Bad Boy Gets A Lock

Anyone who knows me knows that I really enjoy cock cages and own a number of them that I use on a regular basis. A man that is caged up seems to become a much better submissive when the ablity to play with his penis is taken out of the equation. I have enjoyed wearing a key around my neck when out to dinner or spending time with friends. For men it is a huge turn on when I play with that key from across the table or room from him. I do not have to say anything my actions and that shiny key says everything for me. In this case this was one of my online friends who bought a cock cage so that we could play from a distance.  We started out with the brass lock and key. He would freeze the key until I would allow him to unlock himself.




After awhile we went to the numbered plastic keys which work so wonderfully when I can not be with my playmate. He would take pictures of his penis every day with the number key showing. It kept him honest but also was a huge turn on for him.  Some days we would talk but lots of time he couldn’t call me. Having to take time out of his day would be an edger for him. The thought of me having control of his cock when he was unable to actually play added to the fun.

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For a Mistress the play is far more important the final time of a man being allowed to orgasm.  We like to make a man feel that he is giving himself over to us and we can make him uncomfortable.  The man has to be into it. He has to enjoy the thought of being put on an edge and kept there. When it comes to cock cages the pushing of limits is the appeal of them.



Have you ever thought of letting a woman lock up your member till she decides to allow you to stroke or orgasm in some way?


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