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These are always fun for me. I decided to talk about one of my “sissy” friends that I have spoken to for a very long time. He is a business man that travels a lot. While his wife is aware of this dressing up she doesn’t really like it so he only does it while away. He travels a lot in the Florida, Georgia and Surrounding area so has plenty of opportunity to dress up. Now a lot of the guys that I talk to tend to take things overboard. My friend is just the opposite he wants to look and act normal. He wants everyone to feel that he is feminine when he is out and about. I have enjoyed talking to him for a number of years and following his journey to find himself and his comfort level in who he ultimately wanted to be. There are many things to be said for politeness and what it will get you. I can remember about a year ago he was going to be in Florida for a few days and called to make reservations as well as make sure that the motel was set up in the way that was most convenient for him.  He was upfront and honest with the desk clerk and she was most helpful for the whole weekend. She sent him to places that would be receiving of him. Also, directed him to spots where he could get out and feel comfortable in his bikini on the beach. Not everyone is opposing of cross dressing or transgender. Actually a number of people have no issue with it at as long as they are given a choice. People tend to become upset when things are forced onto them and they have no way out.  I know his case is unique most the guys that I talk to are more into the mental side or maybe dressing up on occasion in their own home. There is nothing wrong with this and I have no issue with exploring these types of situations with them. Just every once in awhile I will come across someone who is taking their exploration of their sexual identity or even their identity to a new level. These types of calls are super fun because they generally involve in depth conversations about such things as makeup, hair, and how to wear a certain type of clothing. If you have every thought or are currently exploring your feminine side comment below I would enjoy hearing from you.

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  1. Amazing blog you have here, i have to say…Creative, sexy, kinky and simply – great posts! 🙂

    (Sent you an email to be able to write a little longer. 😉

  2. I couldn’t agree more Ms. Diane! Everything changes, once that brave first step out in public happens! I know human nature is to be fearful of the unknown, but honestly, it’s really nothing to be worried about.

    1. It is amazing how people are fearful of everything until the fail a few times. I have failed so many times I am no longer afraid of failure and now I succeed more than I fail. 🙂

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