A Boys Life Part Fifteen


A.N. Pervert

Mr. Pervert is just starting out in his writing career. He has been writing for his own pleasure with recently starting to share his stories on the web. As Mr. Pervert starts to expand I will add links to more of his works. His stories are a lot of fun though so check them out. Especially if you like when a younger man is involved with an older woman.


When did you start reading erotica?


Erotica has fascinated me since I was quite young and realized that people wrote it.  Henry Miller, of all people, was the first author who wrote in that genre that I read.  He was banned in the USA, but I was lucky enough to run into his books in Paris, many years ago.


What prompted you to start writing?


I retired, and that was one of the things that were suggested to me as an avocation.  I had no experience, but, eventually, just dived right in.  So to speak.


Do you have a favorite author erotica or other?

I don’t know that I have one. There are several stories I like,

Afternoon Footsie by VicentE

Girly Points and More Girly Points by Pat in Panties

Mother and I have a Super Bowl Party Parts I, II and III

What have you learned about yourself through your writing process?

Writing fiction is difficult for me is the standout thing.  Before I started I would have said authoritarian females fascinated me, after doing it a bit, it seems bisexuality creeps into my stories much more than I thought it would have when I started.  I’ve never had a homosexual experience, but it fascinates me, and the practitioners fascinate me.



Full Audio

If you want the full audio to listen to it is about an hour long and you can purchase it here.



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