Call Stories

Ha Ha here is where I get to reveal all your dirty little secrets dont worry I will change the names and dates to protect the guilty.

I am often asked if I make friends with my callers well of course I do. I have one gentleman who I have talked to since 2008. One of my favorite stories I have of him was in the first few years we were talking. It was early fall if I remember right and I had sent him out to spank his bottom outside. He is very good at doing this and always gets his bottom very red. On this particular day I was having him go somewhere to spank his bottom to make things a little different. He pulls over on the side of the road spanks his bottom and sends me a picture of him in front of a corn field. I used to have the picture for a long time as my desktop because it always made me laugh. I am not sure if I still have it because that was a couple of computers ago. I enjoy making guys that are into these types of things do something to pull them out of their comfort zone. I am not sure why it was just so funny but that really red bottom against the bright green and yellow of the corn was beyond hilarious. Had I thought about it I would have made him shove one of those corns up his bottom and take a picture of that too. I only thought of that later.

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