….And The Panties Drop

download34When a panty sluts is being a bad boy he just has to get that bottom spanked. I really enjoy making that skin super red. Those pretty pink panties look so lovely underneath those very well worked cheeks. Of course taking him over my lap and spanking his bottom was the best part of the whole evening. Hooking my fingers on that tiny lace at the top of those panties pulling down till that bottom was exposed. After I got him where I wanted him his penis between my pantyhose covered thighs then I hooked my leg around his calves. He was not going anywhere as I worked his bottom over good. Of course he tried to squirm his way out of it what bad boy would not do so. I am strong enough to pin him down good though and keep him over my lap. Starting out with my bare hand till I get a nice pretty pink overlaying of welts. After starting with my hand getting out my wooden hair brush with the boar hair to turn it that beautiful shade of red.  After that I get out my leather brown belt that I wear with my jeans and finish off that bottom.

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