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Milf Phone Sex

I always find it interesting how in main stream society things are acceptable but once they are put into a “porn” aspect they become completely wrong. For example milf’s or for all of you that are completely out of the loop ‘Moms I’d Like to Fuck’. We see this in movies all the time from Mrs. Robinson to Apple Pie.  In the movies it is hot sexy and completely okay. However, when it get thrown into a porn setting all the sudden it becomes something “wrong”. I have yet to figure out why that happens but it does.

I understand the appeal of an older woman that is in control and in a lot of ways untouchable. An older woman is always more confident and comfortable with her sexuality. She has experienced pretty much everything knows how to control situations and knows what she wants. She is not afraid to tell someone what she wants and exactly how to make her happy. Young women are just beginning to experience themselves and  alot of the time have no clue what they are looking for when it comes to sexual relations. To a younger man an older woman is a conquest she is something that he is suppose to respect but not to touch. The appeal of this fantasy can go in two basic directions. One is a stronger, older, dominate woman taking full control over a man. Two is a younger man that out smarts and out maneuvers an older woman.

I do find it amusing how close women and men’s fantasies are especially when it comes to being a young innocent person being taught how to enjoy each other sexually. In both ways it is stronger person that just takes control and forces (though they are willing most the time) another to do sexual things to them. In the end both parties are very satisfied and the innocent one comes away completely infatuated with the older one. We see this in old fashion romance novels and pretty much every story of dominate older women over men.

In the other scenario most of the time it is a young strong dominate man that is extremely confident and knows what he wants. He never backs down and always gets his prize what ever that prize may be. The older woman may be coerced or manipulated or she may just be so over whelmed with his strong masculinity that she just can not refuse. This is kind of the ‘jock’ scenario that we see in most modern day older woman younger man stories.

The one that I tend to play out most the time is the dominate woman feminine in nature and attitude that takes over and forces a younger man to do what I want. Generally after my older husband who no longer performs to my satisfaction in bed leaves I invite the young man over and take advantage of him. Whether it is a pool boy, friend of son, mom’s best friend, or just the lady down the street.