How To End A Call

This is not how you should end a call more of an exploration in what I have seen through the years and why at least to me they are all acceptable. When most people start using phone sex they get embarrassed and hang up without saying anything. When a phone sex operator first starts taking calls this can seem rude. To me it is not rude in anyway. We are hear to discuss something specific and when we are done you hang up. I have never taken offense to this. Now if you are calling me and asking me a question in which you do not like the answer I give you then I expect you to politely say something along the lines of you are not what I am looking for thank you for your time. That is just common courtesy to me.

Other people want to talk for a few seconds to a minutes after they have orgasm-ed this is completely acceptable as well. It is okay and greatly appreciated for you to say thank you for taking my call. It doesn’t matter what you say it is just really nice when you say something.

I have also had guys that just hang up during the call and send a sweet note and a tribute (tips are awesome).

While the pso’s that have been around for awhile do not expect things we all liked to be surprised just because. If you get overwhelmed or embarrassed that is okay you can always say hey thanks for the great call when you play again.

Differences In Dominant Women

People by nature will always react to a situation differently. Also, some of us are lifestyles while others are professionals. There is a huge difference between how the two will behave and expect others to behave. I may not a sadist I do not enjoy inflicting harm on people that I care for. I could easily hurt someone that I have little to no feelings for. I want a submissive that craves to be my good boy/girl I want them to desire more than anything to please me in every way. I do not want to be a drill Sargent I expect my submissive to learn my subtle cues and react to them and even before them. While I enjoy cbt (cock and ball tease/torture) it is not because I want to cause pain I want my submissive to have an intense orgasm that I have complete control over. I do enjoy humiliation if the other person is into it. I have no desire to cause someone mental harm just to gain a few minutes of pleasure from it. Spanking for me is part of a huge picture of submissive/dominant engagement. I am not into just spanking to spank. I greatly enjoy spanking a bottom and then gently touching it to make it feel very nice. There are women out there who would never have sex with a submissive and that is their thing. For me I enjoy using my submissives cock if it is something that will bring me pleasure. I like a well built relationship that extends beyond the bedroom and control that comes with subtle-ness. A raised eyebrow sends my submissive scampering to me. A touch on the arm stops them right where they are. Dedicating their every free moment to giving me what I strongly desire. I want my submissives working hard to fulfill their own dreams though. I get bored with people that do not have a driving force. To me submissives are equal and they choose to make their Mistress/Master as happy as they can. They want to be there. They are not forced to do anything pleasing eagerly brings them the most pleasure. Mistress/Masters are all unique in what they desire just as submissives are driven by their individual desires.


Cuckolding is by definition a man having sex with another man’s wife. The modern variation of this is women taking control. Women are telling their men that they want to have another man. Men are finding out this is a huge turn on for them. This is not about cheating though in a lot of cases it starts out that way. For myself it was process. We started out talking about things discussing it, from there it grew into fantasy play, then finally deciding to have some fun with it. It is not something we do often but enjoy it greatly when we do. A lot of times we will have great fantasies for months about a fun time we had. Like all things sexual making it your own thing that you both enjoy is the important part. Some men greatly enjoy being locked up in a cock cage and not being allowed to have any pleasure while their wives are completely satisfied. Some men enjoy being made to do forced bi on a man that is getting what he can not have. Humiliation is often implemented but it does not have to be utilized. There is also the cleanup of another man’s sperm in their wives vagina. For a lot of men they greatly enjoy the feel and taste of licking up after another man. If you have ever thought of being cuckold this is something I can talk about all day. I have enjoyed the experience and think that it is great for growing a strong relationship between couples if it is done correctly. If you are a couple that has thought about it but you are not sure if it is for you. We can discuss it openly and honestly about what can be expected both emotionally and physically. Couples that explore their sexuality together and on open basis often have life long relationships that are extremely well balanced. It is your life you do not have to live it up to the expectations of others. If others are going to judge you they will find something to judge you about no matter what you do or do not do.

Orgasm Control Denial

There are many reason why a man might be into orgasm control. There are some men that want a woman to have complete control over every aspect of their sexuality. There are others that just enjoy the build up to a very hard explosive orgasm the kind that men of the modern world rarely have anymore. There are so many ways of having an orgasm in today’s modern world. It is not the same world where a man has to seek out a way instead he can obtain it on his phone or any given convenient store. There is something to be said about having to wait and then being allowed to have a wonderful orgasm after being teased for extended amount of time.

Most men want to have an orgasm at some point they do not want to be forced into permanent celibacy. This makes up the vast majority of men who are into orgasm control.  There is another group of men though that crave a deeper sense of commitment to their women. They want their woman to completely deny them all orgasms. They do not want to be shut out emotionally they want to be given complete emotional support from a woman that they adore. The feel of a woman’s touch becomes more and more electrifying the longer a man is forced to not allowed to orgasm.

These men understand that the longer they are denied the more emotionally connected to the women in their lives. For a man that craves something beyond the quick release of orgasm a woman that is willing to make them work for everything. A woman who knows how to control a man through sensual ways can create a world that most women only dream about through the occasional meme. A man will do anything for a woman that lovingly keeps him on the edge.  A man that gives himself over in all ways soon learns to crave more. The want of an orgasm is far more powerful than any drug. I have spoken to many men who were given a taste of this soon want it beyond anything else they can have.

For men who have never felt this kind of control often start thinking about how a man can want this. Then after awhile they want it they crave it and start to seek out the one woman that can give them everything they desire.

Financial Domination

Financial domination is one of those fetishes that can be a lot of fun or it can be really annoying for the Mistress. Financial domination is like any other power play. It is suppose to run where by taking a man’s money (this is largely a mans fetish) it causes him anxiety which in turn is a turn on. The feel of the butterflys and the knowledge that he is losing so much causes him to have a huge orgasm. A lot of men like the idea of a woman that fully controls him through what she wants. This all about giving up that large degree of control. This game can be high stakes hundreds of dollars going out at a time or a small stakes game. The big thing is communicating with the Mistress where a man feels comfortable at.

The Mistress of course enjoys getting paid large amounts for her time. It is like an all paid shopping trip to the one store she never goes to. Most Mistresses are more than willing to do smaller stake plays as long as they know that is what they are suppose to do.

The issues come in when  a man does not explain what he wants or how he wants it. A Mistress will go into these scenarios with an understanding that she is dealing with $50 to $100 a time that is where most men start. If a man wants to start out smaller then the polite thing to do is just say so.  If a man can not afford to play then this is not something he should do. The man and the Mistress will be both disappointed in how this fantasy turns out if one is at one level and the other is at a completely different level. The biggest issue I have ran across with financial domination is the men either not understand the basic rules of this scenario or not respecting them.

If a man can not play by the rules of financial domination there are plenty of other things that can be done between Mistress and servant. These can be just as full filling as financial domination. It is not okay and it is rude to tell a Mistress you want to do a certain type of play and know at the beginning that you are unable to complete it to the end. It is one thing to try something new and it not work out another to try and take advantage of someone.