Ball Busting

One of the most common pain fantasies I get a request for is ball busting. It seems to be the most common scenario that men have happen to them in real life. A woman gets angry at a man for some reason and knees or hits him in the testicles. This causes a great deal of pain for a young man and leaves a lasting impression.  Men start to think about a woman being in complete control of them and causing them discomfort they often think back to these very incidents. Guy did not necessarily enjoy these situations in most cases they did not. It is easy for them to fantasize about because the fantasy is based on real life experience.

For most men it is less about the reality of the pain but more about the build up and anticipation of what will happen. They want a woman to control their whole world including their sexuality. Ball busting of course leaves a man feeling completely immobilized and unable to function as a man. Often the men enjoy the sensation of laying at a woman’s feet while she laughs at them. The more mean a woman sounds the more of turn on it is for men that enjoy this type of role play. Being heckled by a woman or group of women is a sense of humiliation that leaves them in a state of helplessness.

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Their testicles being hit in a direct hard manner leaves a man breathless and often unable to move. For most men it crumbles them into a fetal position. This too works in conjunction with their want to feel underneath a woman’s total power. If they are unable to defend themselves then she can do with them as she wishes. Rarely are these men truly into pain. It is not about the sensation of pain they are seeking. What they are generally wanting is the freefall emotional sensation of someone taking everything from them. They want to know there is nothing they can do physically to stop a woman from doing what she desires. They want to know that emotionally once she takes away their perception of manhood they are in a state of complete humiliation.

While some men enjoy the loss of breath. The burst of pain throughout their groin radiating out to their full body. The man seeking the release of responsibility.  Both in his thoughts and body is far more common.


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