the old lady could not help but snicker she was happy to help us in every way. The first thing we had to do was find that perfect size. While that waist could be trimmed with a corset and correct exercises a sissy will always be a sissy.  We picked out several night clothes that day. I prefer to break up shopping experiences with serveral trips to draw the humiliation out.  There is something about watching a man slowly turn into a sissy boy.  The first night of wearing these girly things is what breaks down all that resolve.  Humiliation softens a man lets him know that is not in control and makes him want to give himself over to a mistress even more. For a true sissy to find his place he must have his will broken completely down so that he might be rebuilt in a much better girly boy.  When that happens then the true process of transformation can truly occur.  Starting with sleep wear and building from there we will soon make all those nasty male habits disappear and all those girly things come forward.

Come Be Ignored

foot humiliation hand worship humour leg cast wet t-shirts

Push The Button Below To Hear My Voice

Some men do not deserve my attention some are just so far below me. You are one of those me just be happy you are allowed in my presence because there is nothing else I am going to give you. I do understand I am being emotionally sadistic to you. That is part of what I enjoy the most. If you try to talk when I tell you to stop talking or even just give you that look, I will get out my large collection of ball gags then all you can do is whine while I laugh at you. I will do with you whatever I want so if someone makes me angry you are the one that is going to get the face slapping. It makes me feel better to take out my frustration and anger on your skin. While you are not allowed to speak unless spoken to we both know you have become very good at begging with your puppy eyes. I on the other hand have become very good at ignoring you. I will dismiss you with a wave of my hand and you will do anything to get my attention back onto you. You are a spoiled brat who needs a lot of obedience training you do not have the level of manners that I demand of a loser like you. The only way I will allow you in my presence is for you to show your complete submission to me. This is not a line where you get to call the shots. If you call this line then understand I will talk to you when and IF I desire. If I want then you will sit there while I do whatever I want and you pay just to hear me breath. You only place in this world is underneath a strong Goddess Woman. You work hard to take care of me and I demand that you take very good care of me. It is not about what you want or even think you should receive. This is all about me and you learning how to stay silent unless I choose for you to speak.

Take your place at my feet and kiss those Goddess Toes.

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Crush Foot Fetish

We are all familiar with crushing grapes as a way to make wine. For a number of foot fetish guys and girls this is not the only kind of crushing that is a lot of fun. I enjoy having my feet worshiped.  I had not been introduced to the whole crushing fetish until after I started on the internet. Now I do not believe in killing anything for entertainment. Killing anything alive is not okay to me and yes that does include bugs. I do enjoy the food stuff though.

Taking a cake and smashing it under my feet to have it licked off by my submissive is just a lot of fun to me. I have always enjoyed the feel of things going between my toes. Of course I started out with mud. What person does not enjoy the feel of mud or clay squishing slowly between their toes. It just feels so wonderful that I go barefoot as much as I can. When I got older and when I started online I got introduced to cakes.  Which are awesome especially if you have someone to lick off all the parts that are left. I had someone on Niteflirt suggest I try a creme cake. Which I did and while that is an expensive habit to start it certainly feels wonderful on the toes.

I kind of did things backwards when it comes to crushing. I didn’t play with fruits until much later on like only in the last couple of years. There is just something sensual and wicked about shopping for things in a grocery store that you know you are going to use in sexual fun.  Picking out those tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, oranges as well as all the other things that just happen to catch my eye. Taking them home and having my foot slave lick up ever drop they leave behind is a wonderful way to spend an evening.

Brat Needs Punished In BDSM Relationships

When we are discussing the interaction between a mistress and a submissive there are some submissives who feel the need to push their mistress to the point where she must punish them. This requires a Mistress who has a lot of patience to deal with a personality that is constantly making her life difficult. Generally this type of personality is not playful and fun. The Brat is often a person who is dramatic in personality. They want to push people to the point of having them blow up with emotion. Often after a blow up the brat will then act as if they are the victim in the situation. This is far from the reality of the situation in that they set up scenario and played it out how they desired it to go. A Brat often does not understand being a willing submissive. Their actions can come out of the guilt of being submissive they want someone to force them so they are not responsible for their actions. Some Brats just enjoy trying to get the upper hand on the Mistress they may never actually intend to do it but they like the rush of almost getting there.

For a Mistress especially a new one just starting out this can be an intense frustrating situation. If she has little understanding of the mental game being played it can cause her to doubt her ability to rule her submissive. I have personally known a few Mistresses who’s first interactions were with Brats and ultimately they were their lasts. While a Brat may see this as something that is fun in the end it often backfires on them. Through the years I have spoken with numerous men who tell me of the ONE submissive relationship they have been in where after the fact they saw what they were doing. For a Mistress like myself I have no want to deal with this type of behavior. I want a willing submissive one who wants nothing more than to make me happy no matter what I ask. I have had a few submissive women who played this game and for me it emotionally exhausting. I soon grew bored with this type of submissive. I dumped them quickly with no want to have them in my life at any level. A Brat needs to make it very clear to the Mistress what and why they are doing the things they are doing. Without proper communication and both people being on the same level of understanding this situation rarely if ever ends well.

Appeal Of Drain The Wallet

Financial domination can seem odd to people who are not familiar with the fetish. This type of the fetish generally appeals to men who earn large sums of money.  The man that craves this is the one who feels that his power as a person comes from his ability to maintain a level of income that is far above the women in his life. He wants to be submissive for the same core reasons that any man feels the want to be submissive. These reasons can be anything from the need for a release of stress to want of feeling broken down.  When a dominant woman comes into his life he may find himself not able to reach the level of submission unless money is involved. Remember his sense of control comes from money so his desire for loss of control also needs to come from money.

financial domination, piggy play, piggy bank, wallet drain, submission, domination,

There are some men that just enjoy a woman sweetly and seductively draining his wallet of every dollar. He is completely aware of what is happening to him. He enjoys watching her take more and more control over the money that he works so very hard for.  When it comes to playing online there can be a number of ways of doing this. Online shopping can invoke the same feelings as being drug around all day while a woman burns through his funds on the things that she wants. He is only there for the money he can provide.  His boredom is part of her appeal she wants him to be uncomfortable. Another way that is commonly used with online play is demanding a man just to give her money he knows he will have no control on how she spends it. He knows that she could use it on someone else.  This type of play appeals to men that are drawn to the thought of being dismiss-able or even to some of the cuckold crowd.

Drain the wallet and financial domination is all about having someone take over control over something that society tells us to protect. The appeal of this is being unsettled beyond just the moment of play.

Catherterophilia Urethra Sounding Play

While all three of these are similar or even identical there are some nuances between them. Catherterophilia is the medical side of cather play. There is a large group of people who are into medical play for sexual enjoyment. This is not about urine but the process itself that they enjoy. This type of play is done as if it were in a medical setting and is all about the steps involved and the control in this case of the bladder. Urethra is more the sexual side of this play it is still done generally with a cather but it is more about working someone up and then using that to give them an intense orgasm. The only difference between Catherterophilia and Urethra is the setting the acts are still about the same.

Sounding is using solid rods in the place of cathers. It is about the stretching sensation of using larger rods in place of others. It is also about the feeling of having the urethra stimulated from the inside. A lot of people think that this type of play is new but it has been documented from as long ago as 4000 years. Like most fetishes they are not new to our time frame. These fetishes do require skills to be learned and a number of safety precautions as to not harm someone. These areas of the body are fragile to some degree and one can cause a lot of harm very quickly that will require medical intervention. This type of play is not for people who are lazy on the clean side. Infections can be common even under the best situations. It is important to make sure that everything is kept sterile at all times. Sounding has become more popular in the last couple of years and with it a lot of men are trying it on themselves. With a little practice and going very slow at first it can bring on intense orgasms. It can increase the fluid produced during orgasms to a much higher volume. I have had men explain that a handjob combined with sounding is a sensation they can not even describe in words. If you were wondering what would have been used in ancient times for this type of play the most common were bone, antler, and ivory. Now we have much better play things such as stainless steel and glass (though breakage might be frighting to some).

What is a Life Styler?

I have been working on the internet since around 2007/2008 before that I was just what most people would have thought of as a normal person. I worked in the corporate world and had for a long time. To the outside world I was just a wife. However since the time I had left home I had been having threesomes, playing with s&m, and cuckolding. I was doing it because I just had the urges and wanted to explore my sexuality. My husband enjoyed it and so did the people we were bringing into our lives. Most the stuff we did we did not even have a name for it. It was simply a matter of hey this feels good so lets do it some more. I have never been ashamed of my sexuality nor have a skirted it. I have always been that wife that other men were envious of because I would do the things that they could only read of in Penthouse Forum. When we started getting into the internet side it was because of practical reasons my job was ending there was not a lot of work close to where I lived and the money was an improvement from where we were. I started to become more and more curious about other people and with that came lots of reading. I began to understand that what we were doing for fun was also a big part of other peoples lives or their imagination. I also started to understand how much women do not allow themselves to be sexual creatures. Society has created a scenario that women should always be ashamed and coerced into doing things. I have never been that type of person I am nto going to say that I have always enjoyed everything I have done because somethings seem much better on paper than in person.

For me a lifestyler is someone that does sexual things because they are driven to do them not because they are simply making money off them. I have made good money off of my sexual desires and I am in no way ashamed of that. I have spoken with a lot of men that want something but can never have it. I give them someone who understands that pull of sexuality. I also give them an outlet to explore things that for one reason or another they are unable to do so with their significant other. These men are not always heterosexual either just because a man is homosexual does not mean he has a great communication relationship with the person he is involved with.

A lifestyler understands the struggle of finding and coming to terms with the less socially acceptable parts of sexuality because we have been through those struggles. We are able to communicate on a deeper level because while we may not have tried xyz we have tried things that turned us on while making us unsure of ourselves at the same time. I do this because I enjoy it and I will only do it so long as I enjoy it once the thrill of exploration with strangers is gone then I am gone. In the end my own sense of who I am is far more important my own want for a specific lifestyle will always come first over money.