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I am often asked if I send people to a “real” mistress and yes I have done that one occassion. It is not something that I do a lot of or even often. However sometimes I get to know someone over a course of numerous calls and we work together to get them with a real live Mistress in their area. I have had some really great experiences with this and some that are not so great so it can go either way.  There are a lot of Mistresses out there who like the idea of me pre screening someone and then having them book an appointment. I tend to know these guys fairly well and I will be completely honest with them. I have had a few guys try and milk us both but honestly that is rare and it is something I shut down very quickly.

I had a gentleman that I talked to for a number of years that I set up with a Mistress for some discipline spanking. I actually sent him to her a few times. It was a lot of fun. I would send her an email and then make him set the appointment. On the day he was to get spanked she would make him call me on niteflirt and we would have a great time while she spanked his bottom. I really enjoyed hearing her lay into him and the pictures that I got after she was finished with him. These real time play sessions would lead into a lot of fantasy play afterwards.  That is one of the things that I truly enjoyed. Most men can not afford to pay $250 an hour on a regular basis so real life sessions are special events that happen ever so often. I know me and a real life Mistress are not in competition with each other I can not give them what she can which is a very intense one on one time. I can give them a more fantasy time of deep intensity that takes place in their mind. If played right though a phone sex operator and a Mistress can come together to give a man the whole experience that is on going and long lasting.

The time me and the Mistress have to talk are generally only a few emails we are both in this lifestyle so we generally only need a minimal of conversation to convey what a man is looking for. I will not find a Mistress for a man that is something he has to do on his own.

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