Ass Worship

When  a lady like myself has a big round bottom of the first things that comes up with a large number of men is ass worship. They so want to touch it, kiss it, and have it hovering over their face. Yes, I do enjoy having my butt worshipped in numerous ways. I have to say laying down and having a man put little kisses all over my bottom and then licking my tight hole is very nice. I have always enjoyed a pair of strong large hands messaging my bottom will I relax under neath their touch. However, when I am in the mood to take control that is when I shove them down on the bed and climb on their face. I like to take my hands and spread those cheeks nice and wide before I push their face in between them. I am expecting them to kiss and lick that ass hole and crack very well. In fact if I do not thing they are doing a very good job I just might sit down on that face and smother them. Sometimes the biggest motivation for a man is not being able to breath. It always amazes me how he will start being more in tune with his job when he must do a good job to get a breath.  Motivation is what a number of men need including having their penises made and kept hard while they completely take care of me first. I really enjoy making a man wear a collar and running a leash between my legs while pulling him right into my ass cheeks. That is right where his face belongs he does not need to see nor think about anything but that bottom right in front of him. When he starts realizing that his job is whatever I demand of him things quickly change and he starts to want to make me happy in every way.  One of the questions I am often asked is if I can orgasm from ass worship. Yes, I can orgasm from having my ass licked, teased, and enjoyed. Actually some of the hardest orgasms I have had have come from this activity.

So tell me in the comments is this something you do? Or perhaps you have always wanted to do it but your girl was not into it. I would greatly in joy hearing your stories.

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