Aptomnophilia is a desire to have one’s own limb amputated. This is not exactly a fetish but more of mental disorder. I have never had someone with this desire.  This is a very deep desire to have a certain limb removed. It was not really studied until the 70’s and even then the cases of it are very rare. A person can desire to have a limb removed to such a degree that they will cause harm to limb in order to convince a doctor to remove a limb. When I started reading on this it does not seem to be a fun fetish. This is a serious condition where  person can feel that a limb is not physically attached to them even though it is. There does not necessarily seem to be a trigger it can just come on. While it is grouped in with sexual fetishes I am not convinced that is where it should be. It reminded me of the people that were convinced they were deceased when they were very much alive.  Though the cases of true aptomnophilia are very rare so there has not been a lot of study on it. It is not like a lot of fetishes that have been documented for hundreds of years.  Hopefully our next fetish will be something more on the fun side. This years journey through fetishes does not always bring us to things we necessarily want to dwell on. It does however bring us to things that are interesting and educational.

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