How To Have A Good Call

There are a lot of things that go into a good call but there are some things you can do from your side to help things along. First off have a general idea of what you want to talk about even if all you want to do is talk. We talk to lots of people that are just lonely and want to discuss anything. If you are wanting to talk about a fetish just ask up front if that is something we are into or even interested in. Some of the most awesome calls I have ever had were on fetishes I did not know anything about. Its great to learn about new things. Understand that there are just some subjects we are not allowed to discuss. These can be such things as incest, underage, bestiality, scat as well as site specific things. Please do not try and talk a girl into discussing something that she is contractually bound not to discuss. Also, understand that a girl that is willing to discuss this may not be around very long. Understand that there are things some girls just do not like talking about and respect that. One of the worse things we as phone sex operators can here on the phone is “I am into anything”. We both know that is not true and these calls generally end short and badly for both parties. If you are not sure just say hey I think I might be interested in xyz or I saw this movie/story/picture set and it got me to thinking about xyz. This is something we can happily work with or direct you to someone who will make your experience more pleasant. The more open you are even if it takes a couple of operators to find a good fit the more you will enjoy the whole experience. Emailing is generally not a good idea we are slammed with a ton of emails and yours will easily get lost. Plan a five minutes call someone up and see if that person fits.

Memoirs Of A Tenderloin Stripper Part Twelve

Part Twelve

This was a wonderful book about a journey during an interesting time for San Fransico. This is part one and a part two is available. The audio is a relaxing almost two hours of sexy and funny adventure. There is a book two make sure you check that out. Six feet tall, twenty and filled with a spirit of impulsive adventure, Nina plans on ‘re-inventing’ herself in the big city. The city she chooses to do this in is San Francisco. Nina is determined to forget about her failed romances, especially with college professor Waldo Young; and her burning ambition is to ‘write’, ‘write’, ‘write’! First though, Nina goes wild. She gets work as a ‘Dial-a-Doll’ girl at ‘Flesh and Fantasy’, a huge porno emporium where men can watch women dance on a revolving ‘Peek-a-Rama’ stage, and talk to them privately, in coin-activated booths.

I had a great time making an Mp3 of this book and look foward to everything Poppy gives us in the future. Nina befriends a motley crew of dancers and street people in the notorious Tenderloin district. Before long, she encounters Dale McCarskey, a young and gorgeous man-child of the streets. He shakes Nina’s life up completely, in every which way and loose.

Memoirs of a Tenderloin Stripper, Book 1 will leave readers hungry to learn more about the fiery match-up between Nina and Dale. There will be plenty of drama in store for Book 2, and for readers who would enjoy seeing the story in movie format ,

the original screenplay “Reinventing Nina,” will soon become available.

Poppy Oliver


Is our first author for bedtime stories. Please be watching your email boxes for her story and for the full version available. Also, go bookmark her page on Amazon so that you will never miss a brand new naughty adventure. I asked her a few questions and her answers were just so wonderful.

What made you start writing erotica?

When I was nine years old (!!!) I got a hold of two books my 12. When I was nine years old (!!!) I got a hold of two books my 12 years older brother was giving my sixteen years OLDER sister as gag gifts for her 25th birthday:  “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex, But Were Afraid to Ask!” and “The Sensuous Woman”.  I read both books cover to cover one weekend before my sister ever saw them…and I have never been the same since!  I am into the full realm of all things sexual from Vanilla to Extra-Terrestrial and all sorts of bizarre points in between.  I also grew up in the days of The RockyHorror Picture Show theme “Dream It, Be It…”  If something captured my attention I wanted to immerse myself in it.  So I became a stripper. For a short time,   I also became one of the very original phone sex operators in 1981 when there were only a couple of companies offering this service.  Little would I imagine that three and a half decades later, I would be making a full-time income from that very same crazy money-making subculture?  So many things have happened in the years between, but one truth remains solid and self-evident: Sex Sells!!!

How did your character grow through her sexual adventures?

I wound up marrying one of my customers who saw me dancing…he utters this sentence in the book (which is EXACTLY what he said to me in real life:) “I’m going to make you quit your job and marry me…”  how cinematic!  The rest is history (and it made for great book material!) The marriage was an unmitigated short-lived disaster, but I did have this character’s child…who is now a gorgeous, brilliant 6’7″ Silicon Beach millionaire/tech guru/entrepreneur…great fodder for my next novel (sorry kid, but I write about who and what I know!)

Is there a new work coming out soon for your fans?

See above!  Yes, since “Memoirs” documents my early 20’s…I have three decades’ worth of material to exploit!  Most currently, I have been a NiteFlirt phone sex operator and battled a five-year video poker gambling addiction.  I could keep Lifetime Movie Channel in movie scripts for several seasons!

What is your favorite personal fetish?

I’m a pleasure junkie!  Give me an infinity pool, a  witty cabana boy, a personal superfood chef and time to savor it all…who needs anything else?  Oh, I love beautiful strong hands on a man…that know what they are doing…yes, I do have a bit of a hand fetish.

Do you prefer to watch or read sexual fantasies?

I prefer to live them out!!!

Check out all her books through Amazon and join her sexual adventures.


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A Boys Life Part Twelve


A.N. Pervert

Mr. Pervert is just starting out in his writing career. He has been writing for his own pleasure with recently starting to share his stories on the web. As Mr. Pervert starts to expand I will add links to more of his works. His stories are a lot of fun though so check them out. Especially if you like when a younger man is involved with an older woman.


When did you start reading erotica?


Erotica has fascinated me since I was quite young and realized that people wrote it.  Henry Miller, of all people, was the first author who wrote in that genre that I read.  He was banned in the USA, but I was lucky enough to run into his books in Paris, many years ago.


What prompted you to start writing?


I retired, and that was one of the things that were suggested to me as an avocation.  I had no experience, but, eventually, just dived right in.  So to speak.


Do you have a favorite author erotica or other?

I don’t know that I have one. There are several stories I like,

Afternoon Footsie by VicentE

Girly Points and More Girly Points by Pat in Panties

Mother and I have a Super Bowl Party Parts I, II and III

What have you learned about yourself through your writing process?

Writing fiction is difficult for me is the standout thing.  Before I started I would have said authoritarian females fascinated me, after doing it a bit, it seems bisexuality creeps into my stories much more than I thought it would have when I started.  I’ve never had a homosexual experience, but it fascinates me, and the practitioners fascinate me.

Full Audio

If you want the full audio to listen to it is about an hour long and you can purchase it here.


Call Quality

Call quality is not about the connection between you and the phone sex operator. This is about the technical side of can you hear them clear and can they hear you clear. There are so many things that go into how a call sounds and a ton of things that can go wrong. It is rarely the fault of the phone sex operator. Cell phones are great for can you meet me at the restaurant, however, they are awful for long calls. Cell phones are designed to be used or short bursts of communication the longer a call lasts the more issues that can show up. Cell phone calls can drop with no warning your little indicator at the top of your phone is not precise. If there is an emergency in your area even if you are not aware of it your call can drop because theirs takes priority. Also the more people using the tower the more likely calls are going to drop.  We understand that sometimes you have to use your cell phone but understand that it can cause issues. Most of us full time phone sex operators do not use cell phones we use phones that are more stable on our side. Most of us use a pots (plain old telephone service) it has no extras at all. Some of us with really fast internet service may use voip (voice over internet protocol) service. Both of these are very good services in the vast majority of situations. The voip can have a clearer voice then the pots because of speed issues with old copper lines. This is just your side/my side of the equation. Once the conversation leaves these then tons of other things can cause issues from switches, saturation, interference, as well as other things. The far vast majority of calls have no issues but in the off chance that yours is not the greatest understand that it could be something neither of you can make better, fix and generally it is a temporary issue.