Boot Domination

I will admit it I have a bit of a thing for boots I really like to wear them. If I can wear boots on a hardwood or marble floor that makes them even more fun. The sound of boots in a quiet room can be very stimulating for both a submissive and a dominate. I enjoy wearing my boots and really enjoy having them worshiped. I do have men that enjoy kissing my leather and even the soles of those boots. I have found through the years that most men that are into boots like the riding type or the thigh highs which are basically riding boots that just come up higher on the leg. Most men are not into cowboy boots or even into the go go boot style. While they may enjoy the look of these I have ran into very few men that are into the different styles. I think some of it is the type of leather that riding boots are made out of it. It is generally a smooth leather with a bit of shine to it but not so much as to look like a patent leather. There is something about a woman that can control a horse controlling a man. I also think that the leather of riding boots has more of a leather smell to it then lot of different kinds of boots. The feel of the leather is also very smooth almost like a womans skin soft and supple. There is the humiliation factor as well having to be forced down to touch something that is or could be dirty and made to show it special attention. That sense of losing control and being forced is a huge turn on for a number of men and even women. I have had women that were into boot worship it is a fetish that is very wide spread. To me it is one of the fun fetishes it can be made into something very intense but for most people it is pretty mild. It is and always has been one of my favorite things to play with.

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