When A Movie Does Not Work

This happens to everyone if they use the internet. While we are making steps to help reduce this. The general culprit is you are using a device that does not support the type format of the movie. I see this a lot with movies saved as a wmv when a person is trying to view them on a tablet or apple product. I am going through the process of updating our movies into a more current format. I am also putting the majority of our movies on Goodies so that there is a viewer that is designed to work with a large variety of formats. Irregardless if you are buying movies from us or from some other flirt please understand that it is far more likely there is a playback issue then an issue with the movie itself. I think since 2008 when we started I have had maybe four actual issues with a movie. It is far more common its a playback issue. The one thing I hope that you keep in mind is that rarely will a flirt refuse to provide a good product. That is just not something that happens especially with a well established flirt who has worked at this for awhile. With a new flirt you will sometimes run into a situation where the whole process is just over whelming and the drop the proverbial ball. Sometimes a new flirt will run into a situation they honestly do not know how to fix because they do not have the experience of more established flirts. This is just like any thing there is absolutely a learning curve. You are always free to ask Niteflirt for a refund and that is an easy process. Most the time if you contact the flirt and tell them that is what you prefer they will do it for you. I know I have on occasion when it was a situation that I could not fix something because the issue was on the other side. The vast majority of us want to make you happy please give us the chance to do that.

Live Out Our Fantasies Together

Role playing is what brings the fun into a good night. It spices everything up and makes for some memorable times. There are so many things that I enjoy doing. We can just talk about all those times I have had sex in a naughty public place. I can always get out my big thick strap-on and show you how to be on the bottom. Are you into a sassy girl that likes to put you in your place and show you complete humiliation no matter where we are? Oh or how about a bunch of guys for me or maybe even for you lets talk about all those fun gang bangs we can explore. I have always liked the thought of caging up a guys cock and me holding the key. I am even into the thought of me in a full chastity belt and you are the only one that can turn me loose. Do you want to be the bad doctor that makes his nurse do all kinds of naughty things in the examining room? We can make it even kinkier where I am the Doctor and all my nurses force you to be our play thing for the afternoon. I am such a bad secretary and you are my high profile boss that knows exactly what it takes to make me behave. Let me be that naughty neighbor that shows off all her goodies and makes you do terrible things would will never share with your wife. Flirty and obnoxious fresh from college show me what an older man does with a young girl like me. There is nothing more important than a good education as your Librarian I am going to make sure you learn your lessons. Even if we have to complete those lessons over and over. College girls like me know how to make a professor do anything and I will make sure you want to reward me with really good grades. You know me when you see me I am a very submissive girl that likes doing kinky things for her dominate male. Put me in my place and I will take complete care of you. Please, Officer I can not get another ticket I am just a girl in trouble if you are bad cop it will end up being a very good night for you. I am habitually late with the rent and there is just no way I can pay this month how naughty of a landlord are you can we work something out? These are just a few little ideas in my deviant mind. Do you have have an idea call me!

Lets talk about all those Roles!

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No No Topics

I have talked about some of the things the site will not let us discuss because of laws that we all have to follow. I am not saying the laws are good nor am I saying they are bad they are just there so that is the way it is. I thought I would touch on some of the things that I will not personally talk about and why.

Incest to me this is the greatest crime on family. With a lot of blended families there seems to be a large amount of step fathers that think about their step daughters. Even if it is just in their head which I hear a lot I will not participate. If you take on a family then you better respect it. While I can not force someone to respect the vows they have made to be a good, honest, decent human I will not participate in fantasies of them breaking those vows. This one is not open to discussion.

Underage- this one is a grey area for me on one aspect. I will not talk about YOU doing something to someone who is underage. However, I do understand that a lot of sexuality comes from the first times of doing things. I understand how fantasy can go back to those times.

Bestiality- Yeah really keep it within our own species.

Scat- sorry I do not even see the appeal of this one and it just flat out turns me off.

Fisting- if you want to talk about me doing it to you I am okay with that. I am not into having it done to me for me the thought is a huge turn off.

If I do not feel comfortable with a situation then I will just tell you and we can either move to something else or part ways. I am actually really easy to get along with and do not get offended easily. By all means just ask me flat out if it is not my thing I will tell you straight up and wish you the best. I am open to a ton of fetishes and I learn new ones all the time. If yours is something unique tell me about it I would enjoy learning something new. One of the major things I enjoy about being a phone sex operator is exploring human sexuality.