I have not had a lot of experience with this fetish in a one on one setting. Aptemnophilia is the fetish of having a limb amputated. It can be the sexual partner is missing a limb or that the person with the fetish has lost a limb.  I have talked to a few people that are into the other person missing a limb while it is hard for them to explaining why they are attracted to someone like that. It is just something that developed and for the most part they are not sure what created this attraction in them. Most people generally know what triggered a fetish. A lot of people have not known an amputee but yet find themselves attracted to someone missing a limb. It can be specific limb that has to be missing to create the attraction such as a leg or an portion of an arm.

I do know a few people that are amputee’s one of which is an online model. These people all speak of being pursued by an aptemnophiliac. There seems to be a number of people that are part of this fetish even if it is not one that is seen as often as a number of other fetishes.  For some amputee’s they understand the attraction and either do not feel threatened by it or find it a turn on. However, a number of them feel they are being targeted sexually because of their physical limitations. As, with any other situation in life people all react differently depending on an accumulation of events in their life.

The flip side of this is the group of people who are amputees that are turned on by the sexual side of their loss of limb. There is also a group of people who wish to become amputee’s so that they are able to explore their fetish. In the last couple of years I have seen a number of different news articles about people seeking out physicians in order to have a limb removed. For those of us without the fetish may have difficulty with being able to understand why someone would be drawn to this. If there is one thing I have learned through all this is a fetish is a fetish sometimes the best thing to is just to accept the difference in us all. I do not have any issues with fetishes including this one as long as it is not hurting other people without their permission.  Are you into this? Do you know what your driving force is? Tell me about it all in the comments below.

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