Anal And All Its Fun

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A great podcast that talks about anal sex between men and women, women and men, and men and men.  Anal sex is something that I talk about a lot on the phone. There are a number of guys that want to try anal play with their female significant other but they are afraid to bring it up. Women tend to do a good job at making their significant other uncomfortable with bringing up new things. They make their men feel that all things are gross or nasty. Toys for the ass are a lot of fun.  They do not have to be large for most people the smaller toys are a lot more fun. There are a lot of women that do not understand how much their men want to please the women or how they desire to be submissive to the women in a lot of ways.  Pegging or strapon play is a popular subject it can be slow and seductive or hard and aggressive. As with all new things when starting out take it slow make sure that both people are comfortable with what is happening. Porn is fun to watch but it does not represent reality at all. Most porn is highly edited so what you see is in no way what was shot. For women there are a number of women that want to try anal but they are afraid of being called a plethra of names so they do not communicate these desires to the men in their lives. Sex should never be used as a way to judge a person’s social status. We see this so much that a person is gay if they enjoy anal or a woman is a slut if she does something. This is so far from the truth of what life is like. Anal can add a layer of play that if done right can be super enjoyable for both people involved.  Yes there can be mess but that is actually rare and if you take a little care and clean up before play. Lube can not be stressed enough for anal it makes it easier for both partners and increases the pleasure levels.  As long as you do not go crazy on the girth size you do not have to worry about things being stretched out then not returning to normal.  How about you are you into anal tell me all about it in the comments below?



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