A Sissy Slut is Born



What would prompt a man to want to put on a frilly little skirt like the one shown above.  When people think of men they do not picture them in such things as these. It is not something that men think of doing when they are growing up…. or is it? I have talked to a lot of men that at an early age want to wear all the girly things that they see other women wearing. They want to be able to have a closet full of clothes that as boys they are not allowed to have.  Maybe like this friend of mine they have very tiny penises so they never really feel like the men they see in the locker room. However, some of the men I talk to have large penises they can be very proud of. They still desire to be wearing the things that girls wear. They still think about being a sissy that can have a reason to purchase all those things other women are free to buy. They want to feel the wonderful girl fabrics against their skin. The day a man finally gives in to these desires the day he finally goes and purchases that first girly thing he has dreamed of and wanted. That is the day when a sissy is truly born. This is not generally a linear progression. Most men will buy and then purge all kinds of girls things over the course of years. Living in a world of denial that soon encompasses most of their free thoughts. Then there comes a day that they can no longer deny their true beings. That day is when they finally admit to themselves they are true sissies. That is the day they finally become happy with the person they have always been inside.



Trampling is the act of man laying down while a woman walks all over him. This can be a full body contact with him being basically used as a doormat or it can be focused on a certain part of man’s body. Generally this part of the body is the penis and or testicles. For a lot of men this is a very sexually encounter. They desire to be forced down and then used as a source of entertainment for a woman or even a group of women. They enjoy being no longer treated like a human being but as an object.  This is another fetish of power exchange. It can involve pain but for most men that are into trampling it is about the mental exchange more than the physical one.

While many Mistresses are forceful in how they deal with a trampling scenario for some it is more about the sensual taking over of a man’s mind and body. They use their feet as a way of blocking out the rest of the world and focusing a man’s full attention on them. Power exchanges are often about blocking out all the stress of the rest of the world. The men are craving a break from the high demands of their life and the women are there to give that to them.  People often wonder why men or women of power crave sexual situations that are more intense. These people are of strong minds they desire something that will break through their normal. Strong sexual situations take them to a new sense of release. The vanilla sex is comforting like a warm fuzzy blanket but it is not enough to pull them to a different level of who they desire to be.

Trampling is not something a large portion of the population would be drawn to. It is for a small group that is craving different, unique and intense.

Extreme Fantasy

One of the wonderful things about phone sex is the full spectrum of imagination that a person can have. We are able to step into worlds that are not achievable through real life scenarios. A lot of the fantasies that I discuss are not physically attainable.  That is part of the whole fun of the phone sex world.  People who have never played in  the phone sex world have issues with relating to the span of things that two people can achieve through telling each other a story or role playing. A person’s mind is very powerful it can achieve things that seem impossible at the beginning. It has been said that seventy five percent of sexuality is in the mind. For a lot of people they only rely on their physical response that would mean they are missing out on over half of the stimulation they can achieve. This is easy to understand if we step back into the first sexual encounters we had. The butterflies and the speciality of the first time of doing things from kissing to touching came from our mind being put into a state it had not been put in. If a person can step out of the mundane and into the unknown even if that is “just” in the mind it can be a charged sexual experience for all parties. I have been asked numerous times if I get turned on when I talk on the phone. Of course I do, however those times always happen when the person on the other side of the conversation is into the moment. I rarely get turned on when I tell a story though there have been a few times when I was able to tell a story that even I could not resist.

The role are as endless as the imagination and never ending with two people that are into. From vore which is a person being swallowed alive by a giant and then knowing everything that is happening to them.  Perhaps some  alien abduction and being used by a female or group of female aliens.  Maybe you are just a cuckold boy looking for the perfect cuckolding home? Have you thought of being put into a situation of forced bi sexuality we can do that in the safety of our role play. We can take it as extreme as you desire as long as it is something that turns us both on.

I am asked what is the biggest hinderance to a good phone sex relationship and the answer is the same as any other relationship communication.  Knowing what each person will make or break a session quicker than anything.  Be prepared to spend a few minutes explaining what you are into or maybe more important what you are not into. Tell the person you are talking to where you envision the role play going. I have had people who are great communicators be able to tell me a world of information in less than two  minutes so this is not something that will take a long amount of time.