This is the new buzz thing with all the girls and I am sure some guys reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I will confess I have not read the books yet. While I have read a ton of other books on the subject I have not got around to these yet. I am sure I will at some point just because of curiosity of the fuss. I am happy that they are allowing a lot of people to open up about their fantasies and explore who they are in a lot of ways. While this is a jump point from what I have gathered this book of fiction is not really even close to the reality of a submissive and dominate relationship. That is perfectly okay I know a lot of people are criticizing the book, but I am sure we all understand that an a work of fiction is not reality. If it does start people going hey I might like this and start talking about it that is quite alright. I have been in the bdsm lifestyle since I was in my late teens so I have been exposed to a lot. I will say for me it is more sensual domination as apposed to hard core pain. I like the tease and the taunt of having someone tied up. I like someone who wants to please me. I really have no desire to break someone. That is why if you talk to me you will hear me say I would rather be a goddess that a mistress any day. For some women and men they want someone to break them they want someone to take their will away from them and leave them in a state that there is no longer a choice for what they will do. That is fine I understand that want and that complete loss of control and power. Neither way is the “right” way as there is no right or wrong with this lifestyle just differences of wants and desires. From the discussions I have gathered on Fifty Shades of Grey that is the just of the book and there is nothing wrong with that fantasy. I just feel that people should understand the whole thing is a fantasy. The life of bdsm and domination is one that can be explored however the two people involved wish to make it happen and it does not have to follow specific rules others than those set within the relationship itself.

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