Bad Boy Spanking Domestic Discipline

Bad boy spanking is not the spanking of a sexual fun filled night. There a lot of men out there that grew up being spanked when they were younger because they broke rules. They knew the rules and had a basic understanding of what would happen if they broke those rules but for some reason felt they could get away with something. When they were caught then they were spanked as a punishment. For a lot of men this is something they now crave. They want a strong woman that will tell them what she wants to be clear in her desires. Desires here does not mean a sexual thing but more of an every day thing. These men want to have a known consequence for their actions. They want to know if they break the rules they will be help consistently accountable for their actions. This is not for most men about having a woman be his mother he wants a wife or partner he just wants her to be clear about what she wants and clear with what happens when she doesn’t get it. There is a rush for a lot of men when someone makes them drop their pants and underwear to take that beating that they know is coming. The humiliation of being spanked is a rush not necessarily a sexual one though in the end that is how they progress it is a mental rush. The more vulnerable a man feels often the more close he feels to that woman. He does not want someone that is cruel to him he wants to feel wanted, needed and cared for. For a lot of women that are intense BDSM ladies it can be hard to wrap her mind around what a man like this wants. She is used to a man that craves pain. These men do not crave pain they crave the emotional side of the end of spanking. They want to feel that they are cared for but have forced a woman to punish him for his actions. He craves a real connection with someone where they are angry, there is a punishment and then life goes back to being good. For a lot of men that is not how their life works they live with someone who holds a grudge for a long time to the point he has forgot what he did to get himself where he is at. A simpler world where he knows the consequences seems far more appealing. Bad boy spanking is complex in that each man craves it for his own different reasons. The over all connecting event is the basic three step cycle.

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