Niteflirt Cuckolding Princess

Hey guys wanted to introduce you to a friend of ours Cuckolding Princess. She is one of our fellow phone sex operators on Niteflirt. I could tell you she is this really sweet wonderful lady which she is to all us other girls. However, to you boys that is a completely different story. She is called the Cuckolding Princess for a reason. When it comes to feminine boys she greatly enjoys sending you out on assignments. Dress up sessions for sissification are a fun way for her to spend an evening. She knows that you have always thought about feminization and wearing those pretty things you complain about your wife buying. Really though you are just a closet homo waiting for Cuckolding Princess to take over your world. Some might call her a home wrecker but really your wife has always known what a loser you are she was just too polite to tell you what she thought. Now if you really do no want people knowing your deepest darkest secrets how about some blackmail fantasy to show Cuckolding Princess how much you are willing to do or shall we say pay to keep her quiet. She really does enjoy humiliation though so it might cost you a pretty penny. Make sure those pennies,nickels and dimes are super shiny a Princess always deserves things that sparkle. Financial domination is one of her specialties and she is very good raping that wallet.

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I know you thought that when she invited you over it would be for you to fuck her she is stunningly beautiful isn’t she? She would never let a small penis like that one between your legs come near her. She has a much larger strapon that is what will be filling up your evening. When it comes to chastity her collection is a lot like mine shiny pretty with lots of different styles to try. The only thing that cleavage of hers needs is the key to your jewels. Welcome to the world of tease and DENIAL! By the time she is through she will have complete the task of mind fuck and you will be begging to be her good cock sucker.

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If you are looking for content she has all kinds of fun things. Assignments for you to complete. Contracts that will keep you coming back again and again. Mp3 to listen to while you sit next to your wife. How about some how to’s on being a better sissy. Go check out all her fun stuff and make sure you tell her that you found her through Tailstwichn Girls.

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Stinky Feet Phew Mp3 Recording Chilly Hicks Clips4Sale

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Stinky Feet Phew Mp3 Recording
Price: $6.99
Size: 9 MB
Length: 6 minutes
Chilly Hicks has been wearing two pairs of socks and her tennis shoes all day long. Her feet are super sweaty and stinky. She calls you over and makes you peel off her shoes and her very wet sweaty socks. She makes you get down on your knees as she rubs her soaked feet across your face. Her feet smell so bad from being covered all day. She makes you smell those super nasty feet. She is going to rub those icky feet all over your face so that your face smells like her feet. Smothering you with those feet of hers. Making you stick your tongue out she has you lick her feet then in between her toes. Taste that nasty sweat off of her size five feet. She knows that you enjoy the stinky sweaty feet. The smell of the feet is so strong she can smell it up at her face. Laughing at you while she rubs them all over. She covers you all over with those feet making you take deep breathes intoxicating you with those nasty feet. Chilly makes you worship those feet. You are her complete foot boy and the stinky those feet for are so wonderful for you. The only thing you are going to breathe is her feet all over you.


Red Pantyhose Chilly Hicks Clips4Sale

Red Pantyhose
Price: $3.99
Size: 19 MB
Length: 3 minutes
Chilly Hicks is relaxing in the living room in her very tight black dress and bright red full pantyhose. Gently stroking those silky hose while she taunts you with those long legs of hers. Spreading her legs slightly while she gives you just a peek of those luscious thighs. That little black dress is very low cut and shows off her very beautiful creamy white breasts. The cut outs on the sides of that tight dancing dress shows off her very red pantyhose. Standing up and bending over to show off that round wonderful ass. The black dress is so thin you can see the red full hose underneath it. Laying back on the couch she throws her legs up on the arm. Taking those nylon covered feet she strokes all the way up her leg alternating between them. She knows that you can not take your eyes off those breasts that are aching to get out of that very tight dress. Pushing those breasts together she makes them bounce up and down for you. Squatting way down over your face as she grinds her pussy over the top of you. This is all about the feel of the nylon hose. Rubbing them up and down caressing her legs and taunting you with those wonderful full pantyhose. Bright red is not a color often seen in pantyhose so you get a wonderful bright rare color. This is a tease video with no nudity or masturbation.


Rubbing Those Silky Hose Mp3

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Rubbing Those Suntan Pantyhose MP3 Recording
Price: $6.99
Size: 10 MB
Length: 6 minutes
Chilly Hicks is wearing her suntan thigh high stocking with the lace at the top of the thigh. She is wearing them just for you. She has put on your favorite pink nighty. She likes to tease you with those thigh highs and let you feel how silky and wonderful they feel. They make her legs look so sexy as she shows them off to you. She likes it when you trail your fingers across that nylon fabric as she taunts you with that pussy that you want so much. Pulling those panties down leaving those thigh highs on while she tells you how much she desires the feel of your cock. She likes to wear those pantyhose as much as you like to feel them rubbing against your thighs as you pound her good. She can not get enough of you caressing those stockings. Taking your cock really turns her own. She really likes it when you have your cock inside her pussy and you suck her pantyhose covered toes.


Pantyhose Layering Removal Chilly Hicks Clips4sale

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Pantyhose Layering Removal
Price: $3.99
Size: 40 MB
Length: 3 minutes
Chilly Hicks is in her very tight clingy black dress and six pairs of tights all layered on top of each others. They are the thick pantyhose that are super clingy. She likes to tease you with those tights of hers. The very top pair of tights she is wearing are dark black hose. She slowly pulls off that black pair to reveal a bright red pair of tights underneath. Turning around she teases you with that wonderful round ass of hers. She slowly rolls down those red tights to reveal the dark brown pair of nylons. Chilly knows how much you enjoy watching her wiggle out of those pantyhose. Working those brown tights down her hips and thighs she shows you the gray pair that is tightly clinging to her body. Rubbing her hands across her hips and enjoying the feel of silky fabric. Reaching up she pulls the grey tights down slowly pulling those tights off her thighs and then her calves. Underneath she has on a pair of navy hose that are thin revealing the skin through that fabric. Putting those toes up in your face taunting you with those small feet covered up with those tights. Teasing you with what might be underneath those navy hose. When she finally rolls them down she shows off that wonderful pussy that you have been waiting to see. She takes off those hose and lets them hang off her fingers. Playing with those hose with her feet she teases you with just a peek of her pussy. Grabbing up all those pantyhose she rubs the whole pile of nylon against her skin. They feel so good as she caresses her skin.


Our Friend Katy Churchill Is The Kind of Naughty Neighbor You Want…

Katy Churchill
My good-girl smile hides a wild side a mile wide, and I’m dying to show you how bad I can get! I’m home alone and horny, and I can’t wait for us to get off together! Nothing pleases me more than some sexy dirty talk and hot fetish play. I’m very open-minded and kinky, and my phone line is a fetish-friendly place. Bring me your fantasies and listen to me bring them to life! I love getting off with you, and sexy, creative roleplays really turn me on. If you want a real girl with a hot body and a nasty mind, who enjoys exploring new fetishes with callers, give me a ring! You and your cock won’t be disappointed.

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Price: $7.99
Size: 157 MB
Length: 7 minutes
Chilly Hicks is in her black fishnet lingerie that has attached garters and matching fishnet thigh highs. Her large “D” breasts are pressing tight against that fabric and her super hard nipples are pushing through that fishnet. She bends over putting that cleavage in your face while she pulls on those nipples of hers. It feels so good when she tugs on them pulling them through the fabric all the way. That silver nipple ring over hers catches the light ever time she flicks it with her finger. Showing off that fishnet thigh high while she rubs her fingers up and down the smooth soft fabric. The cotton of fishnet feels so different than that of nylon. She enjoys the difference in the feel of fishnet and how it caresses her body. Pulling up those fishnet panties to show off her pussy lips on each side using that material to grind between those lips. Bending over Chilly shows off the back of her g-string as she puts those toes up in your face. Her cute little toes just waiting to be sucked are covered in that black fishnet material. Getting out her hitachi plug in vibrator she starts to tease that pussy of hers through those panties. This is her favorite toy because it always gets her off in a super hard way. She enjoys the way it makes her pussy lips tingle and the fishnet just enhances that sensation. Chilly can not get enough of the powerful vibrations she bucks her hips back up into that toy. The more turned on she gets she can not help but reach up to those super hard nipples poking out of that fishnet lingerie. Grabbing onto that nipple she pulls on it while she has a huge orgasms from the intense vibrations coming out of the hitachi.


Fishnet Pantyhose With Panties Chilly Hicks Clips4sale

Fishnet Body Stocking w/Panties
Price: $3.99
Size: 96 MB
Length: 3 minutes
Chilly Hicks is wearing her black fishnet body stocking with her satin thong panties over the top. Rubbing her fingers up and down her thighs feeling that soft sexy material underneath while she shows off that one piece outfit to you. Her bright red toe nails peek out from underneath those fishnets taunting you to come suck on them one at a time. Chilly’s nipples are so tiny they poke through those fishnet holes making them super sensitive to the touch. Rubbing her fingers across those nipples then caressing her nice “D” breasts as she puts that cleavage right up in your face. Putting that beautiful round ass of hers up in the air letting her fingers trail down the crack of that ass across those hose. Gently teasing her pussy and tight ass hole through those panties with only the tips of her fingers. Shaking and grinding that bottom of her slowly in your face. She wants you to not even think about anything but that wonderful ass of hers. You will kiss every inch of that bottom through those soft fishnet hose of hers. Showing off those sexy legs of hers caressing her nice thick thighs and her slender calves. Grinding her pussy against the bed letting those panties slide between her lips and tease that hard throbbing clit of hers. She enjoys teasing you with those creamy breasts of hers covered in that thin layer of fishnets with only the tiny hard pointy nipples sticking way out. Watch those pretty creamy breasts of hers as she taunts you with the deep cleavage of those tits. She likes the way that fishnets feels against her skin as her fingers rub all over her body from those full boobs of hers down to her pussy covered by those very tiny panties.


Lingerie Leg Tease Chilly Hicks Clips4sale

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Lingerie Leg Tease
Price: $8.99
Size: 270 MB
Length: 10 minutes
Chilly Hicks is in her black lace thigh high stockings and her red and black lace lingerie. Her breasts are so large that they can not be contained by that sheer piece of lace and keep escaping all on their own. Wearing her plain black leather five inch high stilettos she knows that you can not take your eyes off those little feet of hers. Rubbing her hands across that black lace she slowly caresses those big breasts of hers. Letting her fingers trail down to those thigh high stockings she enjoys they way they cling to her long legs. She knows that you can not take your eyes off that cleavage and teases you by pushing those breasts together to make it even deeper. Those nipples are super sensitive from the lace of the lingerie brushing against them. Slowly bouncing her foot she draws your attention down to those legs of hers she wants you to be completely worked up by those nylon stockings. Her natural pale skin against that black lace makes it even more creamier just waiting for your touch. Standing up and slowly bending over to make that very short lace outfit ride right up the the bottom of her ass. She enjoys showing off that tiny pair of panties through that see through lingerie. Chilly knows how bad you want her but all you are going to get to do is stroke that cock of yours by yourself while she taunts you even more. You will never be allowed to touch that wonderful body of hers. You will never be allowed to put your penis inside her vagina that you have wanted for so very long. This is all you will ever get teased with everything you can never truly have you might as well get used to it.