Auto Fellatio

This is the act of giving oneself a blow job. Now before you go getting all excited and hurting your neck there are only about 1% of men who can actually do this. To be able to suck your own cock you have to be very flexible and have a decent size penis. It is very prevalent in history especially with the Egyptians. So this is not a new fetish it has been around for a bit of time. With the Egyptian culture it was more focused as an act performed by the male gods. Yes even I see the pun in that one. Only a god can suck his own cock. What I find the most interesting is how in ancient history fetishes of this nature were just part of the society they were not frowned upon or seen as nasty. In a lot of ways our sexuality has been suppressed.

I have had guys try numerous times over the years with only a few that could actually get the tip of it in their mouth.  Most of the guys that I have talked to or even played with in my own sexual experiences have  laid against a wall and jerked their penises off into their mouths.  I would imagine that this is a fetish far more enjoyed in fantasy than in reality. Think about it for a moment you are all scrunched up with your neck bent a weird angle trying to get pleasure out of your own mouth. While it is fun to talk about and masturbate too blowjobs seem a lot more pleasurable when administered by someone else.

I do remember years ago a rumor about Marilyn Manson having a rib removed just so he could suck his own cock. It makes me wonder how far a guy will actually got to get a blow job.

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