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I am excited to announce a new fun thing that I am hoping catches on and grows with time. I will be getting with erotic writers and even be writing my own stories. I will be taking these stories and offering short snippets to people on my favorite list for niteflirt and on my email list for FREE! If you want the whole recording it will be made for sale. I will also be showcasing the author so if you really like what you hear you can show them support. This is all about exploring our sexuality in a way that is intimate. The authors will be people you can find more of their writings or in many cases TALK to! I personally like women in power positions but I will happily read what the author writes about. Learning about a new fetish or fantasy is a lot of fun. If you write and you would like to have your novel be part of this please feel free to contact me.


Poppy Oliver



Kylie Gable



A.N. Pervert


Real Girls Doing Really Dirty Things