Ball Busting

When we are young we think of busting a boy in his balls as a means of complete control. We try to tell those around us how we would never do such a thing. In our secret deviant thought, there is always the want to find out what our feet feel like against the softness of squishy balls.  Respectable women around us girls are quick to say how a “lady” would never do such a thing. We grow up being told all these things. Then there comes the day when we finally meet up with a man unlike all the others we have been around. This man enjoys the control of a woman and wants to be at our complete mercy or non-mercy.  If we are lucky he will tell us all the dirty secrets that have plagued him through the years.  A man that will confess how he was an obnoxious boy that pushed one girl too far. She did what all us girls would never do she smashed her tiny foot right into his balls. Of course, this incident is seared into his mind in a way that will never go away. At the time of the debacle, he screams in agony and despises her for putting him on the floor curled up in a fetal position.  Something strange happens as the years progress forward. This man grows older and no other woman behaves like “her.” She becomes the woman that he compares all others to and they are lacking. He wants a woman that will own him and will make him do things that are uncomfortable.  His confession leads women like me to a freedom we never knew. We are able to take this man and create the world we wanted.  The desire of a submissive will always rule a dominant woman. We want to be served and desire a servant who craves our attention.

The day that a dominant woman meets a submissive man is a perfect day for both. The women are allowed to do the things they always wanted to do and with men who desire to have their balls set on fire by a ladies foot, they get everything wanted for all those years. Ballbusting is an art learned it is not about pain over and over though people less educated believe it to be. Instead of ball busting is about teasing, the anticipation of what is to come. The longer we string out the final act the more of a turn on it is for both the dominant and the submissive. There is a level of humiliation to be had in the cat and mouse game. Most of the time it is playful back and forth one that is hard to understand by those outside the adventure.  Pleasure is often a mixture of pain and joy for those that choose to go past the vanilla can never return to sex in the same way. The power of a woman is often underused.

What Does Erotic Mean To Me?

The words erotica and erotic are often thrown around to mean different things. When it comes to us on a personal level these words can have very different meanings from individual to individual. I have been working in adult industries for over ten years now. I have had a wonderful time talking with men and women about the things that turn them on. The mainstream porn sites rarely put out content that would appeal to the people I have interacted with throughout all these years. This could be I attract a certain kind of people and that would make sense. On the other aspect, it could be the producers think they know what people want without actually knowing what people want. I can remember years ago when porn had some type of story most the time these were cheesy but at least it was something we could follow. About ten years ago things starting shifting to a hardcore sexual loop. I have read or watched adult content since I was a teenager when the industry starting shifting to just looping sex scenes I lost interest. Erotica to me is the work up a sexual act. I like the interaction between myself and my partner the push and pull of teasing that makes the moment exciting. When I read or write a scene I want to draw out those moments. There is something magical about how we react to those around us in a sexual manner. This interaction is what made sex so exciting when we were young. Most of us feel that spark of such simple actions as holding hands or having our skin touch another person. When we are older we want to bring that electricity back into our lives. After we have been with someone for years that spark lessens in intensity. For some people, this can result in dangerous or destructive behavior that breaks down full relationships. Erotica to me is meant to be a safe way to explore areas that we want to think about but not physically explore. It can be part of a healthy relationship where a couple shares fantasies together instead of searching outside the commitment to each other. Erotica is not about scenes but more about feelings. Intense orgasms are built through the mental aspect of sexuality. I prefer to read erotica instead of watching it and when I read it I want to feel that the scene is slowed down allowing me to place myself in that situation. Most erotica rushes through the buildup to get to the hardcore sex scene. As I am writing I want to be able to give my reader something different just as intense but with more emphasis on how the participants got to that point. Our world has evolved into rushing into everything with this rushing we have lost part of our sexuality this has left a lot of wanting for interactions that we just do not get. Erotica to me should be about slowing things down and letting a scene play out in a way we often want but rarely receive.

Chilly And Diane Ass Worship

When it comes to women’s beautiful bottoms there is a difference between what men enjoy. I, Diane was born with a fairly large bottom. I can remember when I was younger being told I had better watch what I ate because it would go straight to my bottom. Luckily I was blessed with people around me who greatly enjoy a rather large bubble butt. I do work hard to keep it from getting out of control. I am familiar with about every squat ever invented. They are not my favorite thing to do but a girl’s gotta stay in charge of a situation. Chilly, on the other hand, has had a rather small bottom that I can cup in my hands. Her bottom keeps trying to run away. She is familiar with squats because she likes that tuck. Those of us who enjoy the graceful beauty of a woman’s behind is familiar with the tuck. Both of us enjoy the concept of having our bottoms worshiped by another person. Chilly is submissive and enjoys when I turn her into my slut for the afternoon. She is very good at rubbing that round bottom of mine. Letting her fingers trail over those soft cheeks and kissing that voluptuousness right in front of her face. Whether it is a man down underneath me or a gorgeous woman; being dominant I enjoy a slow time of kissing that bottom of mine. I like to be on top sitting down on my submissive’s face those cheeks of mine on each side of their face. This put’s the submissive’s tongue lined up perfectly with what they should be concentrating on. When it comes to ass worship slow is the best speed.  Time should be well spent on rubbing those cheeks moving on to kissing all over. I do not want an inch of my bottom to missed by those eager lips. After I am very turned on that is when a tongue should be used to tease that long luxurious crack and even down to that tight little hole. I have been asked through the years if I enjoy anal and yes I do but only after enough time has been invested into really getting me worked up. Chilly enjoys being under someone else’s control though she can be a switch when caught in the right mood. She enjoys being bent over with that bottom way up in the air. The act of being exposed and teased is a huge turn on for her. Being pinned down and she would beg to have lips and tongue used to turn her on even more. A hard pounding is something that gets her wet in all the right places. How worked up do you get when it comes to a woman’s bottom? What are some of your favorite things to do or be made to do with those curves? Have you ever had a woman dominate you with her ample booty? What is your favorite shape for a woman’s behind?