Chilly Hicks Vlog Week 32

Show Me Your Toe Nails

When it comes to sissification, there are some critical steps that every sissy must follow. First comes putting on lipstick yes there is some other makeup, but the lipstick portion is significant. While red is always my favorite color for a lot of sissy’s is pink. It would be easy to make fun of guys picking a traditional girly shade, but there is something to be said about rituals. I rarely wear pink but enjoy putting it on a sissy to show take them across the steps of becoming what they are inside.  The second step is panties us girls have such a selection of things to wear. There is a wide variety of fabrics and endless types of panties. It is a rabbit hole that a sissy can find them falling endlessly. Then, of course, there is toenails and the ritual of painting them.

Toes seem to be a dirty little secret that becomes an intense ritual for my sissies and me. It is something they can do during the ordinary course of a day. They can wear their pretty toenails while they are at the office. Something that is even more fun to do is have a sissy wear their toenail polish while out with their boys.  It is intense to have them hide this under socks while doing something very manly.  Making them send a picture of their toes done in my color when their buddies are sitting outside the bathroom is intense for both of us.

The color does not matter it is all about having a secret that he does not want anyone to know about yet wants everyone to know. The thrill comes from the thought of getting caught. Getting caught in a non controlled situation is a letdown. That never goes the way our fantasy wants it to go. Sissification is all about the build-up and the imagination. That is why toes nails and nail checks are always one of the first things I make my sissy do for me. From the thrill of having to purchase something so small but meaningful to learning how to put it on correctly the ritual is what it is all about.

Ever thought about being under the control of a woman tell your story. Where does your fantasy take you and under what circumstances where you made to make your toenails pretty.  If you have yet to have that pleasure what is your fantasy of being forced to be girly in this or other ways? I would enjoy hearing all about especially the ritual portion and what that means to you.

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