Hitachi Time Vibrator Thigh High Play

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Hitachi Time
Price: $8.99
Size: 226 MB
Length: 8 minutes
Chilly Hicks is wearing her pretty striped matching lingerie with her big D breasts barely held in by that thin material. She likes the way this soft stretchy fabric covers her skin. Her pussy hair pushes out of the fabric to be teased. She rubs her fingers up and down those long legs and that silky material covering her beautiful porcelain skin covered by those thick thigh highs. Teasing her nipples through the fabric she undoes the top and plays with her breasts till her pussy gets super wet. Starting with her striped panties on she teases her clit through the fabric. Slowly and seductively removing her panties and sliding her fingers over that super wet slit. Leaving her soft striped thigh highs and heels on she spreads her legs wide to show off that cunt of hers. Showing off her nicely trimmed pussy and teasing that cunt of hers. Her hitachi is her favorite vibrator it plugs into the wall and never dies. Staring off with her vibrator against her clit she enjoys that steady tease of her clit. Buring her fingers deep inside feeling all that wonderful wet warmth running out her hole that needs to be fucked. Ramming her fingers deep inside enjoying the feel of that throbbing vagina. With her legs spread super wide she holds her Hitachi hard against her pussy. Getting up on her hands and knees she pushes her hips against that vibrator grinding hard against that large head. Rolling over she holds her leg way up in the air while she makes herself orgasm over and over. Watch her uncontrollable orgasms from her very powerful toy. Her lips swell as they become more and more sensitive. Watch her with this toy and you will see why her hitachi makes her come very hard over and over again.


Pantyhose And Oil Clips4sale

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Pantyhose And Oil
Price: $5.99
Size: 202 MB
Length: 6 minutes
Chilly Hicks is wearing her bright pink bra that she has had on all day long and her very sheer well worn dark pantyhose. You can see where they have a long run in the leg. It is time for them to go to some other use. These hose are some she has worn for a long time and got all the use out of she can. She decides to have some messy naughty fun with a bit of oil. Chilly has always enjoyed the feel of oil on her skin and how slick it makes anything that touches her even if that is nylon. Showing off her long legs before she gets out that bottle of oil. She takes out her bottle of oil. Starting at her tiny feet she slathers the oil all over those size 5 feet and those nylon pantyhose. Rubbing it into her soles and working the oil all over the tops of her feet she likes the way it makes the pantyhose stick to her skin. She works lots of oil into her shins and calf taking the time to make sure those hose are good and soaked. After she gets both of her feet nice and oil soaked she walks right up to your face. Letting you see those natural blonde curls peeking through those very sheer hose. Pouring that oil all over her inner thigh she coats her porcelain skin and black pantyhose completely. She works that oil into her flat stomach and pussy. Teasing herself as she coats her vagina through those nylon hose. Of course she needs to make sure that her ass is completely covered in oil. Rubbing her oil all over her pussy, legs, and tiny feet. Letting that oil soak into those hose makes her pussy very wet. When she is done her skin glistens through those dark well worn black sheer pantyhose.


Pantyhose Feet Clips4Sale

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Pantyhose Feet Full Movie
Price: $6.99
Size: 32 MB
Length: 6 minutes
Chilly is in her bright red lace baby doll and her super sheer silky suntan sheer pantyhose pushing those tiny size 5 feet right up in your face. Teasing you with those soles and silky hose. Slowly rubbing her hose covered feet together she makes that nylon draw you in closer. Putting her feet side by side she shows off her wrinkly soles covered by those pantyhose. Suck on those feet! Rubbing her hands down her thighs and to those tiny toes of hers. She gently strokes each of her toes through that silky material. Playing with that material as she teases her toes and balls of her feet. Stretching that material way out then pulling off her toes. Using her tiny slender fingers to message her soles and across her heels. Moving back up to her toes even steadily messaging up the tops of her feet. Pushing those feet right up into your face her shiny toe ring drawing you in closer. Run your tongue up and down those soles and pull that heel into your mouth. Spreading her legs very wide while she shows off that pussy of her peeking through the crotch of her pantyhose. While she is so intent on her pretty feet her nipple sneaks out of her lingerie gently resting against that shelf of lace. Laying back with her feet way up in the air she wiggles her cute tiny toes at you slowly moving them up and down. Drawing her feet up she pulls her feet together sole to sole pressing them tightly to each other. Showing you that perfect pocket that your cock can slide inside. Caressing her feet together she knows that you could never resist those tiny size 5 feet covered in sheer suntan pantyhose.


Shoe Dangling And Foot Worship Chilly Hicks

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Shoe Dangling And Foot Worship Buy Now
Price: $8.99
Size: 345 MB
Length: 9 minutes
Chilly Hicks is wearing her sheer nylon black pantyhose and her five inch strappy stiletto heels.  In that black short skirt and black corset with red sexy roses on the front. Teasing you with you those beautiful creamy breasts of hers. Her long legs covered with those silky hose her super short mini skirt shows off every inch.  Sitting down on that dresser she unbuckles those high heels this is all about the tease. She dangles those heels till you are super hard for her.  Slowly working her those shoes onto her tiny toes pushing them away from her heels then pulling them back. She knows you can not get enough of the dangle.  Pushing those heels up in your face she teases you with those tiny toes. Dangling those shoes off those pantyhose covered feet of hers she makes that cock of yours throb just the way she likes it. Taking off her heels she shows off all those perfect little places for your face to go.  With her both of her shoes off she starts to tease those toes of hers. Covered by those nylon hose she spreads out her toes to show off each one of them with those pantyhose running in between.  The feel of that silky material against her skin makes her so wet. She needs to feel your tongue licking that hose and her musky toes. Rubbing her feet together showing off those curvy insteps you can not resist you just have to crawl across that floor and run your tongue slowly up the bottom of her feet. You can not resist her foot tease or the feel of those black nylon pantyhose. You belong to Chilly and her tiny pretty size five feet. The harder you try and resist the more you know you must have them completely. 


Worshipping Wife’s Lover

Men often think that being a cuckold will be all about their secret desires. A large majority of men wish to become cuckolds due to their own fantasy. They think it will be a huge turn on to watch their wife get fucked by another man.  Rarely do the realize as a woman takes on lovers her sense of self grows in enormous ways. That meek little house wife develops an appetite for huge cocks. An appetite her cuckold is not able to fulfill. Once a woman starts to enjoy something much nicer than what she has at home often she just does not want to go back to it. It is like living on ramen noodles then eating $300 meals for a month the thought of going back just does not seem appealing at all. A man will soon learn that being a cuckold is less and less about his wants and more and more about hers.

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A true cuckold will appreciate serving his woman in any way that she wants. He knows that he is lacking either in skills or cock size and often in both. A cuckold will see his woman being pleased by a man and desire that look on her face sometimes even more than she does.  Many a straight man has learned to serve his wife’s lover not because he wants to, but because that is what she desires. I have often heard a cuckold tell me that a good lover takes on a god quality in a household. It is not about the man but about how he changes the woman that matters. Cleaning up after a man which means licking up his sperm from a cuckold’s wife’s body.  While a non cuckold man might find this thought completely unsettling; a cuckold will come to crave it.cuckold, cheating wife, cum eating, wife swapping, cheating wife, slutty wife,

The true test comes when a cuckold is a expected to lick his wife’s pussy juices off of another man’s cock. For most men this is the hardest thing for them to think about until they actually do it. Once they smell her smell and taste her on that penis the only thing that matters is doing what she wants.

A cuckold should always desire to make his wife the happiest she can be no matter what she asks of him to do.

Chilly Hicks Clips4Sale Pink Glass Toy

Pink Glass Toy Buy Now
Price: $7.99
Size: 154 MB
Length: 8 minutes
Chilly Hicks is in her pearly white Satin Slip she is in the mood to play with one of her favorite sex toys this one is a  pretty pink glass toy.  She knows that you really like that satin full slip that clings to her in all the right ways. For you all slip fans that enjoy a woman in this very feminine garment you will enjoy the way the satin teases Chilly’s nipples. This is the type of beautiful toy that a lady would be happy to have in her bedroom.  Those nipples stand out at attention just waiting for you to come give them a bit more attention.  While Chilly has a lot of toys she really enjoys the feel of glass . Glass toys have  a great way of starting off cool and then slowly starts to warm up as it is used. Chilly has a number of glass toys all of which are works of art.  This toy is pretty pink color that looks gorgeous against her very pale skin. She is enjoys the feel of that cool glass against her skin. Rubbing it against her clit it makes that clit of hers stand up at attention.  She likes the way it slides smoothly inside glass feels so wonderful in her very wet pussy.  Chilly Hicks starts off slowly sucking on that toy she gets it ready for her wanting pussy. Sliding it deep inside she makes her pussy ache for that toy even more.  Taking that toy she pushes it deep inside her tiny pussy hole till she explodes all over it. She makes herself come all over that toy over and over while that satin slip clings to her skin in the most sexy way.


Chilly Hicks Pantyhose Destruction Full Suntan Nylon Hose

pantyhose, destruction of clothing, ripping hose, nylons, suntan, jean skirt

Chillys Pantyhose Destruction

Buy Now
Price: $6.99
Size: 32 MB
Length: 6 minutes
Chilly Hicks is wearing her denim mini skirt and a cute tight little t shirt but underneath that denim skirt she is wearing a pair of suntan nylon full pantyhose. She has been out all day doing fun things with her girlfriends. Coming home she discovers that her hose have a tiny itty bitty hols in them. Bored she starts to pick at it just a bit at first and making it a little larger. Then try as she can she can not leave it alone. Soon it becomes a rip only up the one leg. She likes the sound of the nylon as it rips apart. Taking off her shirt and exposing those beautiful breasts of hers she touches them. Soft and creamy against her fingers. She then decides to take off that skirt. Down to only her pantyhose with no panties underneath. Chilly starts to rip those hose even more. Now she has to start on the other leg it feels awkward to have holes in only one side. Pulling hard on both sides the nylon gives way under her abuse. Chilly is bound and determined to completely destroy the hose till they are nothing left but shreds. Watch as her white creamy skin is exposed over and over. Those pantyhose soon become nothing but small shreds of suntan stripes against her skin. It all starts out as a tiny itty bitty hole in her suntan pure nylon pantyhose and she just couldn’t leave it alone. Destruction can be so much fun.


Chilly Hicks Picnic Fun

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Picnic FunBuy Now
Price: $11.99
Size: 169 MB
Length: 11 minutes
Chilly Hicks invites you to a picnic you might think it is an innocent invitation to lunch but you would be so wrong. Dressed in her tight washed out jeans and her very tiny bright tank top. Laying out the blanket then telling you to watch while she gets everything ready for you both. Her nipples are proudly on display. She knows how much you like to stare at those big D breasts and super hard pointy nipples the gentle breeze makes them stand up at even more attention then they were before. Once she has you out in the woods she slowly strips out of those tight clothes to reveal her very pale skin. You have been watching that cleavage all afternoon and now those breasts are where you can really see them. Making you sit down and watch she starts to tease her pussy. Slowly working her cunt till it is super wet. Chilly likes to feel her vagina being used. Once her pussy is dripping she starts to take her fingers and fuck herself hard. Spreading her legs wide she wants you to watch she wants that cock of yours to be throbbing just for her. She knows that the sun feels good on the skin. She knows that while you try and resist you will have to get that cock out of your pants it is just throbbing too hard. While you watch her pussy glisten in the bright sun outside getting wetter with each finger she shoves inside; you have to start stroking that shaft. The harder you get the more it turns her on. She likes to think of someone walking up and catching you. She likes that you are not able to actually fuck her only put on a show. She can not help it she has to explode all over her fingers.


Goddess Worship

Goddess worship is a mindset of a man being completely committed to the woman in his life. women in control, goddess, mistress, women ran homes, Worship, While most men are raised to act as if a woman is well below them. They are taught to act like studs or as if women are disposal-able objects in their lives. While they may act like this they rarely truly feel it. A man is always looking for that one woman that he can worship. Unfortunately for women they are slow to realize the power  they can have over any man if they just behave in the way to take it.

A man desires to have a woman to follow where she controls him and he wants nothing more to give her everything that she wants. A woman just has to use that sexuality to keep a man on the edge. Teasing a man keeping him on that edge of craving a release with sensuality puts him in a position of being submissive to a woman. A woman can be a goddess in any man’s life if she tries. women in control, goddess, mistress, women ran homes, Worship,

Relationships with a woman who takes the active lead are often far happier than those where men are in charge and especially where no one is in charge. This whole concept of we are all equals in a relationship often means the relationship burns out and dies. I talk to women all the time that are bored with their man they say things like he never does all the things he did when we were dating. He never is spontaneous. The man in turn will say things like she is always angry. She never seems to even want to be around me. I am always on edge. They both will say our sex life is not were it should be or where it was.

When a woman steps up and takes control she is happier and as long as it is done out of love not snideness the relationship soon begins to flourish.  Even if a man is put in a cage for an extended amount of time with him just pleasuring her he will want to do more and more to make her happy.